Suzy and Jill Chapter 25: Confessions

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I was once again home alone, despite being hurt.

My son needed new pants and Suzy took him to the mall. Right before she left, Jill asked if she could tag along, explaining she needed some art supplies to paint the mural she promised to my daughter.

I was checked on to make sure I was alright, but to be honest, I was already much better. I still spent most of my time in front of the TV like a retired mailman but I had to admit it was nice to just relax and do nothing but change channels and swallow pills every few hours.

My daughter came back from her sleepover before the rest of the family and she decided to just sit next to me, snuggling against my arm.

I asked her how her sleepover went and got “fine” as an answer. She asked me how I felt and simply repeated “fine” in the same pre-teen tone of voice.

After 3 more changes of channel, she asked me how it felt. I started describing my pain but she explained she wanted to know about dating Jill and her mom at the same time.

“Oh, well, I can’t really give details. That’s between your mom, Jill and I. But I feel great. I feel alive and well loved. Is that what you wanted to know ?”

“You don’t have the impression of cheating on mom, even if she knows ?”

“It’s hard to explain. I’ve been in love with Suzy for over 13 years now. I’ve always pictured she would be in my life forever. It’s like there is a piece of my heart dedicated to her, just like there is a piece for you and another for your brother. There is no way I can tear these parts away. I couldn’t stop loving your mom unless she seriously broke my heart first.”

“But you still went out with Jill”

“Yeah, I did. You mom had kicked me out and I felt like my world was closing in on me. The part of my heart that was in love with her was numb, sleeping. I couldn’t feel it anymore. It was still there, but asleep. When I met Jill, I slowly give her a place in my heart. It was a new place. A new section of my heart which I didn’t know yet. Jill and I fell in love and were quite happy together.”

“What about mom ?”

“Honey, the last time we had spoken about our relationship was when she broke up with me. I didn’t know she was then only breaking up because she wasn’t feeling well and needed time to heal. I should have, but I wasn’t feeling well either and needed to do my own healing.”

“So neither mom or you wanted to separate ?”

“Ironically, I don’t think so. And I only realized it when Suzy cried that she had broken our marriage. I realized that she still loved me and the part of my heart dedicated to her woke up from almost a year of sleep. At that moment, I could have jumped back and return to where we were a few years ago. But there was a problem…”


“Yeah. I had become fond of her. I was beginning to not only love her but love the man I was when I was with her. Does that make any sense ?”

“A little, dad.”

“But what do I do ? Do I go with Suzy or with Jill ? Either way would not only break the heart of the one I left behind, but also the part of my heart in love with her. I had never had time to get over your mom so my love for her wasn’t far enough to ignore. But Jill was in my life too and I couldn’t ignore her either.”

“I see. So how did you solve it ?”

“Well, Jill told me she couldn’t compete with the love I had for Suzy. Suzy told me she couldn’t compete with the passion I had with Jill. While I was discussing this with Jill, she offered to simply share me with your mom and Suzy eventually agreed.”

“Wait, so when you started coming back to live here, you were still with Jill and mom knew it ?”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I never broke up with Jill.”

She gently hit her forearm with her hand.

“And I thought at first she was trying to encroach on our family to get you back. I never imagine she hadn’t never lost you”

“Oh honey, you thought she was coming to break us up ?”

“Well, when mom said you and her were back together, I thought you had dumped her and later felt pity and thus allowed her as a roommate. When I understood you will still dating her I thought you were cheating on mom, but she didn’t seem to care. That’s how I figured out your… special arrangement. But I didn’t understand it was planned that way with mom when you came back.”

“Are you ashamed of your parents ?”

“No, this is cool… I guess I can’t talk about it with my friends, but it’s cooler than having divorced parents. Or even than just having two parents.”

“Well, that’s one way to look at it.”

In a way, I was proud that my daughter was open-minded enough to accept it. It’s not easy to tolerate others. My own parents for example are deeply homophobic and never could understand why I was in favour of legalizing gay marriage despite being straight.

Speaking of being straight, Suzy and Jill seem to have more and more sexual interactions together. Did this mean they were both fully bisexual ?

I knew Jill already was, but Suzy had never really expressed any desires for women while we were together. Was there a danger they’d left me cold and simply go out with each other ?

I doubted it. Even when they were having fun in bed together, I was the centerpiece. Their activities were mostly preliminaries to get everyone in the mood.

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