Suzy and Jill Chapter 9: A guest

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The progress toward a poly-amorous relationship culminated a week later when Suzy found a babysitter and we got her to watch some of our homemade porn movies.

I never really had a clear idea of what surrealist was until that day where I was sitting on the sofa with my ex-wife sitting on one side and my girlfriend on the other, while all three of us are watching a movie of my girlfriend and I having sex.

Jill started to caress and kiss me but I could see that Suzy was feeling a little rejected. It was Jill who took her hand and placed it on my thigh before turning me to kiss my wife.

As we were kissing, Jill unbuttoned my shirt and soon enough, I was shirtless while Jill removed her shirt and skirt to show nice laced underwear.

Seeing that Suzy was the only one of us still dressed, I started to remove her own shirt while she offered no resistance.

While still apparently kidding, Jill pushed me to stand up in front of the sofa so she would drop my pants down without breaking the embrace I was still enjoying with Suzy. To my wife’s surprise, Jill moved toward her and unbuttoned her skirt, to reveal that my little devil of a wife had decided no to wear any panties for the occasion.

Jill took the fact for an invitation and quickly removed both her own panties and her bra, leaving her entirely naked. I was still wearing my boxers and my wife was still wearing her bra for the moment, but Jill quickly remedied to the situation leaving the three of us naked in my living room.

My dick had been in action for several minutes, hard as a rock and Suzy didn’t miss that by gently stroking her stomach against my member.

Jill took both of us by the hand and pulled us toward the bedroom. I quickly laid on the bed while Suzy installed herself next to me. I could hear Jill behind me and I quickly understood she was pulling condoms from my night table.

I laid on my back and Suzy moved to continue kissing me. I was playing with her breasts when Jill installed herself between my legs and began sucking me. After perhaps a minute, Suzy moved her mouth toward my crotch and both girls exchanged position. This was pure heaven, but I felt like I was useless and as such, motioned both girls to lay on their back side by side to allow me to use my fingers to penetrate both at the same time.

Jill turned toward Suzy and started to kiss and caress my wife’s breasts and while didn’t reciprocate, Suzy clearly appreciated the actions of her former rival.

After a few minutes of play, I put a condom in and decided to start with Suzy since she was the one we had to win over. I moved toward her and slowly entered her well lubricated pussy while making sure to kiss her profusely. I could feel Jill’s hands caressing my wife’s body in the middle of our embrace.

I eventually decided to kneel in order to lift Suzy’s pelvis and provide a deeper penetration. It’s a trick that Jill had taught me and which I hadn’t yet tried with Suzy. I could see my wife losing control over her expression as I was ramming her vagina deeper than she had known before.

Jill seized the moment and decided to start kissing her new partner. I am not sure Suzy would have approved of this turn of events without the delirium of the situation but she didn’t push Suzy aside.

Maybe I had sex more often than normal leaving my reserves empty. Maybe I learned new tricks. Maybe Suzy was more excited than usual and came faster. The only thing I was sure was that Jill came before I did and certainly stronger than she used to.

This left me with an exhausted partner and an erection which wasn’t used to it’s fullest. Normally, I would have stroked myself until I came but tonight, I had two pussies to please.

Record speed switch of condom allowed me to continue my intercourse with my younger partner. Jill and I had sex like we usually do despite the presence of an almost sleeping naked woman on our bed. After I came I installed myself between my two woman and must admit I almost feel asleep spooning Suzy while Jill was spooning me.

Suzy didn’t wake up but when I stopped in the bathroom, Jill joined me still excited of how things turned out. We kissed a little in the bathroom and I put on my boxers, which were still on the living room floor.

I returned to Suzy’s side and slowly helped her get under the covers without fully waking her up. Jill quickly joined me and despite waking up a few times due to odd sleeping positions, we all slept the sleep of the just.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    Thanks for thinking of the condoms. Most erotic stories on the web have zero thoughts about it.

    Great first threesome for them by the way !

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