Suzy and Jill Chapter 10: The Morning After

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The next morning, only Jill was still in the bed when I woke up, but I quickly found Suzy in the kitchen wearing one of Jill’s dressing gown and drinking a glass of orange juice.

I told her I loved her and kissed her on the head, like I often did in the past and served myself another glass of orange juice.

“Can it really work ?” were Suzy’s first words. “Why not ?” I simply added. I explained that our love was enough to give us over a decade of harmony. Now, we simply had one more person to add to that love.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”. I wasn’t sure what she was specifically referring to, but I decided to let her talk. She didn’t complete many actual sentence though she started quite a few.

Sadly, her thought process was interrupted by Jill joining us in the kitchen wearing a laced baby doll black nightie that left little for the imagination. Even thought she didn’t say a single word, it stopped Suzy from speaking for several minutes until she managed to thank Jill for allowing her to in a way, still have her husband.

Jill welcomed her and upped the ante by thanking her for the wonderful night she spent with us and for the incredible kiss they shared.

It made Suzy’s cheek turn red, but she didn’t run screaming which was a great news. I broke the silence by offering to cook omelettes for both of my girlfriends and offered them to take a shower while I cooked.

Suzy asked Jill if she could start first and upon the affirmative, left for the bathroom.  A few seconds after the water started to run, Jill stood up, kissed me and ran toward the bathroom.

I was curious about what was happening, but the omelettes couldn’t be left without supervision. All I knew is that the water didn’t stop running and that a few minutes later, both of my woman came back from the bathroom with smiles on and wet hair.

Later, I learned that Jill simply joined Suzy in the shower to “wash her back” and that once it was done, Suzy reciprocated. There was no foreplay or special touching, but both girls remained naked in the shower until they were clean.

We ate a wonderful breakfast with a lot of laughter and a little teasing. Jill invited Suzy to come back at any time, but Suzy announced that the next time, it should be at her house if we wanted the transition to start at some point.

All things come to an end and Suzy had to leave but not without kissing me goodbye and reminding me that she loved me. Jill also wanted her kiss goodbye and Suzy obliged.

I think that Suzy expected a friendly kiss on the cheek, but Jill went straight for my ex-wife’s plumb lips and locked her in a loving embrace.

Suzy initially reacted with disgust, but a few seconds letters, she was kissing Jill back and hugging her with her arms.

As soon as Suzy left the apartment, Jill removed her nightie and stood naked in front of me. “Well, I’m the only one who didn’t climax last night. Are you going to keep me waiting ?”

We didn’t really make it to the bedroom and ended up having sex on the living room carpet. It wasn’t amazing, but it worked. I don’t know if having only one woman was suddenly no longer enough or if it was just that I was still a little tired from the previous night. Perhaps it was just the position.

Jill had a surprise for me. Without my knowledge, she had turned on our video camera the night before and part of our threesome was filmed even if badly framed due to the fixed camera.

I was actually angry at Jill. We had never asked Suzy’s permission and if she found out, it could very well blow up in our face. Jill refused to be shamed explaining it might help Suzy get closer. Instead, when I insisted it was wrong, she went down on all fours and simply asked me to punish her appropriately, expecting to be spanked.

Instead, I asked her to dress up and get the tape and the camera. Quickly, we drove to my house. Fortunately, the babysitter had already left.

Surprised to see us, Suzy let us in and I explained that Jill had something to say while I would take care of the kids. I knew this could ruin everything, but I didn’t want to start on the wrong foot.

To my relief, I didn’t hear any yelling or screaming and when the two woman joined me in the kid’s playroom, both were smiling.

I took Suzy aside, leaving Jill in charge and asked her how it went. She thanked me for picking her and not Jill for the explanation and told me that she forgave Jill and made her promise to never do anything behind our back. She is kind of relieved for the existence of the tape since she isn’t sure she actually remembered everything from the night before.

However, the video tape was hers to do as she pleased. She’s watch it and decide whether we would see it or if she would destroy it.

She left the room with a devilish smile and a simple phrase: “Oh, and she’ll get her spanking. But I’m the one who will give it to her”.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    Yikes, Suzy is getting a little devilish, isn’t she ?

    And yet, I still find it plausible. I hope they have a lot of little fights like this instead of just plain and simple sex.

    Not that I mind the sex scenes. I just would have preferred for the tape to really exist and see it online 😉

    I hope we get to read about the spanking !

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