Susanna Chapter 9: Slave Party

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Finally, I was 19. I woke up for the last time in my bed. Tonight, I would be sleeping in my new house; probably in bed with my new master. I was so excited.

Tradition says that on the evening prior to your 19th birthday, your friends need to throw you a slave party during which each of them will get 15 minutes to boss you around. So, yesterday, all my close friends threw me a party at one of their houses. I still have flashes coming back from the party.

They each had prepared for me a chore as a class D, but I kind of cut them short of breath when I announced them I had chosen to become a class S slave.

Most of my friends were even more shocked when they learned I was not forced to do it, that I had chosen it for fun and money.

The boyfriend of one of my friends reminded them that they needed to master me each 15 minutes, and proposed to start, but his girlfriend quickly shut him up.

Another one of my friend hesitantly asked me to strip, to prove that I wasn’t simply trying to protect myself from their orders. When I did so, everyone was really surprised. I ended up spending the rest of the evening totally naked.

I reminded everyone that they had until midnight to get my time, to I suggested we start the music and have fun. I even publicly announced I was still on Prevar from my time at the academy.

Only five of my friends came to me.

One of the guys simply ordered me to masturbate in front of him.

Another one asked me to suck him, which I did without any hesitation: It was the rules.

But Lucie, one of my good friend had a more exciting request. She was with her boyfriend and indicated she was curious about trying it with a girl. Of course, her boyfriend wanted to watch, giving them 30 minutes together. We went into a bedroom and I initiated Lucie in the art of lesbian love-making, starting with a long sensual kiss. She was very shy and reserved, but I don’t think she will ever forget the orgasm I gave her while licking her delicate clit with my now expert mouth.

I would have liked for her to reciprocate on me but apparently, both Lucie and her boyfriend definitely liked the experience as it was. We spent a little more than 40 minutes together but I didn’t mind: after all, I preferred making love to Lucie than sucking dicks all evening.

After the session, Lucie and her boyfriend admitted that they were secretly engaged (which was illegal before 21) and would get back together after their service. Lucie was born 3 months after me, and her boyfriend 2 months afterward, so they would only be separated 2 years and 2 months, during which they wouldn’t be allowed to date other people anyway.

Lucie admitted she liked having sex with me, but she is still too confused to repeat the experience. But I know it won’t be with me, because at noon, I am going to be sold in the slave market.
My last request of the evening was from Mark. Mark was a friend who tried several times in the past to date me, well before I became interested in becoming a sexual slave.

Saying that Mark is a friend is a bit of a stretch. He more like a friend of a friend and I always found him personally disgusting. Sure, he doesn’t have great hygiene, but the problem was always the way he stared at girls.

It used to turn me off and now, I realized that losing my virginity to him could have been easier than with Eric.

Mark had a simply request. He wanted to sodomize me, in the living room, in front of everyone who cared to watch.

I think his goal was to humiliate me in front of my friends but that certainly didn’t bother me at all. In fact, it just made it even more interesting.

I bent down on all fours and lifted my ass up in the air to show him that I wasn’t afraid of being degraded.

He entered rather roughly generating a few gasps in the little remaining audience. Many of my real friends had decided to go outside for the event but Lucie stayed with her watch to protect my interests.

For a few minutes, Mark just pounded away hoping to make me cry or yell in pain. Little did he know how worse did I have to suffer at the academy…

With two minutes to spare, he came inside my bowel and I quickly turned around to suck his still hard dick, proving once and for all that I was ready for anything.

Mark is the one who actually ran away screaming, pulling his pants back up and leaving the house before his 15 minutes were even up.

It was almost midnight and most of my friends were slowly leaving, making sure to have one last hug before they would lose touch for a full 2 years.

In fact, I wouldn’t even see most of them in 2 years since they would by then be serving their own terms of slavery but I didn’t want to remind it to them. I was ready for my servitude but most of them weren’t.

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