Suzy and Jill Chapter 24: Resting

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The taxi ride home wasn’t as expensive as I thought, and as soon as I was home, I installed myself on the sofa with plenty of ice to reduce the inflammation.

I didn’t know if I was just a little dizzy from the operation or if the anti-anxiety pill was in full effect, but I felt relaxed and calm.

There was a little pain coming from my balls, but not nearly as much as the doctor had suggested. In fact, with a good supply of codeine for the pain and ice, I could barely feel anything.

I mainly watched television like a couch potato until Suzy came to my rescue for lunch.

Instead of moving me to the kitchen, she installed tables in the living room and we hate sandwiches while I explained what I had gone thru.

I didn’t mention my name searching quest, but I called her “Honey” and “Darling” several times to try and get used to it.

Suzy had the afternoon clear of clients and dedicated herself to be my loving nurse.

She’s the one who went to pick up the kids and even explained to our son that I had pulled a muscle and that I needed rest.

When my daughter sat next to me to ask me how I felt, I just told her the truth. She was in our confidence anyway, whether we wanted it or not and thought that being honest from now on would improve my relationship with her.

“Honey, do you know what a vasectomy is ?”

“Sure dad. They taught us about it in school. ”

“Good. I didn’t really have the strength to explain what I just got, but I wanted to be honest with you.”

“Thanks dad. ”

She hugged me but when I emitted a small squeal of pain she apologized and retreated to her room.

I stayed silent in the living room, regretting having turned off the television when it clicked in me.

Did I just call my daughter “Honey” ? Damn it, when I made my list I didn’t take her into account. Was I being paranoid ? Did any of my three girls care about how I called them ?

I didn’t know for the moment. All I knew is that it was time for more codeine and I didn’t have the strength to stand up. I called for Suzy, but didn’t get an answer.

I waited a few minutes and finally Jill came in the front door, running toward me.

“Poor you. Suffering all alone. Did Suzy make you lunch at least ? Are you in a lot of pain ? What can I do ? Can I give you a kiss or will it hurt ?”

She was speaking so fast I couldn’t place a single word. Instead, I just took her hand and told her : “The pills. On the table. 2 with a glass of water please…”

“Sure, right away !”

She ran to the kitchen and came back with my pain exterminating pills and a large glass of water.

I repeated once more my story, this time punctuating with “Sugar” and “Cutie” for which I actually got a reaction. She confided she loved it when I gave her nicknames.

I decided to open up and admit I made two lists, one for each of them. She kissed me and thanked me for my concern, but admitted she would have never realized it if I had called her by the same nicknames as Suzy.

“Does this mean I can call her Honey, Darling and Sweetie too ?

I laughed and simply told her to check with Suzy first.

Speaking of the devil, Suzy came back with pizza from the place around the corner, explaining where she had gone for the last few minutes.

I managed to actually move to the kitchen even thought my new pills hadn’t taken effect yet and even forgot about my pain enough to laugh with my family.

My son excused himself after supper to play a video game at his friend’s house and my daughter had a sleep-over at her best friend’s house which Suzy had previously approved but neglected to mention to me.

With just the three adults left in the house, both of my girlfriends helped me move to our bed so I would be able to rest.

But letting me rest wasn’t in their plans. Instead, Jill explained that in order to help me get through the pain, she had decided, with Suzy’s help, to prepare a video montage of why I was currently in pain.

She inserted a DVD into our bedroom DVD player and both Suzy and Jill installed themselves next to me, one on each side.

The title on screen simply said: “Top eight reasons for getting a vasectomy”, on a black screen.

The screen faded in to a video of Jill, naked, in our office.

“Hello love. Suzy and I have decided to make a quick top 8 list of the reasons why you are getting a vasectomy. We tried for a top 10, but really only found 8. Some of the items are from me, others from Suzy so we’ll take turns explaining them.”

The screen faded away and on the screen, number 8 appeared:

“8 – Allows us to save money on condom”

The screen faded in to Jill naked in the office. It was promising…

“Condoms cost a lost of money. We use at least 2 per night and that means more than a box per week. Just with this month’s supply we won’t have to pay, we bought this”, and Jill took out a big dildo from off camera.

The screen faded to black once more, with a title card announcing : “7 – Faster to have sex”

This time, Suzy was naked on the very same bed we were all currently sitting in. Next to her is the same dildo that Jill had in the previous entry.

“The kids are asleep. We’re all tired but excited. We are in the mood and I am begging you to fuck me. What do you do ?”

She leaned forward toward the camera and continued: “Now, you can just fuck me. With a condom ? You need to leave the bed and get ready, wasting out time, leaving me cold and alone on the bed.”

To demonstrate, she took the dildo and quickly glided it inside her pussy. “See, fast and simple”.

She pulled it out, stood up by the side of the bed and left the camera field. She stayed over 20 seconds away only to come back with the dildo covered with a condom.

“Did you have time to forget what I was doing ? Did you miss me ? Now, we won’t miss you while you get suited up”

The new title announced : “6 – Quickies in the office”

Jill was once again naked in the office, but instead of being in front of her desk, she was laying naked on her back on the conference table.

Instead of talking, she was masturbating with the dildo, while yelling from time to time “Oh God”, or simply my name, telling me she loved me as if she was having sex with me.

It was oddly arousing, but the vast amount of pain killers and anti-anxiety pills didn’t make my manhood rise. Suzy leaned toward me and announced she was fine if Jill and I had sex during the day, but she had to know.

The screen faded to black just before Jill was about to climax, announcing : “5 – Can do it underwater”

This time, Suzy was in the bath, naked, using the dildo to stimulate herself and pretending she was having sex with me. It was just as exciting as the previous scene had been, but it also was cut right before the climax, to number 4: “No Pills to Take”.

Jill was this time fully dressed in the office. It wouldn’t be a sexy announcement…

“This one would have been my own number one, but we didn’t want to finish with such a boring one. Contraceptive pills are artificial hormones which wreck our reproductive system. I only agreed to take them for a few months, until we know for sure if the vasectomy is effective or not. I seriously never thought I would have taken this awful invention at any point in my life. But with the vasectomy, I don’t have to. Thank you.”

Fair enough… I gave Jill a kiss on the shoulder to show her I understood and almost missed #3, “From Cunt to Mouth”

This time, both Suzy and Jill were naked on our bed. I wondered when they managed to film this one.

Suzy was already pleasuring herself with the dildo, while moaning my name in pleasure. After a few minutes, Jill placed her hand on my wife’s thigh and Suzy gave her the dildo.

As soon as Jill took it, she proceeded to suck the dildo to stimulate a fellatio, but before the next title card appeared, Jill announced how great this will feel in real life. It will be like performing fellatio and cunnilingus at the same time.

The penultimate card was “2 – Lets us feel you more”

This time, it was Suzy’s time to be dressed for the camera. She was wearing her more professional looking business suit in the living room.

She had picked up a chair from the kitchen and placed a large white piece of cardboard on it. She had drawn a bar graph.

In a really formal accent, she announced : “Ladies and Gentleman of the audience, we have performed a survey of all married women living in this household to evaluate the performance of their husband with and without a condom”

“As you can see on the chart, with a condom, all married women evaluated the performance as an average of 9 out of 10. Without a condom however, the performance was evaluated at 12 out of 10. In conclusion, married women prefer having sex without a condom because they can feel their husband better”

The three of us laughed a little, but the last title card appeared on screen to tell us that the number one reason was “From cunt to cunt”.

This one was the cherry on top. The others had been small capsules while this last one lasted for over 20 minutes.

Suzy and Jill were both naked on our bed. It was most likely the same time a for the “From Cunt to Mouth” explanation. Suzy was on her back while Jill was next to her, using the dildo on her older partner.

The girls were kissing and caressing each other clearly really having passionate sex and not just playing for the camera.

After a minute or two of intense lesbian sex, Suzy grabbed the dildo and pushed Jill aside to reverse the position. This time, Jill decided to use her fingers to continue stimulating Suzy while she was being penetrated by my surrogate.

When Jill started to really enjoy the action, Suzy pulled out and reinserted the dildo inside her own pussy. I was completely entranced by what I was seeing.

Seeing my two girlfriends having sex has always been completely sexy but now, I was watching what one of the best lesbian porn I had ever had the pleasure to watch. The two girls clearly loved each other and took turns pleasuring their partner while taking the time to enjoy the fun themselves.

I was concentrated on the screen, but didn’t miss the fact that both Suzy and Jill had left the bed and were now each undressing on their side of the bed.

I couldn’t decide where to look ! At the screen, where the two women were actually having sex or on either side where I had them undressing in person ?

As soon as they were both naked, they laid down on the bed next to each other and began kissing and caressing their hair, while the action continued on screen.

Alternating in checking next to me or on the TV screen, I could feel my penis hardening despite all of the medication. I didn’t really feel any pain but I felt sadness that I wouldn’t be able to have sex or even masturbate for the whole week-end.

I thus decided to just enjoy the shows. When the tape on screen finally ended, Jill was over Suzy, inverted, and both girls were performing oral sex on each other in the 69 position. It was most likely the sexiest night of my life in which I didn’t have sex.

Suzy actually climaxed thanks to Jill’s effort, but her younger partner simply cuddled her once she was done, looking perfectly happy despite her lack of an orgasm.

I thanked them for the video and the show, but Suzy was already half-gone, leaving only Jill to answer : “We had a lot of fun making it.”

“I guess that means I am redundant now ? You girls can handle yourselves”

“It’s never as fun without you.”

“What about the dildo ?”

“It’s definitely not like a real person”.

Sadly, both girls had to get dressed back up for my son would return in an hour or two, but as soon as Suzy recuperated, we all moved to the living room to watch a movie. An action one this time. Sometime appropriate for our son to find us watching.

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