Suzy and Jill Chapter 22: Caught

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As per the last few days, when Jill and I arrived home, supper was already on the table with Suzy and our kids already seated.

Suzy was clearly a little tense, but I couldn’t figure out why so far. At first, when supper was already on the table I saw it positively since it meant more time I could spend with my kids.

Today however, Suzy’s uneasiness would be prolonged until after supper for the simple reason that since everyone was already seated, it would be too conspicuous for the two of us to excuse ourselves for a few minutes.

Jill was equally silent, but I knew she had a hard task to do. She had to convince my daughter to trade room with her and thus, abandon the room she actually grew up in.

I asked my kids what they did at school and both of them gladly took the opportunity to fill the silence.

We excused the kids from kitchen duties after supper so I could have a chance to talk to Suzy in private. Jill took the opportunity to go talk to my daughter about changing rooms.

“What wrong honey ?”, I asked, only realizing after I had closed my mouth that I was entering dangerous territory. If I decided to call Suzy “honey” one day, that most likely meant I couldn’t use that word to refer to Jill. I made a mental note to find definitive nicknames to use for each of my girls and make sure not to swap them.

Just because we seemed to have reached a certain balance didn’t mean I had to be careless.

“I had forgotten about tomorrow’s appointment.”

Oddly enough, I had too at that exact moment.

“Don’t worry, it will go well. It’s a minor routine procedure‚Ķ”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s just, I certainly have enough kids, but I liked the idea that if we changed our mind, we could have another one. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I mean, my mother divided life in three phases. When you are kid. When you can have kids. When you’re too old to have kids. I fell in a way like this operation is pushing us closer to the end.”

“I understand Suzy. Personally, I had heard something similar, but the last part was when your kids are having kids and we are definitely not there yet. There’s still at least of decade left.”

Suzy admitted she was just having a weird emotional response and I ended up holding her in my arms to comfort her. I was about to admit I had doubts when Jill came back to the kitchen, white as a ghost and almost breathless.

“She knows” were the only two words what came out of her mouth.

Suzy and I looked at her, dumbfounded. “What happened ?”, I asked

Jill tried to regain her composure and explained that she told my daughter that she had a very beautiful room. She asked if she still liked it and proposed to paint her a mural and redo the decoration. My daughter became very interested and proposed a new theme, one more appropriate to her age.

Jill thus asked if she wouldn’t mind switching room so that Jill could keep these pink walls which she personally liked and thus, my daughter would get the slightly larger former guest room and a complete makeover.

Jill told us my daughter agreed on one condition. She had to answer one simple yes or no question.

“She asked me : Are you still dating my father ?”.

Suzy beat me to the reply: “What did you say to her ?”,

“Nothing, I just ran over here. One of you should go talk to her. I can’t do it. She’s not my daughter.”

I volunteered but Suzy mentioned she would listen from next to the door frame, hidden from view. Jill mentioned she’ll go hide in her room, under the covers.

I found my daughter sitting straight on the bed, perfectly calm and steady. It was clear now that both her question to Jill and her comment at breakfast earlier this week were pre-meditated.

“Sweetie, do you want to talk ?”, I asked her calmly.

“No. But I do want answers. Are you or are you not still dating Jill ?”.

I sat next to her and started to explain that adults have lives that cannot be simply explained to kids.

“Dad. Don’t take me for a fool. I am almost 11 and I am not oblivious to the facts of life. I don’t want a speech at this point. I want a simple yes or no answer.”

I looked at her serious eyes and simply answered: “Yes”.

She thanked me for being honest with her and explained she had no problems switching room with Jill.

“Do you want to talk about It ?”, I offered.

“I have school tomorrow and if we are to switch room tonight, we should get started. I do want to talk some day about it, but not today. Today, I just want to think about it.”

She hugged me and went to the door frame to hug her mother, totally unsurprised to find her there. Once Jill came out of her room, she also hugged her.

Soon enough, the five of us were busy switching the furniture and personal effects between the two bedrooms and with great expediency, the process was completed without breaking anything.

My daughter’s posters were simply moved to the new room, but her frame were just piled up in a corner. If we were to repaint the room soon, we might as well wait until we would find a new position.

Some of the frames however, remained in her old room. Jill was now living in a Disney Princess room which completely contrasted with her goth look from when I had initially hired her.

My son complained that nobody took care of him when it was time to go to bed but my daughter decided to offer to read him his story since she was the one who monopolized the attention.

In reality, it was the adults who had pushed for the move but my daughter seemed to have agreed to keep our conspiracy of silence by explaining to her little brother that she had been the one to ask for the switch.

So far, only one person outside of our “couple” knew of our living arrangement and that had been my urologist. I would have never thought my daughter would have been our first confident.

We soon collapsed on our bed. The three of us were in no mood for exciting sexual role-playing or long preliminaries having just moved heavy furniture, gone through a lot of emotional turmoil and were anticipating an emotionally draining operation the next morning.

I don’t think Suzy or I would have moved, but Jill soon unzipped my pants perhaps she had more energy thanks to her younger age.

I was about to help her remove my pants but she brushed my hand apart, simply taking my now half erect cock out of my underwear and into her mouth.

I suddenly remembered that she had mentioned she would only suck me until I would be able to enter her without a condom, but the thought had by then escaped my mind.

I quickly became hard and Suzy also slowly got into the mood. She left the bed for a few moments but I followed her with my eyes.

I saw she exchanged her pants and panties for a short skirt without underwear and as soon as she was done, she laid down next to me to kiss me passionately.

As soon as our kiss ended, Jill decided to pause her fellatio to also kiss me while Suzy took the relay with her hand on my now unoccupied cock.

Jill also broke our kiss to whisper something in Suzy’s ear and soon enough, the two girls were kissing on top of me.

Suzy laid down on the bed and Jill kneeled on front of her to lick her open pussy under her skirt. From my point of view, I couldn’t see the action as if was being blocked by the skirt, but when Suzy caught me looking, she turned my head toward her and resumed our earlier kiss.

After a few minutes, Suzy stood up and without undressing, sat on my lap and inserted my waiting cock deep into her well lubricated pussy.

I was told not to come inside of her but when I try to caress my wife’s breasts over her blouse Jill took my hands away and told me just to relax, sealing my mouth with a long kiss which prolonged itself until I felt my wife climax on top of me.

Since all three adults had kept their clothes on, I couldn’t see I was particularly close to orgasm but as soon as Suzy was done, Jill wantonly resumed her fellatio on my juice covered penis.

Suzy stood up next to the bed and made sure I had my eyes on her. Slowly and delicately, she performed an erotic strip tease while my still dressed younger girlfriend kept sucking my stiff member.

Once fully naked, Suzy installed herself on top of my mouth, making me perform oral sex on her while I was myself still receiving it from Jill. I felt a little like in a 69, but with two different woman.

I came directly into Jill’s mouth and she made sure not to pull out until I was completely dry.

Instead of swallowing, Jill turned around and both of the girls shared a long kiss and, I realized, my last fertile sperm, each swallowing a part of it.

Jill left the room for the night saying simply that she loved both of us and Suzy quickly installed herself under the covers without bothering to put on a nightie or a shirt.

Still over the covers, I undressed and put on a pair of boxers, thinking that having two girlfriends opened up a bunch of possibilities that a single one couldn’t cover.

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