Susanna Chapter 4: The Movie

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This entry is part 4 of 40 in the series Susanna

Eric and I saw each other a lot more on the following days at school, often holding hands or kissing in a corner at recess.

I kept trying to fit in as much as possible with him, finding myself echoing a lot of his opinions. You might think it was boring but it was a good practice for what I might have to do shortly for two full years .

Finally, Friday arrived for our second date. I had heard that sex normally occurs on the third date so I couldn’t wait to get this one over with.

Eric had suggested we go see a movie and I figure it was a perfect occasion to cuddle and kiss in the dark without adult supervision.

He picked a romantic comedy but he could have picked an obscure subtitled art movie for all I cared. My entertainment would be sitting next to me, not up on the screen.

We each took a small bag of popcorn. I suggested a single bigger one to save money but I think I may have hurt my case: Eric was proud to pay for everything and missing the suggestion that we could be eating from the same bag.

We sat in the middle of the theater as it was mostly empty. Perhaps the movie was a box office failure, I can’t really say, I didn’t even really checkĀ  what it was about.

I began eating my popcorn while waiting for the lights to go out, but Eric simply placed his bag on the next seat. Instead, he bored me with a list of all of the movies he went to see and how he liked them.

I realized he was nervous and simply trying to fill the silence but he was almost making me reconsider my choice. Perhaps a jock would have been more keen to act and less inclined to talk.

Fortunately, the previews soon started and Eric turned toward the screen to watch them. By the time the third preview had started, my bag of popcorn was empty but Eric still hadn’t touched his.

To my surprise, I actually watched the various trailers perhaps because I was simply trying to change my mind from his earlier boring speech.

I laughed when I realized that one of the action movies which sounded actually interesting would open after my 19th birthday, meaning I would probably not be able to see it.

Eric looked at me while I was laughing but seemed actually annoyed by me. Was he the kind of person who gets immersed into the screen ? If so, my evening would be pretty boring.

When the movie started, Eric took the bag of popcorn on his lap and decided to rest on his left armrest. Since I was sitting at his right, this meant he was too far away for me to cuddle so I placed my left hand on his thigh instead and got zero reaction on his part.

I actually listened to the movie, hopelessly waiting for Eric to finish his popcorn which shielded me from getting closer.

I tried to whisper something to him on two separate occasions, but he blew me off trying to get me to concentrate on the movie.

I also leaned further toward him in order to try and get him to cuddle but I don’t think he even noticed it with his eyes glued to the screen.

When the credits rolled, he still had roughly a third of his popcorn bag left but kept eating it during the credits, staying until the lights came back on.

I usually sprinted out of the theater and had never realized how long these credits could last. When the end music was finished, I got ready to stand up but instead, a second song started.

As if it wasn’t enough, as soon as we left the theater room my date decided to keep eating his stupid popcorn while still within the lobby delaying even further any chances of getting closer to him physically.

Any hopes for progress was squashed when he dropped me at my house. Was this boy gay or was he just voluntarily getting on my nerves ?

As I leaned toward him in the car, he actually kissed me rather passionately. Finally the boy was lightening up !

The console of the car was initially preventing me to get closer until I actually decided to jump on his seat and stand on his thighs.

If you think it’s almost impossible to do that, you are absolutely right. I still had muscle cramps the next morning when I woke up.

For a moment however, after a few adjustments, I managed to finally get closer to the man I hoped to lose my virginity to.

He fondled my breasts across my shirt like the other time, but he quickly noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra. After I saw his surprise, I took his hands and guided them until the shirt for him to directly caress my yet untouched twin hills.

I took the opportunity to insert my right hand inside his pants after untying his belt in order to caress his already erect manhood.

It was the first time I was touching a penis despite having seen quite a few at the academy during my visit. I didn’t expect this kind of texture but I liked it.

It felt as if there was a metal rod surrounded by a sleeve. The skin on his dick was able to gently move up and down with my hand and the tip remained soft, but the interior was wonderfully hard.

I started caressing him with my hand, trying to give him an hand job and he temporarily removed his left hand from my chest in order to move his seat almost horizontally toward the back.

Seeing I had a little more room to move, I lowered my lips from his mouth and started kissing and licking the tip of his dick.

My back hurt like hell and the steering wheel was digging in my kidneys but within seconds I was going up and down with my lips on his shaft, sending him waves of pleasure.

His concentration had broken and he had stopped touching me but I didn’t care. I was doing this to ensure that next time he would return the favour and deflower me. It was time to show the boy I was not just a play date and that I was a real woman.

At first, I sensed something was different in his respiration and then, his body tensed up. I knew then what was coming and used my hand to ensure it did.

What I didn’t count on was how sticky his sperm would be at the back of my throat. I knew girls who swallowed were sexier but I couldn’t begin to understand how to get this junk out of my mouth and into my stomach.

Hey, I almost choked on it !

But I didn’t show any signs of it. I just thanked him and kissed him on the tip as his dick was getting limp.

Eric thanked me, still half out of breath, but I just told him “Next time, it’s your turn to act”.

I exited his car from the driver’s door and left him there to long after me. I went straight to bed and only heard him leave when I already had my head on the pillow.

However, I didn’t feel asleep right away. Instead, I masturbated for several minutes and even used the plastic handle of one of my brushes as a dildo to get me the release I was longing for.

Eric would come inside of me tomorrow, whether he wanted it or not.

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