Suzy and Jill Chapter 26: Pitch

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Later that Saturday, when we were finally alone without kids, I repeated my earlier conversation with my daughter to my wife and girlfriend.

Jill decided to immediately apologize in case she did something wrong but reminded everyone that she has no ideas what it is like to be a parent… and that even if she was in a relationship with Suzy and I, it didn’t actually make her a parent to our kids.

Suzy on the other hand seemed lost in her thoughts so I asked her if she was alright.

“I think this is actually better than the last time she confronted us. Now she has the truth instead of imagining her own scenarios based on some perceptions. She is about to be a teenager. She knows about sex because we made sure she learned from us about the facts of life rather than from the rumour mill. We raised her to be honest and respectful. Now honey, you’ve showed her that you could be fully honest with her and I think that’s a very important step in her development. ”

“I guess. I just hope we don’t traumatize her or make her weird”

Jill had a final insight in the matter: “Parents make a lot of mistakes, but you two are honest with your kids and try to make amends when you do err. I think your kids will be all right simply because you care about them and do what needs to be done for their development. ”

We all stayed silent for a few minutes to reflect on the situation but I had to leave to grab another bag of ice for my crotch inflammation.

I had two sexy girlfriends ready for almost everything, but I was still out of order to pleasure them.

When I came back and put the ice on, I shivered which prompted both girls to ask how I felt.

“Better, but it still hurts. We’re getting there however. Monday I should be all right.”

Suzy complained it was still 48 hours to wait, but Jill mentioned it would be a great time to just talk about our plans.

“Which plans ?”, asked Suzy.

“Well, it’s already hard enough to keep excitement going on in a couple, imagine in a trio. Sex is great, I am not complaining, but I was thinking we could start doing a special project together once our patient recovers”

“What did you have in mind?”, I asked.

“I think we should make a porn movie. We have the camera and the actors and certainly some experience filming ourselves”

Suzy looked confused: “Isn’t that what we’ve been doing a lot of the time anyway Jill ?”

“No, I mean a real porn movie. We should write a script, plan some scenes and characters and film it.”

I was instantly interested but Suzy seemed unsure of what Jill wanted.

“So we would play roles ?”

“Yes”, Jill answered. “For example, let’s say the story is a couple who orders a pizza to eat while having sex. You two play the husband and wife and I am the delivery girl. I come up and big guy here is only wearing boxers because he expects a delivery boy. He sees me, finds me hot and it shows through his boxers. I tell him that It’s rather inappropriate and he calls his wife for a pair of pants. When you show up, puzzled, you are just wearing a nightie but it clearly excites me and we have a threesome as if it was our first time together.”

I could clearly see the interest but Suzy was still thinking.

“I see what you mean Jill,”, she finally said, “but we can’t make a movie out of that example. We need something to support several sex scenes”

Jill replied that Suzy was right. “I prefer porn movies with a captivating story. Something beside the sex. A story you can follow and which actually makes you watnt to skip the sex scenes to know where it is going. Of better yet, a porn where the sex scenes reinforce the story, makes it more poignant”

I added : “So in our case, we need a scenario which ends with a threesome in a logical way ?”

Jill began the script out loud : “A very rich man is bored at home and gets himself a mistress. She relights his spirit and it rekindles the sex life with his wife. For a while, he sleeps with both girls separately until the wife suggests a threesome”

Suzy : “No big suspense. Add that the wife finds out and cleans him in a divorce so he moves in with the mistress, but she never wanted a boyfriend so he needs to beg for his wife to come back. She refuses so he keeps begging the mistress who out of desperation of always having the husband on her back goes to see the wife to convince her to take him back”

I congratulated Suzy on her ideas, but Jill interrupted me.

“Except that when they are talking, the wife realizes that she is indeed alone and finds the mistress attractive so they have sex and later accept to both share the husband but according to their schedule.”

Suzy was on fire. Perhaps my pain medication blocked my ideas, but it seemed that most of the script would be written by the ladies…

“I know”, added Suzy, “we have the stay at home wife who sees her husband entering his midlife crisis and she is worried he will leave her penniless. So she finds a woman to seduce him and they agree to clean him out of his money.”

Jill was jumping on the bed like an excited school girl.

“Yes, so in the beginning, the wife looks like the poor innocent victim who only lashes out and cleans him of his money in order to get revenge, but then, the mistress manages to steal most of the rest of his money and both woman are found to be working… and sleeping… together”, explained Jill.

I added : “But then, how do we get the threesome ?”

Jill continued… “Perhaps he gets the proofs that the mistress is a thief and his wife is an accomplice, so they have two choices: they go to jail, or they become his sex slaves”

“Jill, ooh… sex slaves. That’s kinky”, explained my wife.

“Hey, better yet Suzy, he goes to his mistress because she is kinky and she whips him and ties him, etc… At the end, he turns the table on her”

I added: “Do I have any say on the scenario or are you girls going to go on all night ?”

Jill: “Well, you can pick which role you want to do, the hot wife, the sexy mistress or the handsome man who gets both at the end !”

“Very funny. Ha ha.”, I replied, but Suzy had a big smile.

“I think we have something rather interesting on our hands. Sex, love, betrayal, counter-betrayal, passion, lies… You’re good Jill”

“Hey, I can’t take all of the merit, you had great ideas too.”

“Did you ever think about making a movie before ?”

She closed off a little to my surprise…

“Yeah. Hey, I have a movie I guess I should have shown you guys a long time ago. It’s not a porn, but it why I always wanted to work in the movie industry.”

I added, “Sure, do you have it ?”

“It’s in my room. I’ll be back”

Suzy and I looked at each other, puzzled as to what Jill possibly had to show us.

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