Suzy and Jill Chapter 18: New Locks

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Despite our emotionally strong commute, the rest of the day went rather well with Jill. We talked little about our relationship and focused on getting as much work done as possible.

Our afternoon trip to the clinic was necessary yesterday but the price to pay was that it forced us to increase our productivity today.

Fortunately, we managed to get a lot more done each hour than usual causing us to even finish a little earlier than we normally did.

I took the opportunity to stop at the home hardware store on our commute back home where I finally purchased two key locking door knobs to install on the adults’ bedrooms.

Suzy was already home with the kids and she had the courtesy to make sure supper for all was ready and on the table by the time we arrived.

After we left the table, my daughter wanted to show Jill a project she did so I excused myself to install the new locks which would provide us enough privacy to do whatever we wanted.

Suzy came up to pick a box of crayons for our son and noticed what I was doing. While pinching my butt, she whispered to me: “So, I guess we’ll have a sleep over tonight ?”.

In lieu of a reply, I simply kissed her back.

While leaving, she added: “Perhaps I’ll wear something special tonight…”

The rest of the evening with the kids was pleasant, as usual. I noticed how much my daughter had matured since we split up.

When you are separated, you do not get to see your child full time and as such, you miss a lot of details.  Even if only because they have missed you for a few days, they are not exactly the same as when you are always there.

One of the things I saw immediately was that my younger son misbehaved a lot more since we got back together as if my simple presence  was no longer sufficient to keep him in check. What took me some time to notice was how my daughter reacted to her little brother’s outbursts.

In the past she would have simply imitate our own behaviour using our own ways to solve the problem. Nowadays however, she had her own toolbox of techniques to bring him back on track.

They ranged from simply making him change his mind via jokes or plain goofiness to bargaining with him on which of her toys he would be allowed to use and even occasionally parodying his antics to show him through exaggeration how he sounded.

This really made me proud to have her as my child and reassured me that trying to make our triplet work was the right decision. Not only did I manage to keep the two woman I loved, but I was also back to being a full-time dad.

I had the pleasure of tucking both of my kids in. It appears they were both lacking paternal love tonight or perhaps they somehow sensed my mood.

When I finally reached my bedroom, I found both of my girlfriends sitting on the bed wearing a bathrobe. I could see  that Jill was trying to hide laughter while Suzy was instead holding her head up high.

I locked the door behind me for the first time and was asked by my ex-wife to strip naked. “It’s your time to striptease for us.”

I happily obliged, alternatively kissing each of the girls between each removal of an article of clothing.

Soon enough, I was naked and already fully erect which weirdly disappointed the girls.

It was Jill who opened her mouth this time. “I guess he doesn’t need us to undress then… he already prepared”.

I pleaded that it was their time, but both woman resisted until Jill couldn’t take it anymore and laughed out loud, Suzy joined her in a more reserved giggle but that only left me even more perplexed until each of the woman decided to remove her partner’s bathrobe.

Do you remember Jill’s  laced baby doll black nightie she had notably worn on the morning after our first threesome ? You didn’t get to see it, so I’ll forgive you if you can’t remember it but I perfectly remember the look Suzy had when she first saw Jill in it.

Unlike Suzy’s nighties, this particular black nightie was both almost completely transparent and way too short and with a way too deep cleavage to be taken seriously as an article of clothing.

It suited Jill’s sensual personality perfectly well back then and it was just as magnificent tonight. Except that tonight, it was Suzy who was wearing it and she was doing it just as well as her younger lover once did.

It made me see my wife in a brand new light and I definitely appreciated it.

But she wasn’t the only woman dressed differently for the occasion. Jill was wearing something I thought I had never seen before until I realized it was the white nightie that Suzy had worn on our wedding night. I also realized that Jill was actually wearing my wife’s engagement ring.

My wife still wore her wedding ring, but tonight, I seemed to have both a wife and a fiancée.

We didn’t really exchange words as I instead charged them on the bed, putting myself in the middle of them, fondling both girls.

Jill started to undress but Suzy held her hand to indicate that tonight there wouldn’t be any female nudity. Instead of just bringing her head back, she grabbed her former wedding nightie to pull my one time fiancée’s head toward her. I lowered my head and allowed both woman to kiss over my face.

After a little adjusting of their position, their breasts rubbed against each other allowing me to caress all four at the same time with just two of my hands.

Visibly, the girls agreed since they broke their kiss and alternatively kissed me.

Jill jumped on Suzy’s side and pushed my wife to lay on her back. I gave the girls a little space when I realized that Jill was actually moving head to toe over Suzy’s body.

I had seen Jill do this exact move a few times in swinger clubs but Suzy was still unfamiliar with it leaving her perplexed until she realized that Jill was performing oral sex on her while pushing her own vagina in her face.

This would only be the second experience my wife would have in performing a cunnilingus  and already the level of difficulty had increased by the fact she was already receiving one herself.

The evening would most likely not get more exciting, so I decided to put on a condom and slowly approach Suzy’s already occupied vagina.

Jill at first didn’t see me approaching being already too busy to realize she wasn’t alone with Suzy but she lifted her head to let me enter my wife’s well lubricated pussy.

I am not sure if Suzy continued performing oral sex or not but Jill did everything she could to continue doing her part on both my wife’s clitoris and on my penis as it was coming in and out.

Soon enough however it proved impractical and Jill laid herself next to Suzy and the two of them resumed their earlier kiss.

This is normally the part where I announce that my first partner came and that it was time for me to switch to the second lady.

I won’t lie, I didn’t even last long enough for Suzy to climax leaving both girls unsatisfied. Fortunately, the night was still young and the three of us quickly ended up naked in our private bath located in our private bathroom.

Because the little bathroom shared a wall with my daughter’s bedroom, we made little noise but once we were out, I was ready to go at it again…

This time, Jill was first. I took my time and controlled my level of tension, often pausing to let my own level of excitement cool down. Having ejaculated only an hour before also helped me ensure that this time around, Jill did come first.

After putting a third condom on my seriously overworked but still rather happy dick, I penetrated my wife for the second time of the evening.

To ensure her climax, Suzy had masturbated most of the time I was inside Jill and a few minutes after I was actively making love to Suzy, her muscles reacted to what I can only describe as a huge wave of pleasure which tightened her pelvic muscle enough to let me climax almost simultaneously.

After a little clean-up in the bathroom, I put on boxers and saw that Jill was already spooning Suzy comfortably. I installed myself behind the duo and fell asleep spooning my girlfriend, not thinking about my appointment the next morning.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    I loved this one !

    The sex was great, the drama interesting and the idea to switch the nighties was really nice.

    You really love those girl on girl 69s… can’t say I blame you !

  2. Krey Says:

    One OF the things I saw immediately…

  3. The Author Says:

    It drives me crazy ! Sometimes I forget _ word when I write. [Yes, that “a” was left out intentionally this time].

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