Lizzie Chapter 20: After-date

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Tim and I rushed to my room and entered it while kissing passionately.

We were both seriously in the mood and caressing each other’s body.

It’s only when I began to unbutton his shirt that I heard a noise and realized that Kylie was on her bed.

I quickly sat on the edge of the bed and said hi to her.

“Am I interrupting something?”

“Yeah, Sorry Kylie. I know this is your room too. So you have 3 options… Either you stay and let us do our things. I don’t mind, or you give us an hour or so to finish and next time, I’ll be the one giving you the room to yourself.”

“Have you forgotten how to count?”, she replied with a dry tone…


“You said I had 3 options and you listed two…”

“Well, you can always join us.”

Kylie grunted out of despair, grabbed a book and stormed out of the room.

Both Tim and I looked at her leave but soon resumed kissing with renewed passion.

Within seconds, Tim was shirtless, but I refused to let him undress me. Today, he would be naked first, well, almost naked…

As soon as he was done stripping for me, I got him to lay on my bed on his back, with his hands under my pillow.

“Listen to me boy, if you take your hands from under the pillow before I tell you to do so, you’ll go back home…”

“Yes mistress”.

I proceeded to slowly strip, while giving him a full view of my slowly getting nude body. I took my time, it’s not like I was afraid to get interrupted by Kylie…

As soon as my breasts were free, I rubbed them on Tim’s chest and even on his face. He began to move his arms but I reminded him not to move.

I dropped my panties last and placed them on his neck so that hopefully, some of my excitement smell would reach his nose.

“Tonight, I wanted to fuck you slave, but you don’t even want to get out of his cage”, I spit on his chest.

“You are worthless to me. How the hell am I supposed to have fun with a plastic thing. I want flesh, not something fake”, I spit on his cage and with my fingers, spread the liquid on the tube, giving him the impression I was lubricating him.

I positioned myself on top of him in a cowgirl pose but just as I was getting ready to put his sheeted cock inside of me, I instead dropped by his side on the bed and turned my back to him.

“As if I wanted such a cold dildo in me. You’re such a slut. “, I added, almost out of ideas on what to say.

I heard him start to complain, but I just yelled him to shut up, while I began masturbating, moaning to make him believe it was incredible.

I was indeed turned on, but masturbation and sex are two very different things. Some girls appear to be satisfied just by touching themselves but for me, it doesn’t cut it. It’s never as good as the real thing. Perhaps that’s why I am more willing to have casual sex than many other girls…

But not being as good as the real thing didn’t mean I didn’t get to climax. I pressed my ass and my back against him and undulated as if I was being fucked, while frantically rubbing my clitoris until I eventually collapsed loudly on the bed.

Tim began stroking my back, but I turned around and screamed: “I didn’t tell you that you could withdraw your hands from the pillow, bitch.”. He quickly returned to his previous position and I wiped my wet fingers on his stomach, rubbing my scent over him while pretending I found it disgusting. If I did, I would have never been able to have sex with another girl…

It turned me on in fact and from experience, I knew it often turned on my male partners so I went and generously spread it on his stomach, while reminding him that I could satisfy myself perfectly without his help.

Once I was done, I got him to turn around to present me his back and I decided to spank him, telling him each time why I was doing it. “Because you took out your hand from under the pillow”, “because you touched me”, “because you are worthless”, etc…

When I was out of ideas, his ass was red from the spanking and my arm was tired, so I stopped and landed a kiss on the reddest area.

I picked up a PJ from my drawers and just told him to get dressed so he could go back to his room. Once he was ready, I noticed he had a huge smile in his face.

“You liked it?”, I asked, a little nervous to see if I went too far…

“It was the most wonderful evening of my life, mistress…. You were hot, sexy, and so frustrating. I love you”

“I love you too Tim.”, I kissed him on the lips. Poor boy, I had been in his life for what, two weeks now and his dick had been imprisoned since our initiation.

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