Lizzie Chapter 17: Dating

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When I woke up in Tim’s bed, I was alone in the room.

I took the opportunity to rapidly get dressed and gather my thoughts.

I had to speak to Annie as soon as I could. Not only did I now officially qualify to become a silver member, but I had a new event to organize on Greg’s ideas.

As I was thinking of perhaps creating a new ceremony, Tim came back with two coffees and a few muffins in a box.

“Hello Mistress. Did you sleep well?”, as he was giving me my coffee.

“Yes Tim. Thank you for the coffee.”

I took a sip and it was exactly like I wanted.

“How did you know?”

“When a woman has the keys to your genitals, you pay attention to her…”

“You are so sweet. I am beginning to find you invaluable”

“Thank you mistress”

“Yesterday wasn’t too much for you, was it?”

“Are you kidding? I never felt so abused, so worthless, so, how can I say, degraded. I feel like I am walking on clouds. I never thought I’d be so lucky to find a sexy mistress like you. I never want to leave you”

“But being sodomized by a man wasn’t too weird?”

“When you said it, I panicked at first, but I am just way too repressed sexually because of the cage to say no to you. It’s only been a week and already I feel like there are serious changes in my personality.”

“I am not sure I am fine with that”

“Oh no, you don’t understand. I’ve never felt better. I’ve never felt at peace with myself. I used to be laughed at and ridiculed in high school. Not only was I a late bloomer, always smaller than the other guys, but I had no sense of style. It’s only in my senior year that I started to look like I do today and that I managed to get better social skills and clothes. But the damage was done. The other teenagers had known me as the awkward nerd and avoided me.”

“Poor you…”

“Yeah, well, I may have changed my look and made new friends, I can’t avoid but feeling like the loser I was. I can’t remove the feeling of shame and inadequacy when dealing with others. Except now, I voluntarily humiliate myself, and I do it to please one of the sexiest girls I ever met.”

“Thank you”, I replied, blushing.

“So, I go through my day imagining that you are my girlfriend and not just my mistress, and just feel happy. When I have dark thoughts, I just attribute them to this”, he said, while grabbing the metal chastity cage underneath his pants.

“I wouldn’t mind you calling me your girlfriend…”

“For real ?”

“Well, don’t expect our relationship to change that much. You would still call me mistress while we play and I would still have sex with others, but I wouldn’t mind going on dates with you Tim. I really like you.”

“Wow, I really like you too. You don’t think it’s weird dating a guy who wants to be kept chaste?”

“I was taught by my parents that it’s how you feel when you are with someone and how that person treats you that are important in love. I love the way you make me feel, and no man could possibly threat me any better than you already do. I am not saying I’d be fine spending my life with you under those circumstances, but for now, I’d be happy to be your girlfriend”

“Thank you mistress”. I approached him and we kissed passionately.

Yeah, after all of the twisted sex rituals and weird threesomes and foursomes, this was the first time since I left high school that I really felt close to someone.

Perhaps I’d find something real in the middle of all of these superficialities.

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