Lizzie Chapter 8: New Job

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Annie was already waiting for me in the empty classroom when I arrived.

I was rather nervous. I had no idea how she would react and it scared me. I was about to place myself in a really delicate situation and rushing in wasn’t generally my style.

“Annie, I got the impression from your speech that you were taking care of new members only to get your freedom. Did I read you right ?”

“Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, many of the new members are ok but on the first call they don’t always know their place”

“Can someone help you out ?”

“I guess. Why do you ask ?”

“I’ll make you a deal. If you let me pledge to you, I’ll help you in return with the newcomers. I could take some of the load off your shoulders.”

“What’s in it for you ?”

I was afraid she’d be sceptical, but I knew what to answer.

“No other Silver member would be able to boss me around because I would be sealed to you. Since you are a silver member, I would only need to seal 3 people to me to become a Silver member myself. All I ask is that because I help you out, you agree to leave me and my people alone. I am sealed to you only on paper.”

“Tempting. But if I get horny working with you ?”

I left her a sexy smile and arched my back to raise my breasts.

“We’ll work something out.”

“Ok, but remember, if you break your word, you’ll still be mine.”

“I always keep my promises…”

“Speaking of promises, I have your new brooch”.

She pulled out from her bag a brooch which was identical to the one I was wearing, except that it had a purple background and no center pin.

I gave my brooch to Annie who swiftly transferred the pin to the other brooch before pinning it on my blouse. I didn’t miss the fact that she lingered a little too much on my breasts. I guess I wouldn’t have to propose anything to get her.

Annie proceeded to give me copies of the written material and we quickly proceeded to the next person on her list so I could see how it’s done.

Stephanie was one of the girls who was initiated yesterday. She had beautiful shoulder length red hair and perky cheeks which only begged to be kissed.

But I remained silent as Annie was performing roughly the same speech as she had with me, without the extended Q and A session: Stephanie seemed rather down about the whole situation.

As we were about to leave, I asked her what was wrong.

“It took all my courage to pick a guy for the initiation but he failed to join and I’m alone. I decided to joined to meet people but at this rate, I’ll remain alone”

I sat next to her. She was exactly my type when it comes to women. A little shorter than I am, a little rounder and with less prominent breasts. What can I say, I like it when I am the most feminine girl in bed.

“Let’s exchange phone numbers. I’ll see if I can help you out”.

Stephanie thanked me and we left her with documentation to read.

I made a promise to myself to contact her as soon as I would have some free time.

But for now, I had to contact Tim. He would be sealed to me shortly just as I would be sealed to Annie. This would be my second ritual in the order but this time, I knew what it would consist of.

Being in the orientation team has its privileges.

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