Lizzie Chapter 3: Pairing

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Friday didn’t come fast enough. I finally would know more about where my roommate disappeared to from time to time and perhaps would find a way to get closer to her.

Sadly, I hadn’t seen her since she left and I was almost ready to leave. I knew her special clothes were still in her drawers so I understood that most likely, I wouldn’t see her.

I had a blouse rather like hers, but my own short skirt was a green plaid one instead of a tight-fitting black skirt.

Considering neither of us were wearing panties underneath, I think I was sexier. First of all my skirt was shorter and second of all, instead of clinging to my legs as if it was glues on it, mine flowed a little outward giving the impression that a single gust of wind would pry it open and reveal my naughty bits.

Of course, my C cup breasts pushing against my blouse and almost popping it open also added to my style. I had no illusions about them however. In a few years, gravity would set in and they would lose of their almost unnatural support.

But not today. Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t help but comment that I looked like a porn star, especially with my normal pony tail undone and my long hair flowing on my shoulders.

I put just a little lipstick. Thanks to the newest anti-acne treatments, I still had perfect skin and decided to remain natural.

The walk to the reunion wasn’t without incidents of boys turning their heads to look at me. My high stiletto shoes added a few inches to my already impressive height and pushed my breast and add outwards. I wasn’t that comfortable physically, but I was perfectly confident in my look.

Sadly, when I arrive in the room, I quickly discovered I had misjudged the occasion. Most of the girls were wearing jeans and most were wearing sneakers. I definitely was the only bra less woman in the room.

At the door, I gave my name and a tag card was pinned to my blouse, telling everyone of my first name.

I quickly noticed that there were two groups of people in the room. There were people with name tags who were obviously newcomers and people with a three S broach, usually silver.

I did see a few guys with a bronze broach but all of the girls had a silver one. Come to think of it, all of the guys had a bronze broach and they all had a black pin inserted in the middle, while the girls had different colors of pins.

In the case of the guys, all of the backgrounds were blue but girls either had a dark pink or a purple background with occasional light pink ones..

I looked around and didn’t see Kylie or Richard, the boy who had invited me. But then again, he had a white pin and not a black pin so perhaps that explained it, even if I didn’t know the differences between them.

I saw quite a few really sexy girls and a few attractive boys. None of the people in the room were overweight or drastically ugly. One of the guys with a name tag was definitely repulsive to my tastes due to his weird facial features, but otherwise it was a rather good group.

After a few minutes, one of the girls hushed everyone and introduced Nina, the prime initiate. She wore a silver brooch with a light pink background and a diamond pin. It was the first one I saw.

“Hello recruits. As you have been explained, tonight will be your first attempt at pairing. Those who are paired will go through our next initiation ceremony in two weeks. Those who are not will return home. Guys who fail to get paired, you will get two more chances. Girls, tonight is also your last chance. The rules are simple. The girls make the pair. Once a girl find a suitable boy to pair with, she only needs to bring him to the reception. That means guys, that you do not get to choose. If you are chosen, you cannot refuse. Let the pairing begin !”

I had noticed a tall rather attractive boy who was clearly a little older than me. I like his dark neatly cut short hair and the fact that instead of wearing boring jeans, he has chosen to wear nicely cut tan golf pants and a light white blue shirt which distinguished him from the others.

I quickly approached him before another girl got a change to get to him first and read that he was called Tim. I quickly engaged in a conversation to try and see a little more about him and discovered he was a computer engineering junior studying in the engineering campus.

In the beginning of the conversation, he still looked at the other girls but as we progressed on discussing our own mutual interests in computers, he decided to focus entirely on us.

While we were talking about our favourite programming methodology, a girl with a name tag of “Sally” interrupted us to ask if I wanted to get paired with Tim. I quickly took him by the hand and proclaimed he was mine, which added a wide smile in Tim’s face but made Sally rather disappointed.

To make sure not to lose Tim, we went to the pairing table where were each filled our names and room numbers in exchange for a bronze brooch. Mine was a dark pink while Tim’s was blue. We also got rid of our name tags.

I wanted to ask more about the brooch, but I was afraid I would break a protocol or some sort. Instead, I pinned it to my blouse and let my finger proudly caress each of the letters, finishing by the little hole in the center I would fill in two weeks time.

People kept meddling but as time went by, more and more name tags disappeared leaving 5 guys and poor Sally without a brooch. I wanted to just tell Sally to just pick one of the remaining guys but to be honest, they were the least interesting ones, including the one which repulsed me.

When it was clear that Sally was no longer trying to find a pair, Nina took the stand to thank each of us and told us to come back here in exactly 2 weeks. Same room, same hour. We were also told not to discuss anything that occurred tonight with any one else, including our paired initiate. We were finally told to keep our brooch but that we didn’t need to wear it yet. Just to make sure to have it in two weeks.

A total of 8 pairs were made, meaning the organization had just made 16 new initiates. I hoped I would pass the initiation and soon be a full member to figure out just what is going on.

My room was empty when I came back. I hid the brooch in my socks drawer, deep within one of the socks and took a shower, thinking about my evening.

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