Suzy and Jill Chapter 14: Sleepover

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As planned, at the end of the day Jill and I picked up a few of her things and we quickly left for the house.

The kids were quite happy to see Jill and she was asked if she could stay and play with them tonight. It appears that the transition we were so scared of didn’t bother them at all.

Supper was nice and all three adults contributed to the tasks of the evening, including doing the dishes and tucking the kids in.

Having two kids often means that both adults are constantly busy leaving the rest of the chores of the house to be done when they are asleep.

Tonight however was different. We managed to get all of the chores done and both kids in bed while having nothing else to do for the rest of the evening and plenty of energy left.

That left all three of us sitting in the living room, realizing at the same time that we had a good two or three hours to burn before we had to think about getting to sleep.

Jill reacted first. She always had the highest sex drive. She started to unbutton her shirt but Suzy quickly suggested we move to the bedroom in case the kids woke up.

I didn’t take only on the other side for Jill to be butt naked, but Suzy waited patiently with a devious smile. When Jill approached me to kiss me, Suzy grabbed her by the arm and told her to wait.

Jill stopped mid-track, unsure as to what was going on and looked puzzled at the older woman. Before Jill managed to say anything, Suzy just told her : “I believe you are supposed to be spanked”.

Jill turned toward me and begged me playfully for a spanking, but I told her it was Suzy’s task tonight. Excitingly, the naked girl turned back toward my wife and told her: “I’ve been a bad bad girl.”

She dropped down on all fours and presented her bottom to Suzy, but my devious wife had another plan in mind. Instead, she sat on the side of the bed and tapped her thigh to indicate where she wanted to spank the girl.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” was Jill’s reply as she visibly didn’t appreciate being spanked like a child, but seeing Suzy insisted, she laid down on my wife’s thighs and presented her naked ass upwards.

Suzy, instead of starting right away, commented on the fact I had spare videotapes for the camera. Jill protested a little but quickly realized that she was being punished for an unauthorized filming of their first threesome and wasn’t really in a position to contest.

While I ran to prepare the filming, I realized that Jill must have been playing around since she normally liked being filmed and she actually liked receiving a spanking.

I got my confirmation once I began filming. After each hit she received, Jill repeated she was a bad girl. Suzy did pass the comment that it was hard on her hands, so I put the camera on our tripod and I started helping Suzy with the punishment.

Both of us alternated at first but it quickly became clear I was a lot better at it. While I finished the spanking, Suzy stripped naked and started to unbutton my shirt, frequently kissing me. Soon enough, I was only wearing my pants and Suzy laid down on the bed.

I decided it was enough with Jill’s punishment, but didn’t turn off the camera. It was clear to everyone involved that whatever happened next would be preserved for posterity.

I removed my pants and Jill slowly went next to Jill on the bed. As I was ready to jump in, Jill, half gone because of the spanking, started playing with Suzy’s hair.

Suzy seemed a little uncomfortable being so close to her former rival despite our previous experiences. Perhaps the lack of warming up sexually caused tension.

As I put my first knee on the bed, Jill said three simple words to Suzy which caused her to freak out and jump off the bed.

“What ? You love me ? This isn’t part of the deal. Sharing my husband, brilliant. Letting you move in across the hall,  sure. Having fun with him while you’re around, fine. Letting you touch me while I am fucking, perhaps. But you loving me ? That’s way too much. I am not bisexual. I am agreeing to this for him. Not for you. Don’t mistake all my playfulness for love dear. You’re nice and all, but my heart only belong to him. Not you.”

Shit. We were in trouble. Was it too late to get out of this ? Yikes, if I did get out of this, which girl would I keep ? Should I have kept them separate and just alternate ?

Jill stood up and took the stand.

“Why did you think I agreed to this ? Because I felt pity for you ? No. It’s because of everything I heard about you. It’s because of the way you take care of your kids. Of the way you look at your husband. It’s because everything you are is exactly what I find attractive in a woman. I did this because from the first time I met you, I found you attractive. You don’t want to love me, fine. The only thing I am asking in return for my love is that we share our wonderful man. He loves both of us and I love both of you. No one asked you to love me. Even thought I can spend my nights dreaming that you one day do love me, I know that you are probably 100% straight. But that doesn’t prevent me from thinking about you. This morning, I had sex with your husband, but do you know what I was thinking about ? That it was a shame you weren’t there. It was a shame he had something with me that I couldn’t share with you. So right after I came, I asked him to pull out of my ass so he would only come tonight, with you.”

Jill was crying, but Suzy also had some tears rolling down her beautiful face.

I tried to hide myself or rather, to hide the erection that Jill’s speech had brought. Perhaps I was being immature, but her monologue sounded so damn sexy and it brought back the memories from this morning.

Suzy half silently apologized for her reaction and sat down on the bed to pick up paper tissues to wipe her tears away. As soon as Jill sat down on the other side, Suzy handed her a tissue too.

Seeing the silence,  I decided to break it with my own little speech.

“Listen girls, I love you both. The last thing I want is a fight. The road we walk on isn’t going to be easy. It’s not like there is a manual about how to do this out there. But if we talk about it, we’ll find a way. Suzy, would you prefer we stay alone tonight. I could drop Jill at the apartment. “

“No. She can stay. I don’t mind it that much when she touches me. I just freaked out. I am not sure I am ready for all of this but hiding isn’t the answer. I prefer we try everything before the lease is out and it’s too late to back down.”

I thanked Suzy and asked her what she wanted to do.

“Well, I thought we were about to fuck, weren’t we ?”

So, I guess even my wife was a box full of surprises !

I went closer and kissed her while Jill rubbed her breasts against my back. I partially turned around and kissed her too.

This time, it was Suzy who took that opportunity to pick up the condoms. I noticed she took two, indicating she intended to have me go at it with both of them.

I turned around and placed the first condom on. When I approached Suzy’s juicy lips, she whispered in my ear: “Not there tiger…”.

Suzy and I only had anal sex a few times during our marriage. I guess that Jill was a bad example for my wife…

She turned her back to me to let me enter, slowly guiding me. Entrance wasn’t as simple as this morning  but it wasn’t as problematic as in the past.

It didn’t take long for Suzy to start enjoying it. Jill, who had been cuddling me since I started, stood up and went on the other side of the bed. She laid down in front of the woman she had just declared her love for.

Suzy was partially gone from the mood  but not enough to miss the arrival of the other woman. Jill resumed playing with my wife’s hair and repeated her words : “Ready to try everything ?”

Suzy didn’t really answer, but she placed one of her hands on Jill’s arm. The younger woman took that as a yes and started kissing her lover. From above, I could clearly see their lips interlocking and their tongues meeting alternatively in each other’s mouth. What I didn’t notice until later was that Jill was actively playing with Suzy’s clit and pussy with her hand while caressing her breasts with the other. A little before she came, Suzy even began fondling with her female partner’s breasts but soon had to stop to climax.

I quickly pulled out and changed condom. This time, I entered Jill’s highly wet pussy in the missionary position. I had decided to ignore Jill’s banter from the morning and aimed for a simultaneous climax.

I kissed Jill a few times during the act, but every time I  stopped, instead of looking at me, Jill grabbed Suzy’s neck and she locked their lips together. I did kiss Suzy a few times but sadly, a three way kiss wasn’t possible so we tended to alternate between the three of us.

Despite her previous pleas, Suzy initiated a few kissed with Jill showing that perhaps her protest wasn’t too serious.

I ended up coming before Jill but she masturbated enough afterwards to come before I pulled out.

I could tell from her reaction that it wasn’t an orgasm as strong as she usually gets but she tried to cuddle the both of us making me think that even thought her body might not have reacted as she would have hoped, her heart felt fulfilled.

Suzy wasn’t particularly sleepy having had time to recuperate from her own climax so she put a nightie on to sleep and asked Jill to dress back before heading to her room for the night.

Jill was surprised and explained she thought she would be actually sleeping here.

“Jill, I don’t know if the kids won’t wake up in the middle of the night and find you here. I wouldn’t mind that you spend the night, but I have to think of the children.”

My girlfriend had really looked forward to spending the night with both of her lovers and took it up to me.  Sadly, I had to agree with Suzy, but I added that the next morning, I would buy two locks, one for our room and one for her room. That way, if one of the kids did wake up and came to see us, Jill would have time to hide in our private bathroom or our walk-in closet until he or she would get back to sleep.

Suzy simply added : “Meanwhile, you have him every day, and I have him for one night. Isn’t it a fair trade ?”

Jill reluctantly agreed and got dressed. She didn’t leave right away but soon enough it was just Suzy and I, sleeping in the spoon position, dreaming about our passionate evening.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    Wow. This is my favorite chapter so far by a lot ! Parental Responsibilities, Drama, Love, Sex, Disappointment.

    I can’t take my eyes from the screen and yet, I am so turned on.

    I can feel the relationship is always on the verge of a train wreck but it still holds by a miracle.

    I can’t wait for the next chapter !

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