Susanna Chapter 16: My new master

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Not too long after Jeff left, I heard another set of footsteps. A man was grumbling “Oh, what are you up to this year”. I heard the lock open. The cover was lifted, I jumped on my feet and French kissed the old man, presumably my master. I thought that he would like the idea.

After a few seconds of hesitation, the man backed up.

“Who the Fuck are you?”

“I am your birthday present, Master”

“Great, another slave. What are you for, doing the laundry?”

“I am a class S slave Master. I am here to satisfy every one of your sexual wishes”

“Hum, it might not be a bad birthday after all… Get out of that box while I open my door!”, he said, still grumbling.

He unlocked the door of his apartment. He needed four different keys to unlock 6 different deadbolts. Inside, there was an odd smell. Kind of like when you open the door of a closet that was left alone for too long.

Right after we entered, he relocked the door behind us. The locks are the kind that requires a key to unlock on both sides of the door.

I now understand why Katryn called the bedrooms of the master and the mistress apartments: There are more rooms in the Master’s suite than in the house of my parents. There was only a dim light coming from a lamp sitting on a table in the middle of the lobby. Two sofas where located around the table.

From the lobby, I could see a bathroom on the right, next to which was a small office with a computer. As soon as we entered, the master put his briefcase in that room and locked the door.

Opposite to the main entrance were three doors, all closed. In the middle of the left wall was a dark corridor. On each side of the door were two doors, thought the two next to the corridor looked like closet doors.

The master left me standing there while he went in the dark corridor. I was left alone for a good 15 minutes. When he came back, he was wearing a bathrobe and holding a bottle of wine in one hand and two glasses with a bottle opener in the other.

He turned on another light allowing me to see that the floor was not cleaned often, but it didn’t seem too dirty.

Now that the light was on, my Master took the opportunity to check me over. At the same time, I check him out. He was in his late forties or beginning fifties. His hair was turning gray, but he still had a lot of dark hair. He was not balding yet. He seemed relatively in good shape for his age. My father was a little younger and certainly had more extra pounds.

“I guess the ribbons are there to show you are my gift”

I didn’t talk.

“You don’t talk?”

“Yes master. I didn’t understand you asked a question, it is my mistake master.”

“Have you talked to my wife?”

“Yes Master”

“She keeps her slave on strict rules about talking. I prefer a more honest relationship. Is that alright with you?”

“Whatever suits you master”

“No, I want to know what YOU prefer. Do you prefer to be told exactly what to do, or do you prefer to have a little margin”

“I love to be dominated master. Use me as you wish.”

“Geez, my wife taught you well, she is much stricter than I am. What can you do?”

“Anything you desire master”

“Great, what if I want you to fix my diner”

“I am a class S slave master; I am trained for specific things”

“Oh yeah, right. So, you got formal training ?”

“At the Atkinson academy for slaves sir. I graduated with honors.”

“The little bitch. If she only knew the irony… listen, you must fulfill all my fantasies, right?”

“Yes master, it is what I desire”

“Great, first, I will unwrap my present”

He removed the ribbon from my body. I was now totally naked in front of him.

“I guess I should find clothes for you, what would you like to wear?”

“Anything that would please you to see me wearing”

“Then, you will remain naked. Behind the second door on the right of the corridor is a bathroom with a spa. Clean it, fill it and crawl inside. I have some things to do, and I will reach you later”

“Yes master”

I entered the corridor. There was a light switch next to the entrance, but I didn’t open it: I wasn’t asked to do it. The corridor had seven doors: Three on each side and one at the end.

I opened the second door on the right. The room was totally dark: Too little of the light of the lobby filtered in to see anything. Fortunately, there was a light switch next to the door and that one, I felt free to switch.

The room was L shaped. Narrow near the door, wider at the other end. The addition was a big spa that could accommodate easily four persons. The spa was completely surrounded by three mirror covered walls. A door with a mirror on the inside wall totally enclosed the bath. With the ceiling also having a mirror, the bath was repeated in infinity.

There was also a sink, several towels, but no toilet. The room was definitely a bath room, not a toilet.

Under the sink, behind a small door, I found a bottle of bath cleaner and some rags to clean the bath. The bath had evidently not been used for a long time, judging by the quantity of dust accumulated at the bottom.

The bath was strange. Normally, a bath was filled from only one place, but this one had a multitude of small hole where the water came from. Furthermore, the bath didn’t have sides: The wall of the bath arrived flush with the mirror walls.

I searched for a while for the controls that poured the water in and the control that let the water evacuate: They are outside, next to the sink.

It took a few minutes to clean it, and a few other minutes to fill it. While it was filling, I cleaned the four mirrors.

Next to the bath door was a dimmer. Since the walls and the ceiling where covered with mirrors, the light came from underwater.

I started the motor when it was filled, dimmed the light, and installed myself.

The light in the water was diffused enough to produce a small glow. I could see myself reflected in every direction, even above me. I installed myself in the bath, and waited for my master to appear.

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