Susanna Chapter 17: Bath time

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The mirrored door opened, showing him with his bath robe. He ordered me to close my eyes, and I heard him entering slowly the water.

Once inside, he ordered me to stand up, with my eyes closed. He made me turn around for a few turns and ordered me to sit down.

Once seated, I was allowed to open my eyes.

He was seated in front of me, but a little more on the left.

“Astounding isn’t it?”

My mind was rushing to understand what he was thinking about, when I realized I could no longer spot which of the mirrors was the door.

“We can’t see where is the door Master”

“No, we can’t. And the door locks itself from the outside. It is unlocked only when the timer of the bath stops. Until then, the two of us are prisoners here”

“You do not need to lock me in to keep me next to you on my knees Master. I will always be faithful. I love to be dominated”

“That’s great!”

He turned his back to me, and asked me to massage it.

I had problems understanding him. He had just received me as a gift, and all he wanted was a massage. But I was not trained to ask questions, I was trained to obey. So I kept my mouth shut and simply massaged his back.

After the back, it was the turn of his neck, then his legs, which was no easy to do under water. But I did manage to successfully do that, at least, I could see my master was having an erection. While massaging his inner tighs, I “accidentally” occasionally touched his penis, trying to bring him some pleasure.

After a few hits, he finally broke and started kissing me. He was not really good, but I did my best to be incredible. I played with him to tease him. He had told me he wanted to give some freedom to his slaves, so I took some.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, therefore rubbing my breasts on his belly when kissing him. This was my first time with my new master. I wanted to make his heart double spin.

He clearly appreciated it. He wrapped his arms around me, grabbing my ass firmly in his two hands, pushing me close to him. I brought his cock near the entrance of my cunt, but only allowed the tip to enter.

He would need to order me to get closer… I was playing with him.

Unfortunately, he was already gone and he didn’t think about it. Slowly, I would allow his cock to enter me, but when he started pushing to get closer, I would lift up and expulse him, while still kissing him passionately.

I was feeling he was about to climax, so I relaxed a little: Are all old man so fast, or is it only because he hasn’t had sex for a long time? Heck, he hadn’t penetrated me completely yet !

I tried something most men would find attractive, or so I imagined. Fellatio is said to be a sacrifice from a woman to a man. I decided to start one… underwater.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I can hold my breath a good 2 to 3 minutes underwater; I even won a lot of contests with friends. However, this was when my mouth was shut.

Now, I had to suck his dick WHILE holding my breath. The first two or three shots, I almost choke. But after a few shots, I got in the habit of forcing his cock into my mouth, therefore keeping some air in.

Nevertheless, I could do it only a few seconds per plunge.

Between the dives, I would kiss him. I was getting good with the diving blow job. However, it had three problems: I couldn’t hear him, I couldn’t see him, and if he came, I wasn’t sure I would feel it.

So, like all my other tactics, I had to stop it.

He was causing me problems: In the water, I couldn’t suck him, and he was too fast to fuck him.

I wanted to evacuate the water, but the freaking timer kept going. So, instead, I made him stand. I pushed him against one of the walls and managed to insert his cock while both of us where standing up. He instinctively grabbed my ass, helping me keep my balance. I desperately hung to his neck, squeezing my breast against his hairy skin.

I lowered myself a little, while he was still inside me, blocking a little the passage of sperm trough his penis. I hoped it would help him slow down. I did small moves, which he helped with his arms.

After a few minutes, he started groaning, indicating the approach of his climax. All his muscles tightened, I desperately squeezed his cock with my inner muscles, hoping to bring him a strong orgasm.

When suddenly, I heard a loud grunt coming from his throat, which was even more powerful since the spa motor had just stopped.

I had 1 chance out of 4 that the mirror on which my master was leaning was the door.

I guess I wasn’t lucky. As soon as his grunt stopped, the wall behind us pivoted, brought the two of us in flight, over the bath wall, while I desperately hung to my master.
Strangely, my body decided, at the exact point between the moment we started falling and the moment my master hit the floor, to climax.

And what a climax it was. Normally, my orgasm would have stopped there, but when he hit the floor, my master stopped moving, while I only stopped my movement a fraction of a second later. That infinitely small period of time brought my master’s penis deeper and faster inside of me than any cock has ever did.

And, it did so at the exact moment to make me lose control over my muscles due to the horrible pain of hitting the floor, bringing me to the unprecedented height of sexual

I didn’t move. My master neither.

When I regain control over myself, I asked him:”Are you alright master?”

“What happened?”

“We fell on the floor master”

“I got that right, I meant right before that”

“We had sex master”

“I am sorry little lady, but I had sex a lot of time in the past, but it never felt that good”

“I am honored master, to have pleased you”

“Are you alright?”

“Yes master, I think so; I too had an incredible orgasm. I think, Master, that is was caused by our fall”

It is only then that I realized he was still inside of me, and rigid.

“Could you got off of me a little, I think I broke my knee, it hurts”

“Yes Master”

Fortunately, the knee was only bruised.

We stayed on the floor of the bathroom for long enough to have me lose track of the time.

Sometimes, my master would sometimes grumble a few words. Eventually, he managed to clearly say :

“Thank you for bringing me back my youth.”

“It is my job master”

After a few minutes, he managed to sit up, and rested his back on the wall.

“What is your name?”

“I will bear the name you want me to have master”

Maybe I am a little too submissive. I guess just saying my name would be fine.

“Please, tell me your name, after such an experience, I can’t simply treat you like a slave”

‘But please do so Master, it is my only wish, it is my only desire”

“Ok,ok, I’ll treat you like hell if you so desire, but first, how you I call you ?”

“You may refer to me as your slave. That is how I prefer it, since it reinforces my
submissive identity. But if you insist, my free name is Susanna Master”

“Thank you Susanna. Now, slave, help me get up, I am going to bed.”

I helped my master to get up. I also dried him and help him put his bathrobe. I was still a little wet, and I was glad he decided to dry me because I was starting to get cold.

I even helped him walk to his bedroom, but the door was locked. He sent me to get his keys in his pants, which he had left in the bathroom.

His bedroom was huge. There was a big baldaquin bed in the middle of the room, not even touching one of the walls. Behind the bed was a big red tapestry hiding the back wall.

There were three sofas in the room and two tables. There were also three wooden cabinets, probably holding his clothes.

The room was relatively in order: the red carpet on the floor seemed clean, yet a lot of dirty clothes were scattered around the room.

The bed was not made, but the sheets were not very displaced: they were simply folded open.

I helped my master into his bed and he immediately fell down sleeping.

I didn’t know where to sleep: I didn’t have permission to sleep in his bed, yet, I needed to sleep at some point. I finally made my choice on the biggest sofa: it was long enough for me to sleep in it, but a little too narrow: I woke up several times during the night, afraid I would fall down.

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