Suzy and Jill Chapter 8: The interview

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If it wasn’t for my son’s birthday party approximately two months after I spoke to Suzy, I am not sure things would have evolved regarding the proposal Jill and I sent her. We decided to do the party at my old house. Our so-called friends and members of our family weren’t invited but the parents of my son’s friends were. Jill was of course present as my date and the party went rather well.

Both of my woman worked well together to prepare and organize the party and Suzy even asked Jill a few personal questions about work, her family or even just about recipes.

The party went on as if that earlier evening proposal had never occurred and one by one guests left happy leaving the three of us with two exhausted kids.

While my son was helped by Suzy to go to bed, my daughter asked Jill to read her a story before bedtime. In a weird way, the three of us participated in the bedtime routine as if it was entirely natural.

We helped Suzy finish cleaning up and as we were ready to leave, my ex-wife motioned us to go sit at the kitchen table instead.

Over the next two hours, Suzy interrogated Jill with both the skills of police detective and of those a licenced psychologist. What my ex-wife wanted was to get a clear idea in her head as to how a three-way couple could work.

Jill was surprisingly direct. She not only gave specific examples on how my time could be shared but also made clear suggestions that I didn’t need to actually be split. At some point, I was convinced that Jill was actually openly flirting with Suzy while describing the level of fun the three of us could have in a bedroom.

Suzy didn’t show emotions and instead tried to remain clinical about it. She neither rejected or approved any suggestions and instead merely offered additional questions how Jill or I felt about some things.

At the end, Suzy simply thanked us for our time and hugged each of us, but Jill tried to prolong the hug a little longer than a formal polite hug might last and succeeded long enough to tell Suzy that she hoped they could become really close friends in the future.

Without any further comment from Suzy, Jill and I left for our apartment. Jill was convinced we had sealed the deal but I was rather sceptical, having known Suzy for too long.

Fortunately, when we came in there was already a message on the answering machine from Suzy who had in the mean time agreed to a trial run.

Excited, Jill and I didn’t get to sleep until much later in the morning instead having sex like teenagers on an adult-free sleepover.

Since I was actually living with Jill and spending most of my time with her, a trial run actually meant having me spend some time with Suzy at our old home. Over the course of two weeks, I slept in my old bed four times having sexual relations a little more than half a dozen times.

But we didn’t only rekindle our sexual relationship. Suzy and I talked a lot. She filled me in on her life since we split and I did the same, including all of my sexual experiences with Jill.

This was part of Jill’s plan. She was convinced that the only way to have Suzy trust us was to include her completely in our life.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    That’s what I was talking about. If Suzy had jumped right in, I would have found it hard to believe, but instead months passed by.

    It’s often like that. You have a proposal on the table and you need something to click. Something to remind you it’s there.

    I am enjoying this a lot. Thanks !

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