Lizzie Chapter 11: Second Pledge

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I was still cuddling Stephanie when my cell phone rang. Both of us were still naked on her bed and Tim was still kneeling by the bed, equally undressed.

I carefully moved outside of the bed to pick it up but Tim beat me to it, once he realized I was hurrying to answer.

Having a slave boy has advantages…

On the line was Annie who gave me an appointment for later in the evening to inspect one of the unsealed boys. It was a task Annie profoundly hated but if all of them were like Tim, I wouldn’t hate the task as much as she did.

Of course, unlike her, I actually liked boys so I am guessing there was something to it.

After hanging up, I kissed Tim on the cheek to thank him and simply asked if he liked the show.

“Yes mistress. It was very exciting… and frustrating. I had hoped to get inside one of you two.”

“I know you did. But would you still like it if you always got what you wanted ?”, I said while caressing his shoulder with my right hand still fully aware of my nudity.

“No mistress. You are right. You are in control of me.”

“Good toy. Now get dressed and leave us alone. I won’t have time to see you again today so you are free to go. Call me tomorrow if you want me to tease you again. Perhaps I will have time to repeat last night’s experience.”

“Thank you mistress”.

I turned my attention back to Stephanie who was now sitting on the side of her bed, visibly waking up from a nap. I checked the time and realized that either we had sex much longer than I remembered or I too had fallen asleep at some point.

Tim left the room rather quickly and when I heard the door close I realized I should have asked him if he stood there motionless for the whole duration of our nap. If so, he deserved a reward of some sort.

What do you give to a boy who wants to be sexually repressed ? I guess I’ll have to find something.

But now, my attention was on Stephanie.

“Had sweet dreams ?”

She replied in a half present tone: “I am not sure…”.

“Well, I had a wonderful dream where I had a 69 with a really sexy red head while my chastised slave was kneeling by the bed”

Stephanie actually blushed. I sat next to her, staying to give her a chance to take it all in.

“I didn’t get to use him. You jumped in because I got the chance”

“Yeah, sorry. Next time, I’ll have him come by alone, unless you still want me to be there…”

“Well, I can’t say I didn’t like it. I am just a little surprised I was able to do that”

“The society seems to find a way to wake up a lot of repressed sexual desires in us.”

“You would be fine with me seeing Tim alone ?”

“Well, under one condition. You would need to pledge to me first. Once you’re sealed with me, I’ll let you use him as much as you want, provided he doesn’t get out of his chastity cage”

“You mean, I would be your slave ?”

“On paper yes, but in reality, it would also protect you from the silver members and would help me become one. Once I am a Silver member thought, I promise to help you become one so I can become a Gold member.”

“You won’t abuse it, like force me to do things I don’t want to ?”

“No. I only do that to Tim because he asks me to. I am not in the society to abuse people. I am in it for the same reasons as you: to meet people and have fun.”

“Can I think about it ?”

“For as a long as you want…”

There was a long silence.


“Yes you will think about it ?”

“No, I mean yes, I want to be sealed to you. If I am to progress too, I need to be sealed to a Silver member, right ? Then I am going to trust that you are a fast mover. Let’s get our Silver brooch together.”

“Great, I’ll set-up the appointment for the sealing ceremony.”

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