Lizzie Chapter 2: Settling In

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I slowly got used to living on campus even if I felt a little isolated.

Most of the computer classes where in the main engineering campus but all of my own development classes were actually in the smaller and much closer to Faulkner building.

My psychology classes were in the humanities campus a little further away and on the opposite side of my dorm, but still within reasonable walking distance.

The worst was on Tuesdays when I had psychology classes in the morning and development classes in the afternoon.

That meant I had over 30 minutes to walk between them cutting my lunch break to only a short 20 minutes.

What helped a lot was that unlike in most other programs, we were always the same 14 students together.

Sure, in some generic classes we were diluted with students from other curriculums but in many cases, it was just the 14 of us.

This helped the 5 girls and 9 boys bond a lot more than most of the other students in a common program did. We ate together, we did homework and study groups together, even if we didn’t get along very well outside of our school work.

Perhaps we simply came to the same program for vastly different reasons and this meant our basic personalities were simply too different from each other. Sadly, our seemingly close knitted group meant that we rarely met other people despite our personal differences.

Another person that was vastly different than I was is my roommate, Kylie.

She puzzled me. She barely spoke to me, preferring typing all day long on her laptop computer.

I caught her talking to a graduate sociology professor about her thesis which sounded really weird considering she was only a sophomore.

I did later learned that some future master students liked to get started on their thesis while still in their bachelor in order to get more time on it.

It made me realize that most of the time, Kylie was totally focused on her works and that perhaps that was a big part of my problems with her.

Of course, if I didn’t want to be more than room mate with her I would probably accept her coldness much easier.

She did go out a few times with the same outfit as before but she sadly didn’t leave her computer unlocked anymore.

The only change I noticed in her otherwise rather drab wardrobe was that she was now wearing her brooch full time while outside our room. It was back in a drawer as soon as she sat on her bed or at her desk but she would never leave without it.

I asked her a few times about her nights out and about the brooch but she ignored me every time.

Fortunately this morning I saw a cute fellow male student in line at the cafeteria wearing an almost identical brooch but with a blue background.

I started innocently flirting with him in order to get closer and know about the mysterious item of jewellery.

At first he rejected me but when I mentioned my roommate had an almost identical one but pink, he look surprised and asked me if I was planning on joining.

I bluffed and told him I wasn’t sure if it was for me and asked him what he personally liked and what he thought.

“I am not really sure to talk about it, but since your room mate is a member, I guess it’s alright. The reason I joined the Sacred Source Society is that I’ve never been good with girls. I guess I’ve always lacked the confidence. When my own roommate joined, he told me how easy it was to get laid so I joined. I didn’t know it would be in public and it would require so much commitment, but hey, girls are noticing me for the first time.”

So, I guess that Kylie was naughtier than I initially thought. It did sound rather intriguing and interesting. Right down my alley.

“So, how did you pledge ? My roommate explained it to me, but she joined last year and forgot details…”

“Man, that’s odd. I didn’t think it was possible to forget ! They have these parties for candidates. For the girls like you, it’s really easy, you only need to pick a guy. But I had to go to three sessions until a girl picked me. The two of us got our brooch that night and a month later, we were initiated and got our white pin. I am hoping she’ll let me pledge to her but I like being a free agent. The next party is Friday evening, do you want to come ? If you find a guy without a brooch you like you would be able to join and perhaps”, he said looking at my nice body, “I would instead pledge to you.”

I didn’t know what to make of it, but I knew where I would be Friday evening and I had a good idea of what to wear.

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