Lizzie Chapter 14: Deal

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After my classes, I returned to my room, exhausted from my long day and well, my long week-end too.

Sadly, it wasn’t about to be over: not only was Kylie in the room, she was actually sitting on my bed, reading a book.

When I came in, she instantly blushed.

“I guess you are no longer mad at me ?”

“I thought it over. You are right. I was wrong.”

“So, you agree that the society isn’t a dangerous cult ?”

“No, I still stand my ground. But it’s your life. Your choice. But perhaps you can help me”

“How ?”

“Well, you got sealed to a girl who wants nothing to do with you, right ? That way, you can do whatever you want. Whenever I start asking questions about the society, I need to show my brooch and girls try to either take advantage of me or boys try to pledge to me. I need a little more freedom.”

“Just pledge to me.”

“What ? No, we’re room mates.”

“Listen Kylie, I promise you that once the sealing ceremony has been done, we’ll just remain roommates, at least, as much as I can. I’ll even give you information when I can. I can’t promise I’ll always be able to, but I’ll try as much as I can if only to prove to you that the society isn’t evil. That only some of the members might be crooked.”

“No sex between us ? You promise ?”

“Well, there is the matter of the sealing ceremony. I’ve done it three times already and it’s always the same.”

“What is it ? I don’t have notes yet on that”

“You wouldn’t. You don’t have clearance yet”

“So, is it more sex stuff ?”

“Yeah, you’ll need to make me orgasm with your tongue, in front of the senior members, in a pentagram. You’ll need to recite a lot of text and basically tell me you belong to me.”

“Let me guess, we’ll be naked.”

“Yes, but not the whole time. We begin with robes, yours is white, mine is black, and we undress during the ceremony, first you and then me. At the end, you get a black robe to show that you are sealed.”

“But I have to perform oral sex on you”, she said, shivering.

“Don’t worry, I’ve faked it both times I received it, and Annie, the girl I am sealed to, also faked it. It’s ceremonial in nature. But you have to really try to make it convincing.”

“But wouldn’t Annie also own me ?”

“Yeah, technically speaking, but we have a deal. She doesn’t touch my sealed and I help her with the routine tasks involving newcomers, like checking up on the chastity belts of the unsealed guys”

“Disgusting, but I guess it’s a good deal for you if you don’t mind doing it”

“And our deal is good for you too. And if you want sex, I’ll be able to get you a cute guy with a chastity belt…”

“No thanks. The little sex drive I had before I got here disappeared when peaked into the society”

I called Annie to setup the sealing ceremony and learned that it could be performed the next morning. After checking with Kylie, the appointment was confirmed and left to take a long shower.

I’d lie if I said I only washed myself, but I took the opportunity to masturbate a few times under the hot water. When I left, there were a few girls getting dressed looking at me with odd looks but it didn’t bother me at all.

My cellphone however, had a message from a certain Greg who got my note from his locker. I guess I wouldn’t get to bed for the moment.

Instead, I checked with Stephanie and setup and appointment between the three of us in a restaurant near campus.

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