Suzy and Jill Chapter 36: Another scene

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I sat on our bed once the kids were asleep and looks through our private bathroom door toward the new door opened to Jill’s bedroom.

It was an unusual sight. I had often sat on the very same spot on the bed looking at Suzy removing make-up or otherwise getting ready for bed, seeing the former section of wall which now houses the new door.

Back then, on the other side, it was out daughter’s bedroom and now, it was our girlfriend’s bedroom.

But the most unnerving thing was that the walls had not yet been repainted and seeing the room while the three of us were getting ready for sex brought an uneasy feeling, as if our daughter was seeing us.

“Tonight, we are filming another scene…”, Jill announced.

With all of the changes brought from the day, our home-made porno was far from my mind which was instead, filled with building plans and renovation ideas and painting colors.

Suzy was visibly in the mood, and one thing I learned about being polygamous is that if your wife and your girlfriend are both in agreement over something, you better follow…

“This scene is nicer. It’s about you, simply having sex with your mistress in her bedroom, no kinky stuff, no weird things. Just Suzy filming us having passionate sex.”, Jill explained.

“I can’t wait to be behind the camera for once…”, Suzy replied.

“I am Mike, right?”, I asked, remembering my character’s name.

Jill nodded in agreement, and replied, “And I am still Audrey, but at this point, I am nice Audrey, not the bitch from the second scene we filmed. You are falling in love with me and don’t know that I am just manipulating you…”

“That’s in the script?”, I asked.

Suzy replied: “It sure is!”

“Can I read that script?”, I naively asked.

Both girls laughed. “And ruin the surprise?”, Jill added.

Suzy directed me to get on Jill’s bed, in my daugther’s old bedroom.

Ok, so the room wasn’t really looking that much like my daugther’s room because the frames were different, the furniture was different and the mood of the room was very different.

Suzy continued the directives. “Your opening lines are “You know Audrey, I am really beginning to fall for you. I think I want to spend my life with you…”, got that?”

So I went on the bed, approached Jill, I mean, Audrey, who had in the mean time removed her bathrobe to reveal sexy stripper underwear which I had never seen her wear… did she buy it just for the scene?

Suzy made me leave my thoughts: “We’re rolling pal…”

And so, I looked in Jill’s eyes and told her: “You know Audrey, I am really falling in love with you. I think I… “, Suzy yelled “CUT!” and reread me the lines.

I don’t see why it was important to have the exact words, but I am guessing that this is all part of bonding game between them.

As such, I repeated my line and on the 3rd take, got it right. Jill, in Audrey’s character replied something like “I’m happy you’re falling for me chump, I like that”. In short, no commitment from the character, I realized.

I still got in the mood, both for the camera and because I really wanted to have sex with my young girlfriend. There was something about the fact that my wife was filming which made it extra special…

I quickly undressed, prompting Jill to express in almost a valley girl accent how excited she was with my erection. It was surreal. I knew that Jill was playing a role, but it was also clear that Audrey herself was playing a role, ensnaring Mike into her web of manipulation…

Oddly enough, it turned me on. Not the manipulation, but seeing Jill playing a role, doing adult make-believe. It felt as if I was about to have sex with Audrey and not with Jill herself…

I helped Jill remove her panties, but Audrey refused to remove her bra. “My customers get to see everything, I want to keep a little mystery for my guy…”, she added in a mix of a New Jersey and Valley girl accent. Either Jill was badly playing Audrey, or she was playing a perfect Audrey who was herself faking an accent.

I thought back to the previous scene and decided it was the latter.

Audrey began the play time with some oral sex. I say Audrey, because Jill had a special way to perform a fellatio and she was now using a very different technique. Suzy was making sure to capture every detail on camera and I realized that the difference in style was mostly for Suzy’s device benefits rather than for me: it would look rather good on tape but even after a few hours it wouldn’t amount to much!

There was a lot of saliva deposited, so when Audrey, in her fake accent, begged me to “get deep inside of her”, I had zero problems gliding in.

It could tell you it was great: we changed often position, we kissed a lot, we caressed each other, we moved a lot, but honestly, it was all for the camera, at least, when it came down to me…

Jill projected that it was great for her, screaming and moaning, but I knew enough to know that she was faking it.

“Take me from behind, big boy…”

I wondered what she meant, until I realized she wanted anal sex…

So, I left her well lubricated and warm pussy, and gently pushed against her brown eye…

We had anal sex in the past, but as far as I remembered (and I might be wrong), this was the first time I sodomized Jill in front of my wife. I remembered the opposite, the first night Jill had professed her love for Suzy, but this was the first time this way.

As usual,  it took a little while to get in the rhythm, but we got there and it was a lot more fun than the first half of our sexual roleplay.

At some point the role play ended and we began to really let ourselves go at it, under the every watchful eye of Suzy’s camera.

We didn’t climax at the same time, but I pretended I did for the sake of the camera, managing to fool both of my ladies that I had come.

Once the camera was off, Suzy proposed, after using a wet towel, to finish the job with her mouth.

It’s then that I remembered clearly the first time I had anal sex with Jill: it was soon after the vasectomy!

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