Suzy and Jill Chapter 31: Work as usual?

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When we arrived into the office, we had a ton of e-mails and voicemails sent over the week-end. Most of them were from the same client who suddenly had a pressing new idea of our project which meant we had to go back to the drawing board and restart the project from scratch despite being almost done.

At first, we were utterly frustrated about it because, let’s face it, doing things over is boring even if the client is willing to pay for the extra work.

But as we caught on, we realized his new ideas were simply brilliant. Outstanding.

What this client wanted us to do was to build a bike bags that could be tied to the frame to store a tablet, cellphone and other electronic components, while offering USB charging cables powered directly from a dynamo, using the bicycle energy as a power source.

There was nothing revolutionary in the idea and frankly, it wasn’t one of our favourite projects. It paid the bills and that’s what counts.

There were plenty of phone mounts for bicycles and a few dynamo USB chargers, but over the week-end, the client had the idea of changing the design to add a solar panel on top to increase the voltage and current available. He also changed the location of the storage area to be above the wheel so that if the bicycle fell on the side, it wouldn’t fall on the tablet or the phone. There were still deep pockets on either sides of the rear wheel, but the storage compartment on the top would be the location of the electronics and the charger protecting them.

Furthermore, he added a rear light directly into the bag using the same power converter used to power the chargers, therefore removing the need to have two power sources in states which require the presence of a back light during the night.

This provided enough changes to make the bag actually interesting and different from existing products. Enough to make money? We didn’t know, but certainly enough now to generate curiosity.

Jill immediately began working on mock-ups of the new look while I called the client to renegotiate the contract. Fortunately, he was still excited and within an hour, had faxed a revised work order and contract in which he promised to pay both for the new work and the existing one.

By noon a new deposit and payment of past invoices was already processed and four new mock-ups were in his hands, giving Jill and I some time to breathe and eat lunch in peace and quiet.

As I prepared our sandwiched, Jill excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned, she was entirely naked!

I was shocked and excited, but Jill simply sat down as if everything was entirely normal, and took a bite of her sandwich.

“Is there something wrong my love?”, she asked, in a flirty way…

“Well, you’re completely naked…”

“Yeah, I was a little hot, so I changed. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, It’s rather exciting…”

“Hey, now is the time to eat, not the time for sex. Stay concentrated, we are at work.”

“We often had sex in the office during lunch.”

“Yeah, that was before Suzy joined us. Do you think it would be fair to her if we played at work? ”

“No, but from time to time…”

“Concentrate on your sandwich. You have to find a contractor before we get back to work”

“A contractor?”

“Yeah, for my door. If I am to give the illusion that I have my room, I should be able to get back to it in the morning if your son knocks on it’s door.”

“Oh, yeah. I had forgotten about it. Since my daughter knows about us, I thought it wasn’t as important as in the past”

“Well, she knows we are a threesome, but she doesn’t need to know I spend all my nights with your guys. She switched room with me, the least I should do is pretend I use it and perhaps actually use it once in a while. I mean, at least for putting my clothes and my things.”

“That’s a really good point. As soon as I am done eating, I’ll make a few phone calls.”


We finished eating roughly in silence. Jill made sure to always place herself in a way that I could examine her in all of her beauty but each time I tried to get closer, she pushed me away, telling me she was busy eating. Her smile however, gave her away: she enjoyed teasing me.

When we were done eating, she had to almost push my chair back to my computer so I could find a contractor. While I was making calls, she got dressed and simply returned to work.

Eventually, I found a contractor who had a cancellation and who could come the next day to install the door. He explained that he would give the estimate on location, but could start the work immediately if we approved it.

In his mind, the work wouldn’t be too complex and could most likely be almost completed in a day, but there was always some paint job which needed two or three layers with a 12 hours of drying between then, requiring a subsequent visit.

I told him I could do the other layers, if his time was limited over the next days and we made an appointment for 8h30 the next morning.

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