Susanna Chapter 8: Sandler

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This entry is part 8 of 40 in the series Susanna

When I woke up, I was disoriented. Waking up in my bed was really frightening. I was awoken up by my alarm clock, which was very strange compared to being waked up by a human being.

I checked the weather, to make sure it wasn’t raining, and decided to wear only a small sexy top and a really short skirt. I decided to drop the underwear.

I put a t-shirt over my top and a pair of jeans to “Act” in front of my parents.

However, I would drop them soon enough.

Downstairs, all the three of them were eating breakfast. It somewhat reassured me: I wouldn’t face my parents alone.

Neither of them spoke to me, but Scott asked me if I planned on going to school this morning.In the affirmative, he offered me a lift to school.

The arrival at school was uneventful, mainly because we arrived early. I promptly removed my unnecessary clothes and locked them in my locker. I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw that I looked incredible. No boy would resist me.

Soon, some of my friends spotted me. We talked about the Academy, but I decided not to talk about my future slave class.

I spotted a few guys checking me out, and I decided to try my chances on Sandler, one of the football team members.

“Hi Sandler ! How are you doing?”

“Hum, fine, and you?”

“I don’t know… I am almost 19th, and I am worried… I heard being a slave is pretty boring. So far my life has been pretty boring. I don’t want to start my adult life without ever having fun”

“Hey baby, Sandler can take care of you easy. Come with Sandler, we’ll have some fun”

He grabbed me by the elbow in a typical macho dominative way hoping to impress me.

He had no idea how successful he was.

He drove me to a small restaurant, probably trying to offer me a nice meal, then a movie, hoping we would bunk tonight.

“I thought we were going to have fun tonight, not eat”

Sandler looked perplexed. Normally, most girls would not have sex on the first date, and those who did would only after a romantic evening.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, for the next two years, I won’t be able to see a man, so, what are you waiting for?”

“Huh, we could go to Sandler’s place, huh, no, Sandler’s parents, huh”

“Hey, use the money of the meal to pay for a hotel room. I have never been in one”

“Let’s go”

Sandler had some problems getting the room. If he pretended to be under 19, they would refuse to rent it to him, but if he pretended to be 19, he would need his slave papers. So, instead, he simply said he was sent by his master to reserve a room for his stay. It eluded suspicions.

Inside, He started kissing me as soon as the door closed. He was an awful kisser. I hoped he would not be as bad in bed, because if so, I would be really bored.

I didn’t hesitate a second. I removed my top, revealing my breasts to my lover. He was surprised at my expediency as much as by the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra. He immediately started kissing and sucking my tits. He was so rude it was totally ineffective. He was neither tender nor dynamic. I pushed him aside, but only to have space to bare my little ass and run to the bed.

“You are such a brute, do what you want with me… I am your personal little slave for the evening Sandler”

He stopped for a second. He asked me what I meant.

“Hey, I am going to be a slave for the next two years, I might as well start acting like one. Dominate me
Master, use me as you want, and use me as a sex toy”

“You are weird”

“I am not what you want?” (I jumped on all four, presenting my bare bottom).”Then punish me, I should be your dream”


“Go ahead, punish me as hard as you want to, I am not worthy of you. Hit me, show me your strength”
Hesitantly, he hit me once on the buttocks, but so tenderly I almost didn’t feel it.”

“That’s all you do? I am not made of glass you know, go ahead, hit stronger, unless you are a wimp?”

“Hey, Sandler is not a wimp”

Finally, I got a taste of his strength. I fell down on the sheets under the brute force of his biceps. A few seconds after the blow, I was still shaking. This guy was strong

“Are you all right?”

“Come and take me!”

I would have hoped he would have some imagination, but he simply unzipped his pants, let his erect cock out of his boxer’s underpants, and started rocking me.

He definitively had no style. He was much too fast, both in speed and in duration. After a few seconds only, he came, before even I had time to adjust to his presence.

He was definitively awful.

He even had the nerve to ask me if it was as good for me as for him.

“Master, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you recuperate and you will see something good”

Fortunately, he came back from the dead after only a few minutes after what I would call Ball 1: after all, he did miss the plate.

I was not planning on making him walk, so I decided to use all my charm to have him hit a home run.

His manhood was already hard, but he was still a little numb from the previous attempt. I simply started to give him a fellatio he would remember all his life. Hey, after all the training I got, I couldn’t let him go thinking I was bad in bed, didn’t I?

He reacted really quickly when, in addition to sucking him and licking him I pumped him with my left hand, reserving my right hand for a more delicate action.

He was starting to jump a little: without the first ejaculation, I am convinced he would have come already, after only a few minutes, but fortunately, it seems he needed to re-fill a little.

I slowed down a little to both slow down his ascension and give me more concentration on my surprise move. He started protesting when I started rubbing his rectum with my right index, but I increased pressure on his cock which would always bring him back to his pleasure.

By the time I slid the finger in, he had already stopped protesting.

I managed to catch a glimpse of his face: He was truly getting lost somewhere in heaven.

By the time he was about to come, I simply stopped everything. He started protesting, but I soon resumed. The pause, like I was taught, got him even higher.

After a few cycling, I decided it was time to let him go. I firmly pressed my finger against his prostate and swallowed his seed.

He was beyond numb: He didn’t move for a good 10 minutes.

I left him half dead on the bed, and proceeded to take a shower. I didn’t really needed one: After all, he never brought me even close to a sexual build-up, so I never started sweating. It mainly gave me a few minutes to think.

Unlike my courses, this intercourse was purely voluntary. At the academy, I did everything for two reasons: To learn and to obey because if I didn’t obey I would have to leave.

But today, it was different: I did it for my pleasure. Okay, actually, I did it to prove to myself that I was good with guys, but that fact gave me pleasure. I just hope I would be as good with my future master.
When I left the shower, Sandler was sitting on the side of the bed. He had re-zipped his pants. I decided not only to sit next to him, but also to remain naked. Playing the exhibitionist not only gave me pleasure, it also increased my image in his mind.

I held him in my arm, with my head on his shoulder.

“Where did you learn that?”

“Learn what?”

“What you did…”

“Ho, that, I saw a movie once, and that’s what the girl did, so I thought I should try it.”

“Fuck, you are a natural. This was the strongest orgasm of Sandler’s entire life!”

“Thanks, it makes me happy. I am going to be so lonely for the next two years; I just wanted to have some good memories to take with me”

“We can do that again if you want”

“I don’t know, I am not a slut you know, I just wanted some memories… could you please keep it between the two of us…”

“Sandler’s guess so, but Sandler’s still thinks you are weird, what did they do to you at your academy?”

“Hey, could you imagine living only with guys, never seeing a single good-looking girl for weeks?”

“Heck no, must be boring”

“Well, I just spent the last 4 weeks only with girls, knowing I would probably spend the next 2 years as lonely as that month. Some of the girls even tried to score me”

“They did?”

“Do I look like a lesbian? I don’t think so… but with you tonight, I am now convinced of it. I only like guys. Could you drop me at school? I don’t usually dress like that, I was just feeling lonely”

“Sandler’s understand. Sandler will drop you off at your house if you want to afterward”

“Nah, my parents would freak out, they still think I am a virgin”

“Yikes, were you?”

“No, I had a boyfriend before, and I slept with him once”

He was caught in his dreams when I dressed back up.

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  1. Sam Says:

    Why does Sandler talk about himself in the
    3rd person?

    I hold him in my arm,
    I held him in my arms,

  2. The Author Says:

    Because he is superficial ?

    When I wrote it in 2001, it sounded like a good idea… don’t worry, you won’t see him again.

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