Suzy and Jill Chapter 29: Script Outline

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Sunday was rather rushed. Even with an additional adult in the house to help with the chores, we had a lot to do.

Cleaning up, taking care of homework and studying, spending quality time with the kids. Even with experience, each of these tend to add up and fill the whole day.

Soon enough however, it was time to tuck the kids to bed, and my daughter requested that I read her a story just between the two of us, leaving Suzy to tuck our son in and Jill to take a bath.

The story however, wasn’t found in any book. It was about our new living arrangement.

“Dad, am I supposed to know about the three of you? I mean, should I pretend like I don’t know anything to Jill and mom? I understand that you decided to trust me, but I am not sure if it changes anything with them”

“It doesn’t honey. Suzy is still your only mom, and Jill isn’t one of your parents. She is an adult in the house and you need to listen to her just like when it was just her and I at our apartment, but from your point of view, she is just our roommate.”

Talked a little more and I promised I would tell them about our discussion, but I asked her to give me some time.

I wasn’t sure Suzy was fully fine into knowing that her daughter knew about our sexuality. I never shared that we had threesomes and that both of my girlfriends were at least partially bisexual but in Suzy’s eyes, our daughter was still our little precious angel and I didn’t want to rob that image from her mind.

By the time I arrived in the bedroom, both Jill and Suzy were writing on a pad of paper. Jill was only wearing her bath towel but Suzy was still fully dressed.

I locked the door behind me and looked at both my women working hard on, well, something. They both looked equally sexy and once again I realized that even if a gun was pushed against my head, I wouldn’t be able to pick only one of two.

“What are you girls doing?”

“Tormenting you…”, replied Jill, playfully.

“Actually, we are writing down the ideas for our movie script”, added Suzy.

“Which movie script ?”, I asked, my head still stuck in my fatherly role.

Jill opened her bath towel and revealed her sweet naked body. “Our porn movie dummy. Have you forgotten already?”

“Oh, no. I just didn’t realize we needed a script”

Jill continued the conversion while Suzy was writing.

“How else are we supposed to film it? We need to know the scenes, the locations, the lines we have to say, even our costumes”

“I thought this was home made porn…”

“Just because it’s home made doesn’t mean we can’t make it look professional. Suzy, can you read our outline so far?”

“Ok, so here is a break down of the scenes:

The first sex scene is the wife, that’s me, and the husband, that’s you darling, having hot sex in their bedroom. Afterward, the wife complains that she never sees him because he’s always working.”

Jill adds: “I can’t wait to film this one… I’ll be able to hold the camera”.

Suzy continued while I tried to focus despite Jill’s nudity.

“The second sex scene is brief, you and I have sex, but I am bored and we end up fighting.”

Jill added: “I’ll buy a few plates to throw at the wall or something. We want to make it really scary”

I added: “Am I the one throwing the plates?”

Suzy responded: “No, I am. You try to calm me down, saying you’ll pay more attention to me in the future.”

Jill continued: “But you don’t. She just complains all of the time and that’s when I come in. I am your new receptionist and we have hot sex together in the office. ”

Suzy continues: “We’ll make a montage of many such scenes edited together to show that it’s even hotter then with me”

I questioned her: “And you don’t mind that?”

“Relax, it’s just a movie….”, she said, casually.

Jill was all excited. “But then, she catches us in the act and divorces him, wants to clean him up of all he has, so you come crying to me and we start doing kinky stuff, I start to tie you up and whip you and tease you”

“Wait, why isn’t it me who is tying you up?”, I asked.

“Because Suzy and I wrote the script. Let’s move on. What’s next, girlfriend?”

“He brings his shares of the company to your apartment to hide them”, added Suzy.

“Oh yeah, that way, you think your wife won’t be able to get to them. But your wife and I, we forge your signature and then have hot sex with each other.”

“Yeah, every porn movie has a lesbian scene…”, completed Suzy.

“And you’ll get to film us up close and personal…”, Jill completed while caressing my thigh.

Suzy continued with the script. “So, you come home to Jill and after another BDSM sex scene, perhaps inverted this time, you tie her up and so on, you discover the shares are missing and panic. You confront me and discover that I have them now and that I own you. I make a deal, you agree to be my sex slave with your mistress and I’ll let you keep your company. You agree, and we have a threesome and you find it odd that the two of us are so good together.”

Jill kissed Suzy and added, “Yeah, so good together…”

Suzy continued. “So you discover that her ID is fake and find the shares, both mine and yours, in the basement and hide them in a safety deposit box, thus owning the company again. So now, you own us and say that if we are not your slaves from now on, you will call the police. We agree and we do some BDSM with you tying us up.”

I clearly had an erection through my pants, but I had one big question.

“What’s this obsession with BDSM? Do you girls want to experiment on that?”

Jill and Suzy replied at the same time. Suzy said no while Jill said yes.

“What, I am a curious girl. I’d let you Suzy spank me or tie me up.”

I couldn’t remember who I had fucked first the last time and I didn’t care. Jill wouldn’t have to wait tonight for my love…

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