Suzy and Jill Chapter 11: Transition

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Jill and I didn’t hear from Suzy for a few days, to the point we were getting worried. Had she seen the video and decided it was too much for her to handle ?

Perhaps she had not realized that Jill had touched her that much and seeing that tape made her rethink the whole agreement. Perhaps she went too deep and after calming down from the night of ecstasy she was back to a more pragmatic approach.

The plan was initially for me to move back in with Suzy on a permanent basis after a few weeks of trial and now that those weeks were over, I was expecting to sleep  more of my nights with my wife but instead remained insomniac next to my girlfriend.

Communication was the key for our triad to succeed but for the moment, Jill and I felt isolated. It’s odd isn’t it ? A month ago Jill and I were an happy couple and now it seemed as thought someone was missing.

Only our love making seemed unaffected but a few times we realized that the camera was still in Suzy’s hands preventing us from taping new homemade porn.

On Thursday evening, I decided to call Suzy to get more information. To my relief, I learned that one of her patients was monopolizing her after a failed suicide attempt and that she wasn’t avoiding us on purpose.

I proposed to take care of the kids for a few days since their chances to sleep in their secondary bedroom would soon fade away. Suzy accepted and Jill and I picked them up for perhaps their last period of time at our apartment.

Saturday morning, with Suzy’s agreement, the kids and I packed up almost all of our things from the apartment and we moved back in our house.

Even thought I had spent a few nights recently, it wasn’t until that day that I had officially moved back in. It felt really weird to leave Jill alone in my old apartment, especially since it meant that for a crucial lapse of time, Suzy would be my primary girlfriend and Jill would be the third wheel.

I wasn’t particularly worried, but Jill was scared because we still hadn’t received a feedback from the videotape. “What if she decides to keep you to herself ?” she asked. “Then I’ll run back to you. This wasn’t the deal Jill. You are present. She is my past. The only way she’ll be in my future is if she accepts you in my life on an equal basis. I made it very clear”.

Jill was temporarily relieved but I couldn’t shake the feeling of abandonment. For several days she would sleep alone in our former bed wondering just what Suzy and I would be doing.

Promising her I wouldn’t have sex with my wife wouldn’t be fair to Suzy, but leaving Jill alone didn’t feel fair to her. Was having two girlfriends too much to handle ?

Fortunately, I worked with Jill  every day of the week and it was planned that starting next week-end, she would hang out with us during the week-end days even if she returned to the apartment by night.

But for the 48 hours until Monday morning, Jill and I would be apart for the longest period since she moved in with me and I would be in the arms of another woman.

The first day went well. I mostly reinstalled my clothes in their proper places and helped my kids find room for their toys. Over time, it was no longer just a question of bringing back their old toys since Jill and I added to their collections. In some cases, we had bought a second copy of their favourites games and it took some time to sort through everything.

My son realized that his Lego collection just doubled in the same location and had to reinvent his sorting method to make everything fit.

Part of the afternoon was spent in the pool followed by a drive to the ice cream parlour. Everybody was in a good mood and smiling as if we had never been apart. I must admit that at some moments, it felt so natural that I no longer had Jill on my mind.

But as soon as the kids were asleep, Suzy brought her in the conversation by speaking about the tape. She admitted having watched it several times and even to have masturbated to it. I was told that for the last few years of our couple, she had felt like on the automatic pilot going through life without feeling anything in order to avoid the pain.

She wasn’t sure Jill was what she really needed. She wasn’t sure it was really healthy. But for now, she felt alive and it was good. She was still nervous about how things would evolve, but since we are taking it slow, it reassured her. I comforted her and repeated that I loved her and soon enough, we were kissing.

We made passionate love that evening. Not angry excited sex, not kinky perversions, just passionate love. We took our time and whispered to each other tender words. Jill might have the advantage of the energy but Suzy had the experience with my own body. The first time Suzy and I had sex, Jill was still in grade school after all.

I don’t think it was with Suzy that successful since our couple started to take water a few years ago. Even when I spent a few nights per week with her we weren’t close enough yet.

If we could maintain this complicity while adding Jill’s radioactivity in the bed, I could foresee delightful nights in our future.

Speaking of the little devil, after we were done and back to cuddling, I picked up my cell phone and called her. Suzy was at first surprised I did, as if she had forgotten our deal but as soon as Jill answered, Suzy asked me to tell her hi from her.

Jill was obviously lonely, but she was watching TV in the living room to help pass the time. She told me she picked up a few empty boxes and had started to pack some of her things in prevision of her move to my house.

I abruptly changed the subject to our lovemaking session and Jill listened with attention, asking for a few details. Suzy even corrected me a few times to make sure I did an appropriate testimony. Jill however, was disappointed we didn’t film it since we had the camera and she would have liked to watch. I promised we would think about it if we decided to have sex Sunday night and I hung up telling her I loved her.

Jill however, didn’t tell me she loved me but rather that she loved us. I didn’t repeat it to Suzy to not put pressure on it, but I was happy that our triangle was closing.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    “Then I’ll run back to you. This wasn’t the deal Jill. You are present. She is my past. The only way she’ll be in my future is if she accepts you in my life on an equal basis.”

    Did I or did I now foreshadow that a few chapters ago…

    I like the attention to details for the kids’ transition. Nice touch.

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