Suzy and Jill Chapter 7: The proposal

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When I came home, I didn’t know how to approach the subject to Jill but fortunately, she sensed my tension and left me to my thoughts.

Latter, while eating supper, I opened my heart and explained everything Suzy had told me as well as my complete thought process. I think that in a way, I was setting myself for a rejection. If Jill decided to leave me because I still had feelings for Suzy, It would break my heart and the rest of my being could move toward Suzy.

She listened silently, showing great efforts in following my every word. When I concluded with : “So, I am stuck because parts of me don’t want to lose you and parts of me wants to get back with Suzy.”, Jill simply replied that she didn’t see what the problem was.

Puzzled, I just stared at her with a blank face.

“Why don’t you just go back with Suzy ?”

“I don’t want to lose you…”

“I can’t compete with a woman you’ve dated for so many years. When you can’t beat them, join them. I don’t mind sharing you with her.”

I stated at her for a few seconds and laugh at her suggestion. I told her that just because she was ready to share me didn’t mean that Suzy would be ready to make the same choice.

But Jill made an excellent point. She explained that basically at this precise moment, she was the one who had me. She was the one dating me. If Suzy wanted to get me back, she had two choices, wait for Jill and I to separate or agree to share me between the two of them. She asked me if I personally was fine with that and oddly enough, the idea wasn’t that unpleasant to the mind. Having both of the loves of my life had a certain appeal.

And yet, there was a flaw in Jill’s suggestion. Suzy also had to agree and I assured her that there was no way she would accept. Somehow, Jill convinced me to at least suggest it to my ex-wife.

So, that very night, I drove back to my old house, with my stomach tied into a small knot. My kids were asleep and Suzy was already wearing a night gown.  It was the one I had offered her for our 6th year anniversary.

She showed surprise at my presence and invited me in. We went down in the basement to talk without waking up the kids and I announced her that if she agreed to a few conditions, I would gladly come back with her.

She hugged me and told me she loved me, agreeing in advance to whatever conditions it was. I just told her to sit down.

I explained that I told Jill that I was stuck because I was in love with both of them for different but equally important reasons. I told her that Jill and I had a long conversation and that it was Jill who suggested that I should follow my heart and get back with the mother of my kids since I still loved her.

But, I explained, that didn’t mean I would leave Jill behind. I explained that I couldn’t pick one over the other and so the only way I could honestly get back with Suzy was if both woman were in my life.

As you could expect, there was some yelling involved. Suzy accused me of not playing fair and of acting like a teenager. She said that if she had to share me she would prefer to live alone. She even called Jill a few nasty words.

She notably said it was like all of the perverts who have a mistress on the side. I replied it was definitely different since Suzy would need to actually accept Jill.

I tried to calm her down, but to no avail so I left saying that the ball was in her camp. I told her my offer was firm and that if she changed her mind, she knew where to call me.

However, when I started to climb the staircase, Suzy whispered me to wait and asked me a few questions about how it would work. I explained as much as I could how Jill and I had seen it, such as keeping my old apartment during the initial adjustments and eventually letting Jill move in the guest bedroom as if she was a roommate.

I talked a little about our experiences at the swinger clubs but reassured her those days were over. I talked about the other couple Jill had previously lived with emphasising only the good aspects to try and sell the deal.

When I left, Suzy hadn’t given me an answer, but she was no longer crying. To be honest, life went by naturally for several weeks, but the conversations between Jill and Suzy when my ex-wife was dropping the kids had ceased as if Suzy was mad at Jill for even suggesting such a perversion.

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One Response to “Suzy and Jill Chapter 7: The proposal”

  1. ktrip Says:

    I couldn’t really see the point of this story until I read this chapter. Well played sir!

    We were introduced to both Suzy and Jill with the clear impression that Jill was open-minded while Suzy was close-minded, that Suzy was his past and Jill his future.

    Yet, when I read this chapter, I realized that the setup was there all along. The perfect wife who became estranged, the new hot girlfriend open to everything, the man who loves both of them.

    And then suddenly: wham, we are hinted at a threesome!

    Well played !

    I should have seen it all along but I got caught up in the story.

    Don’t be afraid to show us the characters like you did in this story. More erotica only shows us the sex. You also should us why the sex is occurring.

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