Suzy and Jill Chapter 38: Sapphic fun

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I inspected Jill’s paint job once we got back home and was rather impressed with the quality.

It showed it had been a previous job because it was done cleanly and without any drops on the floor or around the painting area. The tools were even properly cleaned and stored away.

Impressive! Jill was really taking her being part of family seriously.

After lunch with the kids, Suzy and I went down to the basement to see what we needed to do with it.

It was clear we had mostly used it as storage for junk of all sorts and I decided to simply rent a garbage bin to now only drop what was currently in the basement but also the usual renovation garbage.

I knew from experience that the cost of delivery and pickup in our area was much higher than the per week rental during this season and decided it was worth it to get it early.

I spent a nice evening with the kids, they were growing up so fast that it was now actually pleasant to play games with them, even as an adult.

Jill had brought a few board games with her and from time to time, the kids begged us to play with them.

But eventually, it was time for bed, and with bedtime, comes sexy time…

I don’t know if I said so already here, but having two girlfriends means that unless they are both mad at you, you rarely are rejected for sex…

Well, unless Jill has decided to fill another weird chapter of our home porn movie… which of course, now that I was seriously in the mood, was the case.

Me and my timings!

The last time I had sex, it was with Jill, on camera. I was hoping for a little sexy time with Suzy tonight, but Jill explained to me that for now, I was just the cameraman, that tonight was a lesbian scene…

Suzy and Jill were dressed in sexy clothes on the bed, talking in character. Jill’s Audrey didn’t have any fake accent.

“I think I have enough on him. We can move forward with the plan…”

Suzy replied, with an excited tone I rarely heard. “Did he fall that easily?”

“Sweetheart, no one can resist my charms…”

“No one?”, asked Suzy trying to be out of breath and fixated on Jill, well, Audrey’s lips.

“Not even you, sugar pie..”

“I was hoping you’d say that”, Suzy added and both girls began kissing.

I approached the camera to focus on the kiss rather than zooming in: I knew the zoom while filming wasn’t that great on this camera but I also wanted to be closer to the action…

It wasn’t long before the girls were undressing each other. Jill was playing the role of the teacher and was full of assurance. Suzy was playing a more hesitant and reserved role.

It was fun to hear each other comment on their body. Personally, I would have started with the breasts, but Suzy choose to express how soft Audrey (Jill’s) skin was. Different genders, different priorities…

Jill began the action by “carpet munching” Suzy, as Audrey had put it. I turned around the bed to focus on the action, almost getting some fluids on the lens.

After a few minutes, Jill turned around and positioned her crotch on top of Suzy’s face to sixty-nine her. As a cameraman, I had a hard time deciding on what to focus and I knew that Jill wasn’t moving that much so I tried to remain long on a single action and move slowly to the next.

Eventually, Suzy came first or rather, pretended to come first (I knew how to spot my wife giving a fake orgasm, and the signaling to focus on her was a dead give away…)

Suzy and Jill, in character, exchanged more dialog on how great this was compared to with a man and they cuddled until Jill yelled, “Cut!”.

Suzy quickly held her arms out to beg me to join them. “It’s much better with you, even if we say otherwise in the script…”, she explained.

I almost jumped out of the my clothes and didn’t need any warm up time to have an erection…

Jill had already performed more foreplay than I had ever did so I almost immediately jumped in my wife’s pussy with my erect member.

It wasn’t long for Jill to jump in the action and alternate between kissing me or Suzy, and caressing our body whether it be Suzy’s breasts or my furry chest.

Suzy wasn’t that long from climax: Jill had brought her a long way and while it wasn’t enough to bring her to the heavens my intervention pushed her over the edge.

I was far from finished and Suzy was clearly too exhausted to continue. Isn’t it sad when your partner finishes before you are done and you are left alone? I feel sad for you guys, at home, when your girlfriend or wife comes before you do.

But I don’t have that problem, because Jill was soon on her bed, clearly available to help me finish the job…

I was particularly happy that my two women were taking the pill until my vasectomy would be cleared because it meant I could directly jump from Suzy to Jill…

Once again, Jill and I were still deep into action when Suzy feel asleep. I almost felt bad for her, but in a way, she had her share of the pleasure and soon enough, Jill was the second to climax, followed by a very pleasant ejaculation deep within her tight pussy.


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