Lizzie Chapter 27: Follow the money

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Greg came back a lot faster than I thought he would… I am guessing that being free from his cage with the promise of sex supercharged him.

It’s a good thing he didn’t wait, because to pass the time, I decided to masturbate to keep me horny and all wet…

When I was young, Jill kept drilling into my mind to only use protected sex, but then, humanity cured most sicknesses including all STDs while finding a reliable safe birth control method for women.

So, as soon as Greg came back into his room, I had him strip naked and pushed him on his back where I quickly mounted him.

After all those sex rituals and the various lesbian affairs I have had for the next few weeks, it felt really good to get back to the basics: a woman and a man, both naked, making sweet, sweet love while kissing and caressing each other.

I could sensually feel his pleasure rising and didn’t regret his ruined orgasm which, I hoped, would delay his orgasm enough for me to come.

We kissed a lot. I realized that as much as I love kissing girls, boys have a power in their lips which I was beginning to miss. Greg’s hips rocking under me were pushing me up and forcing me to follow his rhythm in an almost hypnotic fashion.

To keep my balance, I tilted forward and pressed my entire body against his. I entwined by legs with his and pressed my breasts against his hairy chest, wantonly kissing him.

I had mostly seen his dick inside the plastic thing he was wearing and feeling it inside of me was a definitely better experience. I knew that between Tim and Greg, I preferred Greg’s member, but I wondered if Tim’s desire to be locked up wasn’t coming from a feeling of inadequacy…

I didn’t follow the thought all of the way through, as Greg had found the way to penetrate my cervix.

The first thrust in hurt me, but I tried to concentrate on relaxing my body. I had heard it could be either painful or a wonderful experience and I was resolute in finding new heights of ecstasy.

The second thrust while not pleasurable, wasn’t painful. By the time of the fifth, I was sensing my whole body tensing. I climaxed on the 7th, and Greg on the 9th, ejaculating directly in my uterus instead of in my vagina.

My whole body was shaking and I had real problems finding the strength to move to the side, but seeing my efforts, Greg helped me.

“That was wonderful, I never met a girl shallow enough to do that…”

I just grunted something and remembered that a few of my past partners did seem to hit the end of my vagina. Was I really shorter there than most women?

Who cared? I had fun and that’s what counted…

We rested a few minutes, and I got dressed, but not before putting the chastity cage back on Greg, reassuring him that from now on, we’d do this a lot more often…

Once all secured, I left to go find the secret mailbox of the society.

I had never entered the Hawkings building, which was only used for the theoretical physicists. It was one of the smallest buildings on campus. Not only was it mostly filled with guys, but also with the least socially adapt people I had met. I asked for directions for the sub basement and got avoided with weird stares and nervous giggles.

I managed to find the staircase (the elevators near the entrance didn’t go to the basements) which brought me to sub basement B, which was a storage level. The staircase I used didn’t have a mailbox, so I explored the level.

Some of the rooms had windows into the corridor and were filled with decor, material, hey, that was a Christmas tree!

At the other end, I found the elevators, odd that not all reached all of the way down, and more stairs, but still no mailbox.

I continued until I discovered at the far end of the corridor what I could only describe as emergency stairs.

They were almost hidden behind a heavy metallic door, and on the ground floor, had a door exciting directly to the exterior. A perfect place to grab cash and run with it without crossing anyone.

At first, I didn’t see the mailbox, but under the first flight of stairs was a metallic box with a heavy padlock and a small slit for inserting an envelope.

The box was apparently bolted to the wall, from the inside, so I wouldn’t shake it to see the inside and there was apparently a small plate inside which prevented from seeing the inside from the slid, while letting envelopes slide easily.

I noted the model and make of the padlock and left the building, with a plan, wondering just how I would achieve it.

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