Lizzie Chapter 7: Papers

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When I woke up in Tim’s bed, I was alone. Confused, I slowly sat on the side of the bed to regain my grasp on the previous night’s events.

How did I feel about using Tim like I had done ? It was sexually pleasing and I had to admit that feeling in control was rather exhilarating.

I had joined the society out of curiosity but I had to admit that so far, I was very turned on by its ceremonies and rituals.

I wasn’t raised in a conservative family but I never expected to find having sex in public so interesting and hoped it would continue and not just be reserved for the initiation.

I was buttoning my blouse when Tim came back into the room, fully dressed and with a brown bag.

“Hey, you’re awake. I brought breakfast”, he said, with a wide smile illuminating his face.

I replied, “Thanks, did you sleep well ?”, while my grabbing my skirt to finish dressing up.

He pulled out two egg sandwiches on English muffins from the bag and placed one next to me, on his bed.

“No that well. ”

“Oh ?”

“Several times during the night, I began having an erection but the pain from the tube woke me up. Robert told me it took him only 2 nights to get used to it.”. He seemed a little sad.

“Do you regret it ?”

“Hell no. Last night was amazing. My brain knew I was inside of you, but I couldn’t feel it. It was amazing. I felt so… controlled. Used. Oh, and pleasuring you orally ? All along, my penis tried to get hard but couldn’t. What did you think of it ?”

“It was weird. The feeling wasn’t really the same, but I loved the fact I knew you wouldn’t come before me. It was liberating. I didn’t have to worry about you or ask you to wait for me. I could just enjoy the moment. But at the same time, it felt as if we really were having sex. You felt there. It wasn’t like using a dildo. It was, well, alive.”

“I hope we’ll do it again.”

“Well, it was nice. I am not against seeing you again. I like you Tim.”

He smiled and we both eat our sandwiches. It wasn’t what I would have eaten for breakfast, but I was hungry and didn’t want to run back to my room yet.

While eating, there was a knock on the door.

I made sure my skirt properly hid my buttock, considering I didn’t have panties and nodded to Tim that he could open the door.

Standing on the other side was a beautiful blond woman wearing a silver sacred source society brooch and holding a folder filled with papers.

“Oh”, she said, looking at me. “You sent the night here ?”

Unsure what to answer, I simply nodded.

“Great. We love it when our new sisters take initiative. I am here for Tim, but I was scheduled to see you later in your room. I’ll give you your papers here after I am done with Tim, if you don’t mind.”

“Fine. Do I need to leave for now ?”

“No. He’ll need to leave when it will be your turn, but you can hear what I have to say”

She turned to Tim to give him his presentation.

“Tim, you have been accepted as a toy in the sacred source society. This means you are now our property until you decide to leave the society, which you can do at any time, regardless of any promises you have made. Just be warned that if you break a promise or a pledge by leaving, you will not be able to come back.”


“You are not currently sealed. This means that you belong to the order as a whole. Any sister with a pip inserted in her brooch can order you around, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your studies or your health. After all, we are all here to graduate. ”

“How do I get sealed ?”

“When you find a sister that you are ready to commit to, you can pledge to be sealed to her. If she agrees, you will go thru the sealing ceremony and will have your white dot in your brooch replaced by black dot. From that point on, only the sister you are sealed to will have power over you, unless she is also sealed, in that case, the sister she is sealed to will also have power over you.”

“Until you are sealed, I will need to inspect your cage everyday. Do not expect my visits to have any sexual connotations. I have over 20 cages to inspect everyday and do not have time to play. If you have a medical emergency or have a problem and cannot reach me, you can simply break the padlock, usually by simply twisting it with a key. But you will need to explain why it was broken off”

I asked a question myself. “Can I get the key ?”

“If he pledges to you, you’ll get it once you are sealed and you’ll decide if he get relief or not. Heck, you’ll be able to take it off and give it back to us if you don’t need it. But until then, only a gold member or I can unlock him, and I’ll only unlock him for inspection or if he has medical problems.”

“So, until he pledges to me, a gold member could order him to have sex with her without the cage ?”

“Yeah. Those are the rules. He knew what he was getting into.”

Tim turned to me and whispered in my ear that he really wanted to stay in the cage. I told him I knew.

The girl addressed Tim directly, showing us she understood what we had said : “Listen honey, if you want to stay in it, just pledge to her once I am done. You could be sealed this afternoon and you’d be hers. One less guy to look after will ease my day.”

I asked her: “What are the consequences for me ?”

“That’s for your part of the discussion. But I am almost done with him. Can you read ?”, she asked Tim, in a sarcastic tone .


She pulled out a few pieces of paper from the folder and gave it to him. “Read all of it. Especially the part about milking and cleaning up. You’ll need it. Now take a hike, I need to talk to your future owner.”

As soon as Tim left, the girl presented herself as Annie and explained that is in charge of new initiates. As if turns out, she is the girl with the red toe nail from the previous night.

“Ok love. I have all of your papers here including the rules. The short answer to your question is, when he is sealed, he becomes yours, but you have no obligations to him and you can have as many toys sealed to you as you want, but you can only have 1 sister sealed to you until you are silver. Don’t tell him, but you could even give him to someone else without his consent. When you have 3 sealed members, regardless of sex, you become a silver member, well, provided you have already been sealed to a silver member first. ”

“But when I seal myself to a girl, I become her slave, right ?”

“Right. And all of your own slaves, become hers. It’s important to choose well. However, as a bronze member, you are every silver girl’s slave anyway. Unsealed Toys belong to every sister. But unsealed bronze sisters belong to silver and gold sisters just as unsealed silver sisters belong to all gold sisters. ”

“And there are no way to avoid being sealed to rise up ?”

“Nope. You want to become a silver sister, you pledge to silver girl.”

“And to become a gold sister ?”

“To become a gold member, you need to be sealed to a gold member and have at least one silver girl pledged to you. You also need a positive vote from the other gold members. Don’t get ahead of yourself. There aren’t many gold sisters”

“But the only way for me to become a gold sister is to first pledge myself to a silver sister and pray she will become a gold one ?”

“Well, you can help her rise up. You can also do like me and be liberated from your pledge, allowing you to pledge yourself to a gold girl, if you want to rise”

I looked at her brooch and realized she had a gray dot in the middle of her light pink brooch.

“How do you get liberated from your pledge?”

“You do get appointed to a role. I am in charge of following up on new recruits. It’s a chore, but the girl I was sealed to was a bitch. I only pledged to her because I found her cute and wanted to get my silver rank. She never did anything with me and used me to get my girls. As soon as I was accepted in this job, I was freed from her, provided I kept the job for at least one year. Meanwhile, even the Gold sisters can’t touch me, I only take orders from the head priestess.”

“Perhaps I could relieve you when you are tired of doing it”

“You can’t. You’re straight. Only lesbian girls can do my job.”

“I’m not straight. I’m bisexual.”

“Oh, you are ? You’ve got the wrong brooch love. You need a purple one, and I’ll need your class schedule…”, smiling in a devilish way.

“Purple ?”

“Purple is bisexual girls. Dark pink, like the one you are wearing is straight girl. Light pink, like mine, is lesbian girls. Just be careful, once you go purple, a bunch of Silver girls will run to you with a body like yours, including me.”

I made a mental note to try to find a silver girl to pledge to shortly. I didn’t want to become a slave myself, but did I want to own Tim ? Sure, why not. I would have dated him even without the society. He was weird sexually, but if I understood properly, I could date more than one guy without asking him permission.

“I think I’ll find myself at home in the society.”

“Great ! My cell phone number is on your papers. Call me once he pledges to you. Or if you have free time on your hands…”, while winking at me.

As soon as she left, Tim came in with his sheets of paper. I glanced at mine but didn’t get far before he asked me what I thought.

“What do you mean ?”

“Can I pledge to you ? Will you torture me from time to time while keeping me locked ?”

“Yeah. Let’s get you sealed. But I want to rise and can’t promise the girl I’ll get sealed to won’t have other plans for you.”

Unless… an idea was starting to germinate in my mind. I knew it was early, but Annie was gay and well connected. She already had other girls sealed to her, but perhaps she’d be willing to do a trade of some sort.

When I called her, I told her I wanted to meet her. She told me where to join her and I exchange cell phone number with Tim, promising to call him as soon I would know more about the sealing ceremony.

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