Suzy and Jill Chapter 40: Moving in

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The next morning, the landlord called me while I was still making breakfast for the kids.

“The new tennant for your office is really anxious to use all of the space. Could you move today to the new place?”

I felt rushed, pushed and certainly not ready for that, not that early in the morning.

“I can’t, we need to find a truck, prepare our things, get some help for moving things, plan everything. It’s not that simple.”, I replied.

Who did she think she was?

Some of the furniture had to go into our basement and the basement wasn’t cleaned out yet.

“But that’s the thing… she already has a few trucks, and is offering to  lend her delivery guys to help you.”, he added.

That’s was helpful, but still rather rushed. I thought it over.

“And she’s willing to cover one of your remaining monthly rents.”

Now, that was interesting…

“Make it two and we have a deal.”

“She won’t cover two…”

“Then we have a problem, don’t we?”, I said, not willing to give any ground.

“Ok, screw it.. I’ll cover the second one. You drive a hard bargain!”

“Yes, I do. That’s why I am still in business.”

We hang up and I promptly informed my two lovely girlfriends. Suzy was in panic over all that would have to be done, but Jill was excited. She proposed to simply store the furniture meant for our home into the two extra offices.

We rushed breakfast and eventually left Suzy in charge of the kids, while Jill and I each took our personal car to get into the old office, to discover the move had started without us.

At first, I felt really mad that they touched our things, but Jill calmed me down saying that it was simply less time lost today…

I then realized that at worst, if they broke something, insurance would cover it: after all, most of our furniture was now in excess. But these guys were professionals.

While not movers, they were great delivery guys who knew how to pay attention.

The landlord dropped by to see the progress and was rather encouraged that things were leaving much faster than he thought. My guess is that the new tennant offered him more money for a speedy move than he would credit me but I didn’t mind. I saved a LOT of efforts on the move.

By 103h0, our things were loaded into 3 of her trucks and we were on our way to the new office.

Moving things in however was complicated by the fact that the old tenant still hadn’t left.

Some of the things were gone from the previous time, but it was still a lot of junk. Well, to us. I am sure these desks were worth something to someone, but they were mostly old beaten down desks.

The landlord had followed us and informed us that since the lease was now broken by them, everything inside was ours.

Jill was happy to keep the receptionist console in the lobby as well as one of the desks but the rest was put on the curb by the delivery guys.

By 3pm, it was just the two of us looking at the almost randomly placed desks and chairs: the delivery guys had mostly cared about emptying they trucks and less about fixing the place properly.

I informed Suzy we’d be late for supper, and began moving our stuff around under Jill’s directions.

Most of our furniture were bought at the same time, so often, we could just push any of the desks in any order.

I had managed to convince the guys to move my desk in the proper place and the rest was just a matter of placing the right computers at the right place.

Nothing was broken. Nothing was lost. I have to hand it to them, they were professionals…

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