Suzy and Jill Chapter 12: Webcam

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Our Sunday was a perfect traditional family day just like the previous afternoon. The kids had a lot of fun with both of their parents, something they didn’t really have for the past year or so.

However my daughter asked at some point in the afternoon if our reunion meant that she wouldn’t see Jill again. She had understood that Jill was my girlfriend and since I was back with her mother, it meant that there would be no more connections with Jill whom she liked a lot.

I reassured her explaining that Jill and I still worked together and that even if her mother and I were back together, Jill would still be a part of our lives.

Suzy inserted herself into the conversation by telling our kids that she wasn’t angry at Jill. Instead, she considered Jill to be one of her best friends.

My daughter asked if Jill would eat supper with us but Suzy explained that perhaps she would another day but that today was just for the four of us.

We all still enjoyed the rest of the day with my kids finally going to bed a little after supper.

Suzy and I retired to our bedroom and my wife quickly removed her clothes to jump at me. I stopped her however to remind her I had promised Jill I would think about filming our action so she could feel included.

“Oh yeah.  I had forgotten about that.”. So, she put on a dressing gown and fetched the camera from her underwear drawer. Sadly, we quickly realized that we didn’t have a spare tape.

I fetched my laptop, but realized it didn’t have a firewire port to offload the movie currently on the tape. We were about to give up when Suzy noticed that my laptop had a webcam.

I pulled a chair from the kitchen and installed it next to our bed. It wasn’t perfect, but it allowed to see part of the action. I started to look for a recording application when the absurdity of the situation hit me.

“Jill also has a webcam”, I added.

“Ooh… do you mean that ?”

“She could see us live and we could see her.”

With Suzy’s permission, I quickly called Jill explained the situation. She was so excited she dropped the phone while retrieving her own laptop.

I hung up the phone and instead started a video chat session with Jill thru my laptop’s microphone and speakers. The sound quality as well as the video quality were sketchy at best, but it was better than nothing.

And it provided a lot of excitement for all of us.

Suzy was the first naked. She only had to remove her dressing gown. Jill was next and she decided to do a long and suspenseful striptease but instead of removing her clothes in front of the camera, she always moved away from the view to tease us even more.

Near the end, even Suzy was cheering  to the display. When it was over, I didn’t at first realize why both of my woman were looking at me until it clicked in my mind that I was the only one still dressed.

I started to do a strip tease but to be honest, all three of us thought I sucked at it. When Jill yelled to Suzy : “Strip him! Strip him!”, Suzy finished the job expertly this time with Jill cheering on.

My dick was obviously already erect, but Jill insisted on seeing it as it was off camera. While I was displaying it Suzy started to caress my balls and soon enough, was sucking it with passion.

Still standing up in from the camera, Suzy decided to move away from the bed and kneel in front of me to continue sucking. Jill was surprisingly silent until I realized she was masturbating on her side while looking at us.

After a minute or so, Suzy stood up and started kissing me, leaving only our genitals on camera. To correct the situation, I gently pushed her on the bed and we fondled with her other’s body. Realizing that Jill could only see my back, I rolled on my back and pulled Suzy on top of me.

She wasn’t aligned with my crotch so we didn’t start a penetration yet, but I caressed her wonderful breasts. I laughed a little when I turned my head to see the output of our camera: both of our heads from cut from the view but most of our bodies were on screen.

Suzy realized why I was laughing and slightly turned the laptop to better frame my body and switched position to better frame hers.

I decided to turn Suzy around so that I could perform oral sex on her while she was on top of me. I had voluntarily aligned her so that her mouth would be right over my erected penis thus hinting at performing a 69.

Sure, I had heard about it but it’s only with Jill that I had discovered mutual oral stimulation. Suzy and I often began our lovemaking with oral sex to lubricate our parts when she was on the pill, but this was a first for us to occur at the same time.

In fact, because we were back on condoms, this would be only the second time my dick would be inside my wife’s mouth since we came back together.

I kept licking her labia but Suzy didn’t get the hint that she had some work to do. I had my mouthful but fortunately for me, we weren’t really alone. Jill said through the computer to Suzy “Come on girl, suck him” and soon enough, the loop was closed.

When Jill did it, she was just as efficient and sensual as in other positions but this was Suzy’s first attempt from this position. I must admit it wasn’t less exciting as I felt I was breaking a portion of her virginity.

After a few minutes, we were getting too horny to avoid penetration, so I told Suzy to stay there while I rolled myself from under her. To her surprise, I installed myself behind her and after putting a condom on I entered between her juicy lips while she was still in the doggy position.

Holding her hips with my hands, I was handle not only to move my own crotch to generate thrust but I was also able to move Suzy back and forth to increase the movement amplitude.

A few times Suzy almost lost balance; prompting Jill to cheer at the intensity of the action. She eventually decided to just  relax her head on the bed to try and prevent a fall.

I was the one near the head of the bed, so I slowed down and gave her one of the pillows so she would be more comfortable.

Eventually, she seemed to get closer to the climax but each time, her body seemed to try and straighten so I slowly moved to let her ass go flat on the mattress placing me on top of her back. I succeeded without leaving her vagina thought I had to stop trusting during the move.

I heard from the computer speakers the familiar sound of Jill climaxing after an intense session of masturbation and shortly after Suzy started to caress with her hand her lonely clit, it was her time to go.

Saying I came simultaneously would technically be a lie but I did come while Suzy was still knocked out by her orgasm.

After recuperating a few moments, I kissed Suzy’s back and turned to wish Jill a good night but couldn’t see her on the monitor.

I called her and a few seconds later she came back with a glass of water in her hand, apologizing for leaving for a few seconds.

I wished her a good night and told her I loved her and to my relief, she simply told me she did too instead of explicitly including Suzy.

Did I sleep well ? Suzy slept for the whole night on my side of the bed while I barely had the energy to throw the condom and put boxers before collapsing on the bed. Neither of us went under the sheets.

If having sex with one woman drained me that much, what will it be in a few weeks ?

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2 Responses to “Suzy and Jill Chapter 12: Webcam”

  1. ktrip Says:

    An evening with the family followed by hot sex ? I can see you like contrasts.

    I especially like how Suzy and the man character have to deal with being a parent at the same time as they deal with their sex life. For most authors, the kids would just be a backdrop but you manage to make us feel for their relationship while we still ignore the name of the kids.

    By the way, do we know the name of the guy or did I miss it somehow ?

    Nice touch with the webcams.

  2. The Author Says:

    > By the way, do we know the name of the guy or did I miss it somehow ?

    No, it is voluntarily omitted from the story. I explain it a little further here :

    > while we still ignore the name of the kids.

    The story is written as if it was an online diary of a real character. I would never post the name of my kids online, so I decided he wouldn’t either.

    Thank you for all of your nice comments BTW !

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