Suzy and Jill Chapter 4: Swinging

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After a few months, Jill suggested we visit a swingers club. I was shocked at first, but figure, why not. I’m going to be in my forties soon, I am going out with a young hottie and its pretty much my last time to have such fun, isn’t it?

As it turns out, most of the swingers are in their forties and fifties. Some explained that they felt neglected for decades and when the kids leave the house they rediscover themselves. I could understand them. Perhaps if Suzy and I had continued our relationship out of habit instead of breaking it out, we might have ended up here after another decade of boredom.

At first, we mostly kept to ourselves. We had sex in rooms with multiple beds while we watched others have sex. Jill enjoyed the attention she was getting when parading around in lingerie or with nothing on, but she mostly enjoyed pretending I was her sugar daddy.

One night at the club, after I was exhausted from a particularly steamy love-making session, we both remained nude when going back to the bar to get a drink. While on route, another woman slightly older than Jill started to approach her. Before I could say anything, Jill and the woman were wantonly kissing.

Within seconds, Jill had undressed the lady and the three of us, followed by the lady’s boyfriend, went into a room. At first, the two woman were exploring each other bodies, notably caressing their breasts and playing with their hair. For the next thirty minutes, the two man watched our girlfriends have passionate sex. Neither of us seemed to want to move but my dick clearly appreciated the view. Seeing your young girlfriend locked in a 69 with another woman isn’t an image I would have dreamt of seeing just a few weeks ago.

After Jill climaxed, she picked a condom and motioned me to come on the bed. I quickly placed it on my manhood and prepared to mount her but to my surprise, she guided me to her one-time partner, kissing me on the lips. I could taste the other woman’s cum on my girlfriend’s mouth which, I must admit, was rather erotic.

But the best surprise came when I started kissing the woman I was now having intercourse with as I could taste on her lips the distinctive taste of Jill’s cunt I had grown found of.

While I was concentrated on my partner, I missed the fact that Jill was now having sex next to me with the other spectator to the lesbian erotic show I had just witnessed.

I thought I would be jealous, but Jill was actually looking at me during the act and we managed to kiss a few times. My partner climaxed but perhaps because I was in unfamiliar territory or perhaps because I was just exhausted, I didn’t actually come.

It was still a wonderful night which kept our sex drive to an explosive level for the following weeks. We repeated the experience a few times over a period of about 4 months and even added a double penetration of Jill with a single man present at the club, but both of us quickly realized that it was an empty experience. Jill really liked doing it with another woman but most of those present at swingers clubs that were interested in woman on woman action were either in their fifties or doing it at the insistence of their boyfriend.

Don’t think that our sex life became boring. We just removed swingers clubs from our palette of activities but continued to find new different activities.

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