Susanna Chapter 2: The visit

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This entry is part 2 of 40 in the series Susanna

Years passed since I first learned that I was, like my friends, going to become a slave. We all learned in school the different laws and regulations about it, and even got some obedience training, which I found particularly boring.

Most of the exercises were mainly being given stupid orders and testing our responsiveness. For example, one day, we were asked to jump in the pool with all our clothes on, to test if we would hesitate. Another day, we were asked in private to grab a piece of red hot metal rod. we were shown it was in a fire, then it was used to light another fire just by its heat. Then, the rod was re-heated in the fire, and put in front of me. I had to use my left hand (being right-handed) and grab it firmly. Knowing I was judged on my reaction, it took it and held it firmly in my hand, not even breaking eye contact with my instructor. Of course, when the rod was re-heated, it was dropped and another one, painted partly in red, was presented. Due to my swiftness, I got 100% in that exercise. Most of my friends failed.

The worst kinds of tests, thought, were disguised. During the sex course, instead of using pictures for anatomy, like the previous years, we would each be ordered to strip partially or totally Naked to show a part of our anatomy. I was lucky enough to show only my bare breasts, in one of the first classes. But Suzy, one of my friends had to strip naked completely, and Steve, another time, had to drop his pant and have an erection. He was too ashamed, he had to stimulate himself a lot, bring all class to laugh. Even Eric, who had to masturbate in a little cup, and then having the cup passed from girl to girl, didn’t bring such laughs.  But Julie had the worse. She not only had to strip naked, she also had to masturbate to orgasm. Eric was a big bragger, but Julie is very shy. But we all knew that failing to order would make it worse. Patrick learned it. He was asked to drop his pants to show his balls, but since he refused, he was stripped completely and was forced to remain naked for the rest of the class.

But in the other classes, it was much easier. We were given all sorts of orders, such as to prepare the teacher’s coffee, clean his car during dinner, etc…

On my 18th birthday, my last one as a free teenager, I got a strange present from my parents: a gift certificate to one of the prestigious slave schools, where I would study a few weeks before my 19th birthday.

The slave schools were established to help teenagers prepare themselves to become slaves. It made them live as a slave for a month of training during which they gained valuable lessons. Unfortunately, most teens didn’t have enough money to pay their full fees: You had to pay for residence (if desired, to get training 24 hours a day), food and tuition. In addition to that, all schools took a standard 10% of the amount given to the family of the slave (5% of total cost). Most teens simply took a week course during the day only, which enabled them to demand a higher price for their services at a really low upfront cost. In the end, even with 10% less in their parent’s pocket, the higher price was worth it.

But my parents were giving me a full scholarship! The basic cost for me as a domestic would be at least doubled and if I passed with honors, tripled.

My parents also announced me that they would place the money of the sale, and give it to me on my 21st birthday, just like they would for my brother. Most parents kept the money to themselves.

Three months before my 19th birthday, I met with the counselor of the training school. They were apparently very successful in their training and guaranteed appropriateness meaning that if my owner ever decided to get a refund for my incompetence they would repay me my loss of revenue.

I performed some of their tests which were, in my point of view, pretty easy: all tests are designed in the same way; they let you believe that if you follow their orders, you will be injured. However, there is always a catch and you are never hurt.

Again, I passed with flying colors.

She asked me which class I wanted to become. I simply replied “Don’t girls become class D?”

“Well, it’s up to you, you could decided on class L, M or S”

“Aren’t class L and M reserved for boys only?”

“Well, no, girls with a strong shape can join in, but for you, I was referring to Class S”

“You mean, become a sex slave?”, I was filled with strange emotions: Class S slave were poor beautiful girls who had no choice, just like Isabelle, from my class, whose parent force her to sign for class S in order to reduce their debts caused by their failing business.

“You have a very beautiful body, and you seem very submissive”

I must admit I kind of linked being forced to do things. Unlike the other kids in my classes, I actually looked forward to each obedience class even tough they were generally boring, and when we played master and slave, a popular game, I not only never asked to be a master, I never put any limitations on what my master could order me. But the sex part was scaring me a little.

“Are you sure?”

“I know how to spot a beautiful very submissive girl when I see one. It’s my job”

“But, why would I want to be a class S”

“Susanna, you said your parents are going to give you your sales price, so if you pass with honors, which I think you will, we will be able to sell you to a very rich man for a sum of at least 350,000$, that’s about 160,000$ in your pocket in two years after taxes. Do you imagine? That’s 80,000$ per year, much more than I make per year. You could buy yourself your first house cash. Plus, you will probably meet a lot of rich people during these two years. Generally, a man doesn’t keep his slaves for himself, giving you a bunch of contacts afterward”

“You mean I would have to sleep with a bunch of man?”

“Maybe, but we are going to make you so good at it, that after your two years, they are going to beg you to become their slaves, even for a short period time”

“So, you are asking me to become a prostitute?”

“I am asking you to choose between being rich and famous, or poor and unknown. Do you know Marlene Campbell?”

“The mega star? Of course, she is in so many movies”

“I recruited her just like I am doing with you. A director bought her 400,000$, and offered her in huge parties to different famous stars. She was so good, she was offered by Jack Traviata, the movie producer, to become his slave for a million per year.”

“I didn’t know that… What did she do?”

“She became her slave for a year, at the end of which she signed a contract to play in “Mystery Cab”. From there, she made millions. While she was a slave, when she was not having sex, her owners would either give her acting lessons or bring her on a movie set where she talked with great actors and actresses. Generally, she would eat at huge fancy restaurant, wear famous designer dresses, and meet the rich and famous, while having sex with her idols generally only a few times a week, giving her almost all her time free.”

“Why don’t they say that in the press? Won’t they use it against her?”

“It is illegal to talk publicly about what a person did during his two years contract or in fact any following slave contract. That’s why they had to wait for her to stop being a slave before starring her in a movie: It would have been illegal to have her play in a movie while a slave. In fact, did you ever see a movie about slavery?”

“No, not that I recall of”

“It is illegal to do a movie about it. It has to remain secret so that kids don’t learn about it until they are ready. But enough about that, What would you prefer, that, or cleaning all day?”

“Sign me in”

“First, take off all your clothes”

Knowing it was a test; I stripped naked as quickly as I could.

“Great, I want to see you give yourself an orgasm. Start now, but hold off the orgasm until I say so”

I immediately dropped my fingers on my clitoris, and started masturbating myself vigorously. I was feeling cheap, ashamed, dirty, but at the same time, I was feeling highly excited! The fact that I was doing it for her increased my feelings and my joy: When I “played” with myself, I generally felt guilty doing it, but this time there was a feeling of rightfulness associated with it: I was ordered to do it. Plus, I was being watched, and I felt strange exhibitionism fantasies filling my mind.

I was really close to the orgasm when I remember I didn’t have the right to come yet.

“Great, you are holding, keep masturbating yourself, but don’t come yet”

I slowly started to feel like I was going to explode if I wasn’t allowed to release all my sexual energy that kept building up inside. For a good minute (or so it seemed), I felt I was about to climax, but I was consciously holding it off to obey my mistress.


WHAT AN ORGASM! I was completely surrounded by a wave a heat hitting my body making it shiver and shake. I felt almost motionless on the chair behind me. My skin was completely wet by sweat which made it shiny.

“Very good. You are accepted. Take a few minutes to rest, I will be back”.

I think I felt asleep. She was back, but this time, she was with another girl, who looked a little older than me.

“Susanna, wake up, I want you to meet Alicia”

Alicia bent a little her head.

She was wearing, well, almost nothing. She had a sexy red lace panty which barely hid her pubic hair. Her D breasts were practically totally visible, only partly masked by a beautiful matching bra, which let most of her skin show through the red fabric.

“Hello Susanna”

I only then realized I was still naked. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to dress back up or not, so I decided to simply stand up.

“Hello Alicia”

“Susanna, when you will come back here for your class, in a month, Alicia will be your trainer. She will teach you everything you need to know about being a class S slave. She is herself a graduate from our school, and after her two years term, she sold herself to us in order to teach other candidates.”

“Wait, I can’t do that, what will my parents say?”

“Susanna, your parents don’t have a word to say. When you will be sold, you will be 19, and will have the right to choose your own class.”

“Yeah, but they will never let me train as a class S slave”

“You don’t need to tell them. They never insisted on class D, they simply assumed you would choose it. When you graduate, you will tell them, and then, it will be too late. Don’t worry, they will understand… as long as you don’t tell them before the training. Now, Alicia will show you around the campus, follow her.”


“Did I ask you to dress back up?”

“No, I understand, I am sorry, I will not happen again”

“I don’t think it will”

Alicia turned to me

“Come with me”

We walked in a lonely corridor. Alicia explained to me that all the classes were split up. The Class S was the most secluded one, with completely separate sets of buildings to prevent gawkers.

She explained to me that during my month of training, I would always either be naked, or only wearing lingerie. She talked a little about the hours of work, the food, and then, out of the blue, asked me:

“Are you still a virgin?”

“Hum, yes”, I replied, shamefully.

“Don’t be ashamed. I was too when I first came here. Listen, do you want a tip?”

“Well, yes”

“You still have a month before coming here, go fuck someone. Have some fun, find a guy you like and sleep with him. Try to make it romantic. Because if you don’t, like me, your first time will be here, and even thought having sex as a slave is fun and erotic, it’s not very romantic, and I think you should have a romantic moment to remember as your first time”

“You mean, it won’t have only theory classes?”

“Oh no, there is almost only practical classes.”

I was thrilled; it seems that my stay here will be quite enjoyable.

“When does the hum, practice start?”

“About an hour after you arrive officially”

“That soon?”

“Hey, don’t worry, after a month in here, you will know everything there is to know about sex and will love it. That’s why I sold myself as a slave in here. They pay me 200 grand per year as a teacher. I coach 12 new recruits per year and don’t pay a dime on anything. When I am going to retire, in a few years, I am going to retire a millionaire, with a lot of happy thoughts to remember.”

“Are all teacher slaves?”

“No, but they are former class S slaves who graduated with honors from here. I personally like to be both a top and a bottom, so I prefer to sign a slavery contract.”

“Top? Bottom?”

“A bottom is someone who gets orders, just like I do from my superiors. A top is someone who gives orders, like I will do to you. You will be my bottom. So, I am both a top and a bottom. I just love that feeling.”

“How does it feel to be a slave?”

“It’s hard to tell. I guess it depends on you. I just love to obey people as much as I love to order people. Obeying people makes me so much sexier in my mind”


“Yes, I have no choice but to obey, as such, I do exactly what my master wants, pleasing him completely. I never have any hesitation at all”

“Geez, I never saw it that way”

“Susanna, I think we are going to have a lot of fun together”

We visited the sleeping quarters. I discovered that even thought we would spend most of the day in bed having sex; these were not the same beds that we used to sleep. There was only three big rooms where everyone slept. One of them had superimposed single bed.”Where you are going to sleep at first”, another one at double beds “To sleep with a mate”, and the last one only had a few very large beds. “Well, this room is for sleeping in group, you’ll see”.

There is only one shower room for the three rooms, and no drawers: All the lingerie belongs to everyone. As such, I will wear what I am assigned for that day, and return it for cleaning when I am finished.

We also saw some “love rooms”. Most of them were either locked or unoccupied, but I saw some couples and even threesomes having sex. Often, another person or two were either standing up beside the bed or sitting on it, looking at the action.

All rooms were different, some with big beds, some with mirror-covered walls, some with huge tubs, other with all sorts of strange equipment.

We stopped in front of a room where a couple was having sex. The guy was well build, looked around 22 and was very energetic with the girl. She looked beautiful, but seemed a little fatter than me.

When they where finished, the guy stood up, saw Alicia, waved to her and kissed her passionately on the mouth while sliding two fingers beneath her panty. After 20 or 30 seconds, he let her go completely disoriented and asked her while looking at me: “Hey Alicia, who is your friend?”

After she regained her mind she replied “Susanna, she will be my student next month”.

The guy dropped on one knee, took my hand, kissed it and gently murmured: “Then, Susanna, you will be my student too. I am Miguel and I look forward to helping you become a first-class slave. I am sorry, but Julie seems to need me, I look forward to see you again Susanna”.

He went back to his friend and Alicia took me by the hand away from him.

We kept walking hand in hand without saying a word. We went back to my clothes, and while I was dressing back, Alicia told me:” You know, you still have a month to think about it. It’s not too late to change your mind”

I was afraid, but not to go forward, I was afraid of backing off. All this seemed to be my most profound fantasies coming true.

“Alicia, please, order me not to change my mind”

“I can’t Susanna, but don’t worry, in a month, you will do whatever I want you to do”

My parents picked me up. All the way back, I hesitated whether I should tell them or not about my choice. In fact, I know that, until I would come back in here, I wouldn’t be sure about my choice.

But that’s enough, I had only a month to lose my virginity in a romantic way, and I didn’t have a boyfriend.

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