Suzy and Jill Chapter 32: First Take

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The drive home after work was just as exciting, with Jill caressing my thighs when we weren’t in traffic and making lustful comments about how hot she was.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow evening…”, she whispered in ear.

“What’s tomorrow evening?”

“Well, the next time we have sex…”

“What about tonight?”, I asked, confused. It’s not that I expected to have sex every night, but I found it weird that Jill would be so hot and at the same time, would fix another day as our next sexual encounter.

“You’ll see…”, was all I got in exchange and soon enough, we were stuck in traffic on the small highway route between the office and our house.

By the time we left the highway, the subject had drifted to boring work things like Jill’s current project, yet another Iphone custom case for a client.

Jill had built a certain notoriety in the field, designing over 20 different cases over the last few months for different clients. Not all had reached production yet, but her portfolio helped us stay busy.

Meanwhile, Suzy was back to a full workload for her practice. When you are a psychologist, you see most of your patients occasionally, a few once per month and an handful on a weekly basis.

When you start after a pause, it’s hard to fill your schedule but each new regular patient takes a new monthly spot which is no longer available for occasional patients. After a few months, you have more regular heavy cases than light occasional ones and as such, need to find more time to think about your cases.

When your husband and your girlfriend both work, you quickly find yourself taking more cases than you actually need and start referring new ones to colleagues instead of being the one receiving the referrals.

It was nice to see we had settled on a new peaceful routine which brought us definitely in the upper middle-class and which appeared to prepare us for the upper-class. Having 3 salaries and the profit from a company to take home to a fully paid house gave us a lot of disposable income.

And yet, once the kids were asleep, Suzy and I were taken by surprise: Jill had gone to her room to change into a business suit and put on a beret. She was carrying two bathrobes in one hand and a briefcase with the other. A fake cigarette holder she had used for a costume party was hanging loosely from her lips.

She said to no one in particular, “Ok everyone, this is a closed set. If you aren’t in front of the camera tonight, get out now.”

Suzy and I just stood there, wondering what was going on, when Jill approached my wife and looked at her closely enough to touch her with the cigarette holder.

“Yeah, yeah, I like what you did with your hair honey. Here, take his bathrobe and change in the next room. Hurry up, we ain’t got all day and close the door behind you”

Suzy opened her mouth to say something but Jill grabbed her by the chin: “Sweety, you were hired for your looks, not your thoughts about the script. Go change and follow the director’s instructions, it will be easier. Don’t worry…”

Suzy walked toward the bathroom, but not before being patted on the butt by Jill.

“So, you’re Mike? I think you were supposed to look a little older. ”

“No, my name is…”

“Listen punk. In the script, it says you’re Mike. Do you have a problem with that?”


“Great, now strip naked before Linda gets back and put on the bathrobe. Don’t worry, I won’t look… much.”

And so, I stripped quickly and put on the bathrobe under the inquisitive eyes of Jill, the director. You guessed it, Jill had decided to film the first scene of our movie.

Suzy came back but this time, had a hard time not giggling.

“Ok, here is the scene folks. It’s Scene 4 of the Movie, the boring couple sex scene. It’s immediately followed by Scene 5, the fight, but tonight, we only do Scene 4, the sex. Here is the context: You guys have been married forever and the honeymoon is over. Mike works too much and you Linda, miss him but at the same time, you are moving on. Mike no longer excites you because well, he’s never there. You’ve been refusing his sex for a few days and you, Mike, are horny as hell. However, you don’t care anymore about Linda, she does nothing but nag and nag all day, so all you want is to cum inside of her and go to sleep. Any questions?”

I asked: “So how do we proceed?”

“When I say action, you join her in bed and notice she is naked under the covers, so you begin to kiss her without any passion. The covers get pushed aside when you get closer, revealing you are naked too, with sporting an erection. You get closer to her as if you wanted to get inside of her quickly, but you Linda, you insist to blow him up a little because you are rather dry. That’s your line “Let’s me suck you to wet your cock, I feel a little dry”. I know, it’s cheesy, it’s lame, but that’s the point of this scene. After she blows you for a little while, you ram your big cock inside of her and go at it as fast as you can while moaning and getting all excited. Whatever you do, don’t look at her and don’t kiss her.”

Suzy replied: “Then what do I do?”

“You look bored the whole way. From beginning to end. He likes it, you don’t. Everyone clear ?”

We both acknowledged and Jill simply said “Action”…

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