Suzy and Jill Chapter 39: Setting terms

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I woke up first, from a full bladder and silently ran to our private bathroom, closing the door behind me.

Once I was done, I, still naked, crossed the new door leading to Jill’s bedroom and realized we had made a terrible mistake regarding our kids I had to correct as soon as possible.

My daughter knew in general about our threesome but not in detail. My younger son didn’t seem to think about it or at least, didn’t show any signs that he did.

But having a general idea and catching your parents having sex with their girlfriend is another matter entirely.

I had installed, years ago, a key lock on the master bedroom door. That way, when Suzy and I were having sex, our kids couldn’t barge in on us.

Since Jill moved in, I made sure to always lock that door to prevent any incursions from my (not so) little ones into our intimate life.

But a new door was added between Jill’s door and our private bathroom, allowing for transit from the corridor to the master bedroom via my daughter’s former room.

It was thus essential to also put a key-lock on Jill’s room (I wouldn’t really call it her bedroom since she sleeps with us, but it’s definitely a private room for her) to close that alternate route.

I heard a noise behind me and turned around, scared that it could be my daughter but it was an equally naked Jill coming in.

“There you are!”, she said.

I kissed her, hugged her, exchanged the usual small talk about sleep, sex and how much we love each other (which I know, isn’t really small talk).

I promptly explained to her the key-lock problem as she got dressed for the day.

I tiptoed back to my room, with Jill in tow to discover that Suzy had had the time to get dressed in the mean time, leaving me to be the only one naked in the room.

I went to get dressed, but Jill stopped me. “You’re cute like that.. don’t get dressed yet.”

I smile and sat on the bed next to Suzy, kissing her and telling her how much I loved her. Jill sat next to me.

“We have some talking to do between the three of us”, I said.

“Oh oh. what’s wrong.”, asked Jill.

“Nothing, it’s just that Jill and I spent more time together than Suzy and I so the question of what’s fair for the trio comes to my mind.”

“Sexually speaking you mean?”, asked Suzy.

“Well, yeah. Is it ok for Jill and I to have sex during the day, let’s say at lunch, even if you are not there?”

They both admitted it was a very good question and soon enough, more situations were brought up. What happens when one of the parents is away with the kids for a school function, for example. Can Jill and Suzy or Jill and I have sex when the other is away?

Can I have sex with Suzy if Jill is busy?

There were questions which didn’t present themselves in a regular two person duo but which were very real in our relationship. What happens is Jill and Suzy start having sexual relations leaving little room for me?

Or, like explained, if Jill and I have sex at lunch every day and I give room for Suzy in the evening to alternate, it means Jill would be left out of our threesome play…

The discussion grow out of proportion with more and more “what if” scenarios popping up until Suzy proposed a plan.

During the day, any of us can have sex with any other if it’s appropriate. Two cannot sneak out during the evening in secret. The sex while there are only two of us do not count when there is three of us, but it had to be fair, somehow.

If I had sex every day with Jill, Suzy would expect some alone time with me too, even if not every day.

Threesomes however, were threesomes and were counted apart.

As for time between Jill and Suzy, that was for now, another subject, since Suzy wasn’t yet as deep into that line of the triangle as Jill was so she needed full understanding and openness on my part for now.

Thanks to Suzy’s ideas, we felt closer. A lot of doubt was lifted and we all promised to be fully honest and transparent. What happens between two of us doesn’t stay just between those two.

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