Lizzie Chapter 23: Self-worth

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With the drums beating, most of the members of the society present at the ceremony came one by one in front of me, exchanging a weird pen.

The first one was Annie, I recognized her despite wearing a different mask then when she was an official. I guess they began with her because she was the one I was pledged to.

She approached me and wrote a word on my left breast.

“Ambitious.”, she yelled out-loud making me realize she was telling us what she had written.

“This member has too much ambition to be our equal. She didn’t want to become a silver member to honor us, but rather to raise in our ranks. She will lose her ambition. “. She looked me in the eyes, got closer and asked me out loud: “What say you?”, and the drums paused, as Annie left me alone in the center of the stage.

Confused, I simply said: “I will lose my ambition for you, sisters.”

As soon as I finished saying sisters, the drums resumed and a few seconds later, a new silver member wrote a word, this time on my stomach. I didn’t get the impression there was a pre-determined line.

“Pretentious. She already calls us her sister and she’s not yet one of ours. She will learn to know her place”. She got close to me and said: “What say you?” and once again, the drums paused as she returned to the group, giving the pen to another girl.

I replied: “I will lose my pretension for you, mistresses”.

The third girl wrote on my left ass cheek before returning in front of me. “Whore. This girl slept with boys and girls to get advantages, selling her body for advancement. She will learn to respect her temple”.

By now, I understood the procedure, so I waited until I was alone in the center of the room and replied: “I will learn to respect my secret temple for you, mistresses”.

One by one, the girls followed, covering not only my body but also my face with various problems I had. I was a slut, worthless, stupid, ignorant, pompous, ugly, unappealing, stubborn, thick-headed, frivolous, etc…

Many of the claims against me contradicted each other: I was both too proud of my sexiness and ugly. I was pompous and shy. But it didn’t matter apparently. The idea was to humiliate me and degrade me.

Or perhaps it was simply to write on my body… because I am pretty sure some of the words were written on top of each other and that some of the girls went twice at it.

Eventually, the drums stopped and no girl stepped forward. The mistress of the ceremony once again broke the silence.

“So, impostor. You have made your penance. Do you wish to be cleansed of your shame by your future sisters?”

“Yes mistress. I wish to be cleansed”.

“Bring the sarcophagus!”

Four girls brought a decorated coffin in the center of the stage and laid it on a large plastic sheet unrolled on the stage. one of them eventually guided me so I would lay in it.

“Impostor, your future sisters prepares over the last few hours the potion which will cleanse your soul. We kept it warm for you. Get ready and close your eyes.”.

I rapidly closed my eyes, unsure as to what was going to happen, and soon enough I heard girls approaching.

Quickly, a warm liquid was poured into the coffin, stinging my skin as it completely filled it, completely soaking me in it, from head to toe.

I struggled to keep my head out of the liquid but was whispered to fully immerge myself for a few seconds to clean the pen.

I took my breath, held my nose and closed my mouth as I plunged inside of the liquid, staying until I had to burst out to breath in again.

It’s then I realized that the liquid was in fact, urine, most likely from each of the silver and gold members present at the ceremony.

Still keeping my eyes closed, I was given a wet cloth to clean my face, and when I was finally able to open my eyes, all of the girls had removed their mask and were cheering to my welcome into the silver members.

Towels were supplied and once I had a robe on, I was guided by Annie to a nearby shower so I could rinse myself off and wash my hair.

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