Lizzie Chapter 10: Red head

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I was still completely high from the sealing ceremony. It was exciting and I could clearly see that my place was in the sacred source society.

I now had Tim at my disposal but I needed 2 additional pledges to become a Silver member. Considering I only knew 3 other members including my introverted roommate, I didn’t want to waste time ignoring the other two in case someone else grabbed them first.

I had Stephanie’s phone number and promptly called her to check if she was home. 15 minutes later, I was in her room for the second time of the day.

“Stephanie, you told me this morning that you joined the society to meet someone. Tim, the boy I got initiated with got sealed to me an hour ago and now officially belongs to me. Would you like me to share him with you for a few days until you find your own toy ?”

“You’d do that ?”

“Sure… it’s not like he is my boyfriend. He is just a toy, a tool to use. I don’t know if that really interests you.”

“Hell yeah. I am not really sure I want a relationship but I need some physical touch you know ?”

“I understand. College is hard enough. We need some unwinding.”


“You know that boys wear chastity tubes by default, right ?”

“Yeah, until they’re sealed isn’t it ?”

“Well, I just have to warn you. Tim doesn’t want to get out.”

“He doesn’t ?”

“No, he wants to remain in it an be used sexually without relief. Is that a problem with you ?”

“Well, does that mean we can’t have sex with him ?”, she asked, confused.

“No, it only means he cannot have sex with us”

“Huh ?”

“You can fuck him while he is wearing it. I did it yesterday. It’s like using a dildo, but he moves, not you. Plus, no premature ejaculation”

“And he is fine with that ?”

“He loves it. Do you want me to call him over ?”

“Well, if you don’t mind lending him to me.”

“There’s just one thing Stephanie… I want to be there. Every time. Take it or leave it…”

She hesitated a few seconds and agreed by a nod of the head. I left her room to call Tim’s cell phone and gave him the directions while leaving time for Stephanie to clean herself up and get changed.

When he arrived, he took my hand and kissed it, kneeling before me. “Hello Mistress”. I didn’t expect it but I kind of liked it.

Stephanie soon opened her door, wearing a bathrobe and inviting us over. I did the presentations and broke the ice by asking my toy to strip naked. Tim did so without hesitation and with a glitter in his eyes.

After checking with me, Stephanie touched the chastity device to get an idea how it felt. I could see it jerk a little showing me what Tim was trying to get an erection but was unable to do so.

He had been denied one for now over 20 hours and even thought I had the key, he wouldn’t get relief anytime soon.

Stephanie let her bathrobe slip on the floor showing she had decided to strip naked under it.

She dragged Tim on her bed and laid down next to him, kissing him on the lips, prompting him to start caressing her.

It was very hot to see the man I recently had sex with being caressed by a sexy red head I would love to have sex with. I looked at them constantly envying him until I realized : “Aren’t I his mistress ?”

I promptly stripped naked without either of them really noticing me.

I laid on the bed behind Stephanie and pressed my nude body against her while kissing and caressing her. Surprised, she turned around and returned me the favour.

Soon enough, Stephanie and I were in deep loving embrace and both of us were ignoring Tim. I asked him to kneel by the side of the bed and when he protested, I reminded him I was his mistress and that he just deserved a spanking.

He jumped out of the bed and kneeled with his arms behind his back. I told him instead to masturbate, knowing full well it would only increase his frustration since he couldn’t feel anything.

I gently pushed Stephanie on her back and began rubbing her clitoris with my right hand fingers while using my other hand to pull her own fingers toward my Venus mound.

Stephanie’s eyes were half numb from the excitement and I decided to try something I always dreamed of doing.

I had past female sexual partners but they ether usually weren’t very active or in the case of my first one, I wasn’t ready yet to be active.

This time however, I was taking charge and on top of that I had a chastised boy to sexually tease. It wasn’t a time to be modest.

I inverted myself and placed my body on top of her so that I was able to both lick her juicy lips and push mines toward her face.

I had done quite a few 69s with boys but this was my first Sapphic one.

At first, Stephanie simply caressed my body with her hands while I tried to find a proper method for performing my part of the double cunnilingus. It wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I usually did it while kneeling or laying between my partner’s legs. I was not only upside down from my usual position, but I had to support the weight of my head without the benefit of her legs like in the other position.

I did manage to do something but I wasn’t as expert as I generally am. Fortunately for me, Stephanie soon began returning the favour and I could feel it was likely her first experience.

I had “popped” the lesbian cherry of a few girls and knew the difference between their first time and their second one. After just one cunnilingus they usually were already a lot less timid and much more entrepreneurial.

But I couldn’t complain. I had wanted a lesbian 69 since I first got laid by a girl and I was finally having one with a beautiful red head. Just the mental stimulation of having a fantasy fulfilled was eventually enough to push me close enough to a climax for her hesitant tongue to get me off.

I would love to say I was good enough to make her come but in reality, I wasn’t at my best and I had no idea what turned her on in a woman.

When I recuperated, I kissed her, allowing us to deliciously swap fluids but she didn’t seem to like it as much as I did so I didn’t push further.

I asked her if she wanted me to continue with my fingers but she simply told me : “You were perfect. Let’s just cuddle for now”.

I placed myself like I usually did with a man since she was the one still on her back. Tim asked what he should do and I just told him: “I didn’t give you the right to speak or move.”

He apologized and Stephanie and I remained motionless long enough for me to wonder if she had fallen asleep.

Lizzie meets the Red head (Stephanie) after being approved for assistant and they start talking.

Lizzie wondered if they could share Tim for the week, as long as Stephanie understand he is hers.

They have a threesome for the goal of sharing Tim, but Lizzie kisses Stephanie while she is having sex with Tim and they end up having sex, letting Tim watch while kneeling beside the bed.

He begs Lizzie to let him enter her, but she becomes devious and instead has a 69 with Stephanie.

Stephanie proposes they apply for a purple brooch, because otherwise, they won’t be able to repeat the experience.

Lizzie accepts only if Stephanie pledges to her, to help her become a silver member.

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