Lizzie Chapter 28: Seeing Annie

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The Sacred Society had it’s own room on campus, with an official charter granted by the university and official board members, most of which were gold members of the society.

I had visited the room only once, with Annie, to pick up a few keys, but I knew there were a mail slot in the door so that if the society really required fees from the boys, it would have been easier to simply ask them to drop the money in the slot or to give it to the attending volunteer in exchange for a receipt.

The hidden mailbox was, to my mind, a clear proof that this was under the table and manipulated by a hidden cabale for nefarious purposes.

I quickly informed Kylie of my findings: I wanted a back-up in case I asked too many wrong questions, but I felt like I was able to push my way toward the truth while sounding innocent.

I must admit that Kylie was rather excited at the news: it was for her a real breakthrough in her research. She knew there was a hidden motive behind the society and she believed this was it. She was a little disappointed however that it was so hidden: it might mean that only a single individual was corrupted.

I hadn’t thought of that…

To my surprise, Kylie hugged me, thanking me for having brought such great news to her. Perhaps we’d be friends one day…

I decided to go find Annie. To me, it was clear that whoever was in charge of the secret mailbox, it was a Gold Member and my only link to them was via Annie, who I was pledged to.

As I was walking toward her own dorm room, I wondered and realized that it was most likely not one of the Gold Members I had already met, not one in charge of a public office. My guess is that it one on of the administrative ones, one of the girls behind the scene.

Fortunately, Annie was both available and very interested to see me. Well, not really to see me but rather to take advantage of my pledge toward her…

Without wasting time, she removed her PJ and pulled me toward her, sealing my lips with a kiss. I must admit that Annie’s direct approach was rather working with me and it wasn’t long before we were both naked, locked in a sensual embrace.

I had experience with girls, but Annie was in another ballpark. I was bisexual at best and hetero-flexible at worst, but Annie was my first fully lesbian partner and it showed. She had a physical attraction to my body unmatched by my past female partners and on par with some of my best male partners, which isn’t light to say as guy are usually more physical than girls (one of the reasons I usually prefer them),

Instead of oral sex, Annie finally introduced me to the art of scissoring, as we intertwined and used out thighs to pleasure our partner’s clitoris.

It was clear that it was rather pleasant for my partner, but personally, it wasn’t an eye opening experience: I think I am a little more vaginal than clitoridian, perhaps another reason why I could never be a Lesbian…

But I didn’t mind. I was still having a lot of fun playing with Annie and soon, she’d be in the post-orgasmic bliss which would allow me to ask my delicate questions. All I had to do is keep an eye on the prize.

By the time Annie climaxed, I was beginning to enjoy the stimulation as my own juice was flowing on her thigh to make the sensation more pleasurable, but I didn’t get to personally orgasm.

Soon enough, we were spooning in her bed and whispering sexy thoughts to each other.

Between two, I would slip some messages encouraging her in her work in the society, or telling her she’d be a Gold Member soon, all as prelude to asking who among the Gold Members welcomed the boys.

Casually, she replied it was actually Nina but that she was a special Silver member, sealed to the head priestess Julie. They can be spotted because their pin was a diamond.

“In fact, my duties are just delegated from Nina. I used to be sealed to her, but I am now free.”

I casually asked a lot of questions only to discover that Nina had delegated almost all of her duties and freed all of her pledges. It was interesting. She attended the ceremonies, but didn’t take an active role. She was however, the only one allowed to welcome the guys and kept role of explaining to them how the chastity device worked.

It was clear that Annie had a lot of admiration for Nina, but in my mind, I had found my prime suspect…


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