Lizzie Chapter 19: Proper Date

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I spent the rest of the day in class. Yeah, I have classes and I actually generally manage to do quite well in my studies.

I guess I am good at changing the subject…

As soon as my last class was completed however, I felt a hole in my heart I hadn’t felt since I left my home town.

I couldn’t really pinpoint the source. Was I simply beginning to adapt to my new life and homesickness crept in? Did Tim’s declarations of love made me realize that all of the games the society play are merely distractions?

I couldn’t tell, but tonight, I didn’t want to sleep alone and Kylie would have to live with it.

I just had to find Tim and boy would he regret his choices, I felt particularly playful.

Of course, in today’s age, you never needed to actually search for someone. If they don’t answer their phone because they are still in class, you leave a text message and soon enough, you meet them in person.

I surprised Tim by kissing him passionately on the lips, pressing my petite body against his while making sure that my thigh rubbed against his chastity cage to remind him that even thought I was now his girlfriend, I still owned him.

When he broke my kiss, he told me : “Hello Mistress”, but I quickly realized that in public, it might be an unfortunate name as we might meet some of my classmates.

“We need to find an alternative when we are in public for the word Mistress”

“I could use Honey instead…” he proposed, but that’s exactly how my dad calls me and I thought it was even worse.

We settled for “Love” instead, as in : “What do you want for supper, love?” and I kind of like the sound of it.

I wanted a proper date, and I got one. That’s one of the many advantages of being a female dominant. I wanted to be taken out to a nice restaurant and taken out to a nice restaurant I was.

We ended up in a nice Italian family restaurant which serves fresh pasta.

If you ever cooked pasta, you know that prior to cooking, it’s dry and crunchy. If you never ate pieces of uncooked spaghetti as a child, you missed something good. It doesn’t taste anything, but the crunchy noise is all of the fun.

Cooking will rehydrate the dried pasta and cook it while softening it and bringing back the flavour into it.

Fresh pasta is another matter. If it is really fresh, it is still quite wet from the preparation and cooking enhances the still present flavour instead of simply trying to re-activate it.

It makes for a much more delicious meal and I was really excited to get to eat it once more.

At home, my father’s girlfriend liked to prepare many different meals with fresh pasta and I always preferred the taste, thought I was never sure if it was the substitution or simply her own cooking.

In all cases, I rather enjoyed my meal, fresh spaghetti and meatballs with just the right amount of seasoning added to a thick mainly tomato based sauce.

Many restaurants present a oil based sauce with tomatoes added to the mixture but this one obviously preferred to start with the tomatoes and add seasoning (including oil I presume) instead of using tomatoes like an afterthought.

The three meatballs were also just the perfect size to cut in 4 pieces and allow to spread their consumption toward the entire meal.

For a skinny girl, I sure know my pasta…

Tim ordered a lasagna, a meal I don’t particularly enjoy because of the way too many ingredients are crammed together to make a pretty cake style meal which I find overwhelming.

Tim took a cheese cake for dessert and I simply took a cup of fresh fruits, something I was also missing from home on my student budget.

In all cases, we both enjoyed what we ordered and I often played with my foot with his sequestered crotch, showing him that tonight, I would get lucky.

As for him, he would get what he dreams of: something which is within the realms of nightmares for the other boys.

But hey, that too was part of the fun, I was sure…

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