Suzy and Jill Chapter 13: Morning Shower

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After a long and restful night, my alarm clock woke me up next to Suzy. Somehow, we both slept under the sheet despite having fallen asleep on top of them. Perhaps it was my wife that tucked me in this time around.

The kids used to wake me up every morning before the separation but Suzy had informed me that now that they are older and both know how to read, she had taught them to read quietly in their room until she awoke.

I first used our private bathroom to relieve my bladder and quietly picked up my clothes to let Suzy sleep.

Less than 15 seconds after I opened our bedroom door, both of my kids had joined me in the kitchen. They were already dressed and fully awake when I was still wearing my boxers and still half asleep.

We talked a little about their day in school and I excused myself to get dressed in the main bathroom.

When I came back my daughter asked me “Dad, why are we missing a chair ?”. I invented an excuse about using it to put my stuff in the walk-in closet but despite the lousy lie she bought it. I couldn’t really tell her we used it to place my laptop by the bed for a webcam session, right ?

I prepared breakfast for the whole family without realizing that the morning routine was completely different from the past. The few times I had slept home since the agreement I had slipped away early in the morning or it had been on week-ends when the routine is more relaxed.

When Suzy finally joined us, she was already dressed for work but still a little playful. I got a nice kiss when I gave her a cup of coffee and another before I left for work with a pat on the bottom.

I won’t admit it to either of my woman but I almost drove straight to work instead of picking up Jill at our apartment. When I arrived, I couldn’t find her in the living room but I quickly heard the shower start.

I walked to the unlocked bathroom to find my girlfriend standing naked in front of the shower. In a flirtatious mood, she told me she needed help getting cleaned.

We weren’t late yet for work so I stripped and joined her. She teased me by admitting “I haven’t worn clothes since our webcam session and I won’t until you stick that big dick of yours deeply into me”.

It didn’t take long before my penis was fully erect and ready to go. We hadn’t cleaned ourselves yet but we still dried ourselves and ran toward the bed.

We kissed passionately and she quickly went down on me for a few seconds. After licking a few times,  she kissed me and motioned me to pick up a condom.

She placed herself on her side, with her back to me. I didn’t catch why at first but when I started to try and penetrate her she stopped me and said : “This week, you fuck HER. You are the perfect little hubby so that my moving in will be easier”. I told her I didn’t understand what she meant, but she just positioned the tip of my dick toward her rectum.

Entry wasn’t that easy since I had not added KY on top of the lubricant located on the condom but soon enough I was sodomizing her.

I tried to caress her clitoris, but she was already doing it herself. Instead, she gently rolled face down on the mattress so I would have to roll on top of her. The position was rather exciting. I felt as if I was violating her.

I told her, “You like being sodomized by force, don’t you ?”

She just replied: “Don’t hurt me. I’ll do whatever you want”

At first, I decided to just grab her hair, but it meant losing my balance. Instead, I took each of her hands into my own and pinned her arms to the mattress, using them to hold my position.

She was effectively captured. Seeing her predicament she pretended to try to escape but it didn’t last long as the deep penetration sent shivers down her spine.

Soon enough, she loudly climaxed and I thought she would collapse but instead she asked me to get out.

She pulled the condom away from my dick and planted a small kiss on the tip. I started to masturbate but she pulled my hand away. “You owed me an orgasm for last night. But I don’t owe you one. Get your wife to get you to come tonight, not me. Meanwhile, we have work to do”.

She left for the bathroom letting me wonder if she was joking or not, but after less than a minute she just yelled from the shower “Are you coming or not ?”.

With my dick still fully erect, I walked to the shower to catch her washing her hair. Puzzled, I entered the shower and cleaned myself but our shower was just a courteous one.

As soon as we left the bathroom we got dressed and less than 5 minutes later, we were in the car.

I asked her what she wanted and she told me “Nothing for now. I’ve had my fun”

“But why did you make me stop ?”

“Because it’s fun”

“You are going to drive me crazy! “

“Good. By the way, I am not wearing panties under my skirt.”

“Argh !”

I had two girlfriends, but apparently, one of them was crazy ! Or perhaps just crazy in love.

The day at the office never seemed to end but fortunately Suzy called around noon. She was between clients and was a little bored. I Told her about the morning events and Suzy reminded Jill while on the speakerphone that she was due for a spanking.

“Anytime you want Suzy. My ass is ready for you just as much as it was ready for your husband this morning”

“Perfect, how about tonight ? Let’s have a sleep over.”

Jill just added : “It’s a date”.

After Suzy confirmed she hung up leaving me without a word to say about it.

Would it end up like this ? Being the man of the house but ending up having both of my girls wearing the pants ?

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2 Responses to “Suzy and Jill Chapter 13: Morning Shower”

  1. ktrip Says:

    Is this story autobiographical ? Would this be your life ? I feel like I am so much in the story. You seem to really grasp each of the characters.

    That little girl of theirs is up to something… I am sure she’ll catch on soon. Is she the oldest one ? How old is she ?

    “Would it end up like this ? Being the man of the house but ending up having both of my girls wearing the pants ?”

    It’s funny you mention that. I’ve always felt like threesomes are not represented well on TV because on TV, the man always leads. I somehow doubt that’s the way is works in real life.

  2. The Author Says:

    > Is this story autobiographical ? Would this be your life ? I feel like I am so much in the story. You seem to really grasp each of the characters.

    Thank you. It is pure fiction with some elements borrowed from my life. I never had two girlfriends at the same time…

    > Is she the oldest one ? How old is she ?

    I am keeping the details vague voluntarily for now. I do not plan to focus on the kids in a bigger manner.

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