Suzy and Jill Chapter 16: Ice Cream

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Jill decided to pay the five of us to a trip to the ice cream parlour after supper. My kids were hyper excited for the rest of the evening but fortunately, we didn’t have problems tucking them in.

You would think that by now, the three of us would have gotten somewhat used to the idea that we now shared a sex life but as soon as we were alone, a deep and profound silence crept in.

This time we were in the basement to let the kids properly fall asleep. Suzy sat down on the sofa while Jill was lying on the loveseat. Unable to pick a place, I ended up on one of the bar stools.

I realized that in the past, we were having fun in a carefree way with condoms being the assumed method of contraception.

Not once did I have an actual conversation about STDs with Jill. We used condoms because it was the only method which protected against both STDs and pregnancy but we hadn’t talked about it.

For example, condoms don’t protect against herpes and Jill could have been a carrier. I could have one of the STDs which can be transmitted by swallowing sperm.

Not once did we mention the subject but now that we were waiting for the test results, it seemed to paralyze us as if we were waiting on the jury to reach its verdict.

Suzy seemed rather positive but Jill had her legs and arms crossed clearly showing that either she was scared of the results or that she felt untrusted.

After all, it was pretty clear that if one of the test turned positive, we had to assume that she was the infection vector since both Suzy and I were clean before I met her.

I knew something had to be done, but I couldn’t move. I feared that if I went to Suzy first, I would be perceived by Jill as fearing that she was contaminated but that if I went to Jill first, I would be rejecting the woman who had to compromise the most to be in this relationship.

I was a man with two girlfriends. I was supposed to have more freedom, more chances at sex, but I was paralyzed because I didn’t know with which of the two to start something.

To make matters worse, Jill kept looking at her feet but Suzy was smiling and looking directly at me with inviting eyes.

I gently directed her gaze toward my sulking girlfriend hoping she would understand what was troubling me. At first, she didn’t catch my message but after running back and forth with her eyes between us, Suzy’s face lightened up and she promptly jumped out of the sofa and sat down next to Jill.

I thought Suzy would reassure Jill and tell her that she wasn’t doubting her but instead, she leaned toward the younger woman and started kissing her.

Initially, Jill merely stayed passive but soon enough my two wonderful woman were actively kissing.

I notice that Jill had completely changed her demeanour, now using her hands to undress my wife while  letting Suzy do the task of removing Jill’s clothes.

Apparently, the ice was broken and within the span of five minutes, two distant and silent woman on separate sofas went from tension to a warm nude sensual expression of mutual affection.

I wanted to get some action too but both woman seemed rather occupied, leaving me as a delightful spectator.

It was Suzy who broke the fourth wall and pulled me in. She asked me to fetch condoms and get back as soon as possible.

I ran upstairs and came back down with a strip of perhaps 5 or 6 condoms, a tube of KY and significantly less clothes on.

Meanwhile, the girls had decided to move on the floor, using the thick carpet as a mattress. I could see that Jill had her fingers inside Suzy while Suzy was caressing Suzy’s breasts. It wasn’t unpleasant to look at.

I had soon finished undressing and my little soldier was ready to move in. The big question was, where would he go first ? Since Suzy had explicitly  opened her back door, that left me with 4 major entrances to explore.

The easiest vagina to enter was Suzy’s but it was occupied at the moment. I thus decided to sodomize Jill as she had suggested last Monday morning.

As I moved closer, Jill turned around and pushed Suzy so that she rested comfortably on her back. In the process, Jill had lowered herself and was now kissing Suzy’s navel.

I approached Jill from the back, but I think I knew what she was now up to, so I gave her space.

Slowly, Jill kept going further away from Suzy’s mouth until she was finally in a position to start pleasuring orally my wonderful wife.

As soon as Jill was in place, I spread KY on my awaiting condom and started pressing against her rectum.

She paused a few seconds to concentrate on relaxing her muscles but as soon as I was in, Suzy started to lose concentration as the black hair girl was wantonly caressing her with her tongue.

I had seen Jill perform oral sex on other woman in swinger clubs, but because there was always another man in the pictures, so it was only when the two woman were alone at the beginning of the relation.

It was the first time Jill was receiving attention from me while performing a cunnilingus and knowing how she loved anal sex, I wasn’t sure she would be able to properly  pleasure her partner.

Fortunately, my wife always appreciated when I was going down on her so she wasn’t in fully unknown territory. After a few minutes, Suzy started to caress her clitoris to enable Jill to concentrate on the rest of her pussy, licking it like it was ice cream.

I couldn’t see Jill’s face and Suzy’s lips were too far away for us to kiss, but we exchange several significant looks which clearly showed me she was having a good time.

Jill came first. I almost came several times but I believe Suzy was never close to achieving anything. I pulled out, removed the condom but when I was placing a second one, Suzy decided to push Jill on her back.

By the time I was ready, Suzy had her mouth on Jill’s yet ignored but juicy lips. Instead of starting to pleasure Jill, she pointed her ass upwards to signal she was ready for me.

I first kissed her then, then I kissed Jill who still tasted like my wife’s pussy but as soon as I was done, I slipped into Suzy’s cunt.

I had decided to mirror the previous night. Sodomy on the first girl, penetration on the second. I had simply inverted the girl’s order.

I slowed down and took as many pauses as I could because I didn’t want to repeat Sunday’s experience. After a few minutes, Suzy stopped performing oral on her partner and we switched position. Fortunately, Suzy came fast enough to enable me to let go, ejaculating a few seconds after she had calmed down.

All three of us had strong orgasms, but Jill had came first and was by now over it. I could see Suzy’s left leg shaking from the experience.

Jill kissed me and Suzy and silently dressed back up before leaving for her room.

I silently cursed myself for having forgotten to buy a lock for the door which would have allowed Jill to stay close to me for the night. I helped Suzy walk back upstairs and vowed not to forget the next day but my mind went blank as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    It’s really nice to see that Jill isn’t always a sex-crazed whore and that she has her own issues.

    > licking it like it was ice cream.

    Hehe… the title seems to refer only to the fact the family got ice cream and then, you make an analogy with a cunnilingus. nice.

    I do hope that the title of Chapter 18 “New Locks” refers to the fact that he finally buys the stupid lock he was supposed to buy a few weeks ago!

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