Susanna Chapter 33: Confessions

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The next morning, Dorothy and I talked about the events at lengths.

She admitted she never even considering having sex with a woman, but now she thought she was truly in the process of falling in love with me. Strangely she liked the idea of not having me as a girlfriend, but rather as a slave. She liked the idea of having someone blindly following her every orders faithfully and enjoying to please her for the sake of pleasing her.

She didn’t order me at all during the morning, but instead, we talked a lot. We mostly talked about her feelings, but also about sex, about life, about all sorts of things except Simon. She explained she is afraid to of becoming a lesbian. I tried to convince her that being bisexual is quite normal, but I think it will take a few days, and probably a few orgasms, to convince her.

She expressed concern about my pussy being closed to her, but I reassured her that I didn’t need it to feel pleasure.

Eventually, I admitted I loved being dominated, and Dorothy, who his normally all calm and relax, admitted she kinda liked dominating me, and of course, Simon. She will probably forgive him in a few days, but she will keep him as a slave for a few weeks, just for fun. She asked me about my limits, and I surprised her by replying I had none. She liked that, since she thinks she might getting carried away often while mastering, just like she did yesterday.

I reassured her: yesterday was one of the best days of my life. She admitted it aroused her to hear that. The conversation ended, she put some clothes on and decided to give me 50 strokes on the butt. 25 on each ass cheek. Unfortunately, she only had strength for 31, but the sex afterward was great, well, for her at least and that in itself brought me joy.

She truly was a natural Mistress. Whenever I would finish something, she would first punish me a little for not being good enough, and then order me to do something else. I had to feed her, clothe her, clean her, brush her hair and even do her nails and every time I was doing it, something would cause her to punish me for a reason or another.

Even when she didn’t need anything, she would order me to do something useless, and then punish me for losing my time and not being available.

Once, I had to clean all the clothes in my room, and then replace them EXACTLY where they were before hand. Of course, I didn’t know that I would have to replace them that way when I started to clean them and as such, forgot the exact order. Adding to it, Dorothy neither, but of course her recollection of the original order was definitely different than mine and she was the one in charge.

For that, I was given 33 strokes (out of 50 she had promised), and I had to drink her urine again. I was starting to like that. It is all warm and salty and the sensation it makes while it hits my month is just wonderful. In addition, if comes from my mistress… and it gives me a darn good view of her private parts while she does it.

All that actions gives me a pretty good motivation to clean the floor well every morning, for I have to lick it clean afterward.

Dorothy is also getting better in giving oral sex thru my stitches, which is kind of weird. I feel the pleasure of the indirect stimulation and the pain of the skin on the wire. Our sessions are more and more exciting, and I truly feel adoration for that sensual woman.

She also began to like kissing me and sometimes, we can lock lips for hours just to feel close to each other.

She was bringing me hope that I would live a full happy slave contract.

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