Lizzie Chapter 18: Plans

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As soon as I left Tim’s room, I called Annie on her cell phone, telling her I qualified to be a silver member.

“Yeah, I know. I already asked for the vote. I told them you were helping me and they were rather happy with you. I think you will get enough votes by the end of the week.”

“What do you mean, enough votes?”

“The vote isn’t simultaneous. People who can vote simply tell the mistress of ceremony that they approve for your promotion. When she receives enough support, you get promoted. But there is no time limit. Some girls wait months for their promotion, but since you have my support and I supervise the bronze members and the boys, it should go easy. Just don’t go back on our deal…”

“That’s what I was calling you about. I am thinking of doing a weekly event every Friday evening for unpledged boys and bronze girls looking for new pledges.”

“Oh, good idea, can we meet?”

We picked a little coffee shop on campus which is usually quiet on the morning and I arrived second. Annie was wearing shoes today, so I wouldn’t know if she had already painted her toenails. Her nails were done however.

“So, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, some of the boys that I spoke to complained that they can never meet girls, but Stephanie, one of my two sealed girls, complained she rarely met boys. I thought, let’s do a mixer every week and that way, instead of going to their rooms to milk them, it could be done there…”

“In public ?”

“Yeah, we’d do a whole ceremony around it, a little like the sealing ceremony, but for the milking. Girls who keep their boys in their cage could also participate, even if they are already sealed.”

“Do you think a lot do that? The cage is usually removed for good after the sealing. It’s a symbol to let the guys wait until they are sealed. Only a few really keep it.”

“Tim, my guy, wants to stay in it.”

She made a face of disgust, as if she didn’t approve of it.

“Weird. Anyway, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, I think it should start with a normal mixer. Everyone equal, no rules, just guys and girls trying to connect. A little like when we pick partners for initiations but because everyone is already a member, we don’t impose any rules. ”

Annie was clearly lost in deep thoughts.

“Ok, as long as guys have to leave girls who don’t like them alone. We might have girls there just to find girls or just to meet others.”

“Of course. Hey, maybe bracelets.”


“Yeah, guys who want to be sealed that night wear a bracelet. Girls looking for a guy wear one. Girls looking for two guys wear two. So, guys cannot initiate a conversion with a girl without any bracelets.”

“I like that. So, what do we do next?”

“At some point, the evening changes. Any pairs that were made leave the room to go and get sealed. The rest of the evening is only for the guys who didn’t find a girl to pledge to. Well, the girls are welcomed to stay to look, but they are just observers.”

“Ok, I see that…”

“So, the guy strip naked and kneel side by side. We have a ritual of some sort, I mean, like for the initiations and the sealing, you know, words for them to say, something like : May we get relief from our pressure”

“That’s actually quite good. Let me note it. So all of the guys would say it at the same time?”

Oh, that was brilliant. I didn’t think of that.

“I thought one after the other, but that would make a wicked choir. Hey, it could be the test I was looking for”

“What test?”

“Well, the boys are the toys, right? So why is it girls who milk them?”

“Well, someone has to do it, and only women can be in a position of authority”, Annie replied, confused.

“I get that, but what if we picked one of the guys to do the others in a ritualistic fashion under our supervision. Wouldn’t it fit even better?”

“Oh, you are devious…”, she replied with a devilish smile.

“So, the guy who messes up the most the choir gets to do the other guys, one by one”

“And who does him ?”, asked Annie.

I didn’t think about that…

“Maybe he skips his turn?”

“Nah, it’s not good for them.”

Oh, suddenly, I had a simple idea.

“Then let’s do the opposite.”

“What do you mean?”

“The guy who does the other guys and then, gets the right to masturbate instead of being milked. It could even be ritualistic. Perhaps he would be chosen at random. I know, we pick one key at random and they each try it. If it fits , it’s them, if not or if they don’t want to try it, they pass the key to the next guy. All over some drums and low key chanting by the guys”

“I like it a lot Lizzie. These are great ideas. I’ll have to clear it with the gold members, but I doubt they’ll say no. You’ll need to be a silver member before you organize it, but with this idea, I am sure you’ll get the support this morning.”

I felt good. My name would be known with the gold members and I was still new in the society. This could be my ticket to be one of the youngest gold member of the society…

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