Susanna Chapter 26: Being tested

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The next day, Simon and I talked. He agreed to become my master and treat me as his slave. He made me try some of the woman clothes he had, but none of the bra fitted, and none of the dresses or pants. Simon finally decided to keep me naked at all times.

His first test of my capabilities was to ask me to be spanked. I knew this was a test I couldn’t fail. I laid naked on the bed, and waited.

He asked me to count the hits. At first, he was really hesitant, but after a dozen, he increased his strength, and later his speed. I really started to appreciate it around 80, with him increasing the speed faster that I could pronounce the numbers. Eventually, I lost the count, when I was around 300. By then, my ass must have been a uniform red. Finally, I had found a good master to push me a little.

He quickly asked me to fellatio him again, but this time, just a fellatio. Instead of directly starting, I preferred beginning by slowly caressing his thorax with my hair. They were a little shorter than I was used to in the past because my old master wanted them Felicia’s length. However, they were more than long enough to provide some stimulation.

After a minute or two of tickling him, I gradually went in the direction of his balls. Generally, men are very sensitive down there, and as such, I can’t ignore them. However, I preferred not to stimulate his penis too soon, so not to simply offer a repeat performance. A lot of men don’t appreciate being teased, but for those who do, the effort is really worth it.

Slowly caressing his inner thighs with my hands, while still flirting with my hair, I could see gradually make him come to attention. I gently proceeded to caress his balls with my hands, probably sending zillions of tiny impulses down my master’s nervous system.

Only gradually did I start touching his cock. I would let a finger glide a little on it, only to retract a few seconds later. Slowly, I joined other fingers eventually masturbating him sensuously.

But that was not what he asked. I therefore decided lick the tip of my master’s organ, only to slowly bring it inside my mouth. I would then pull out, to continue teasing him, only to return a little later and a little deeper.

Eventually, I managed to touch the end of my mouth with the tip of his cock, showing me it was now time to start acting and stop teasing.

I began in an irregular rhythm. I had learned that the more regular movements allowed the body of men to more easily reach orgasm so by starting with various speeds and sensations, you could often delay orgasm.

Gradually, I would use my tongue to increase the pressure on his cock and slowly release it thus providing a second sensation in addition to my thrusting.

Eventually, I steadied and provided long equal penetrations with my mouth so that Simon would finally relax and just ride the wave.

I wasn’t surprised when I felt him tense up and that suddenly a geyser of salty seamen erupted into my mouth, making me feel totally adequate.

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