Susanna Chapter 15: Gift-wrapped

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In the Morning, I woke up first: This time, she was the one spooning me. She had her delicate hand between my naked breasts. She was holding me so tight that I could feel her small nipples hitting trough the fabric of her night gown against my back.

I decided to stay without moving and profit from her contact. After all, I doubt it will repeat itself.

After a few minutes, too soon to let me cherish the moment, she woke up and judging from her reaction, realized what she was doing. She rapidly removed her arm from around me and left for the bathroom.

I ate the small breakfast Katryn brought me. She also brought me some gift wrapping material. She told me that the mistress wanted me to be ready around noon.

After a lot of hesitation and trials, I managed to do something with the gift wrapping. I wrapped my waist at the height of my breasts with a large red gift wrapping ribbon. Then, I cut another strip which I attached to the other ribbon between my breast, which went in a loop between my legs and attached itself to the ribbon at my back.

During all that time, Katryn was outside her room, leaving me alone for a few hours. At first, I wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t: I was too excited. Instead, I explored the small room and the bathroom. Underneath the mattress, I found Katryn Diary. She was noting everything that was happening since the beginning of her slavery.

I found some interesting notes about her condition, which might be useful to me. The master leaves to work early every morning of the week, except week-ends. He comes back at irregular hours, but generally after supper. The week-ends, he works Saturday morning and comes back at around 2. On Sundays, he is often outside in the park behind the mansion, or away doing things Katryn ignores. Occasionally, during week-days, he comes at around noon and asks Katryn to fix him diner, which is always a ham sandwich. While she prepares his sandwich, he runs to his apartments with his briefcase and come back out of breath. If the sandwich is not ready by then (about 4 minutes), Katryn get punished. She never mentions the punishments. He never eats the sandwich at home. He grabs a bite and leaves with it.

Katryn is never allowed to leave the mansion: With the exception of trough a window, she has not seen the sun for last 7 months (since she arrived). She must clean the mansion according to a strict schedule, and is often checked by the mistress to make sure she respects it. She never cleans or even enters the master apartments, which are locked at all times. She never enters the mistress’s apartments, except on Monday’s and Thursday’s morning, when she is followed by the mistress while she cleans only parts of the apartments. She has never seen the whole apartment.

Katryn had a crush on Jeff initially. But since she was punished for having slept with him, she hates him. She mentions in her diary a torture table, but doesn’t say much about it, only that she had to choose between it, and banishment. It is apparently in the basement, in a room locked at all times.

She mentions that she knows that there is a young gardener living in a small house at the back of the mansion, but she never saw him in person, since he never entered the house.

She describes in details her cleaning routine, which is very boring. She is assigned to specific sections of the house for long periods, but usually has finished cleaning it long before the time is up, giving her a lot of free time during the day. She suspects that all previous class D slaves here before her did the same thing: pretending to be busier than they really are, to avoid hard work.

She also says that there is another apartment that is locked at all times. She is supposed to clean it every Wednesday afternoon and is part of her daily “freshening up” routine, but she was explained that it was unoccupied for the moment and as such, locked at all times. She finds it strange, because right now, there are several other unoccupied apartments in the house, but they none of them are locked.

Every month, on the 14th of the month, she is whipped on her naked back by the mistress, to remind her that she is hers. After her first full month, she was whipped once, and since then, she has been whipped one additional time per month. The mistress says is to help her count the time remaining until she regains her freedom. The marks stay on her back for a few days, but disappear without a trace. However, the painful memories of the blows seem to still be echoing in her mind. I just hope I will be given the same treatment too…

Noon quickly arrived. Jeff came picking me up. He didn’t comment on my “clothes” but by the look of his eyes, I must assume he found it very attractive. I was let into the same library, where the Mistress was waiting for me again.

“Come slave, approach… I see, very provocative. I think my husband will like it. Great. Wonderful. Follow me”

We walked thought the mansion. There was a big wooden box in front of a door.

“You are going to wait for my husband in the box. He will arrive in a few hours: On his birthday, he always arrives sooner than usual”

Mistress took a chair, and helped me enter the box. She closed the lid over my head, forcing me to crawl in the fetal position in order to fit completely. I tested the cover: It was locked from the outside. I had a little light, since the cover wasn’t hermetically closed. It was fortunate for me: It gave me enough air to breathe.

I completely lost track of the time. My bladder was starting to fill. I was waked up by footsteps in the corridor. There was a knock on the box. I heard: “Susannah, are you in there?”

If was Jeff’s voice. I was unsure what to do. My training concerned Master to Slave relationship, but never slave to slave.


“I thought so, listen, do you need something to eat or drink? Katryn told me you didn’t eat
for diner”

“Well, is there a bathroom close? I need to pee… and I would love to have some water”

“I can bring you the water. But I can’t let you out, it would be too dangerous, but hey, I could bring you a bowl or something to pee in”

“Thanks! I would appreciate it”

“Hey, you are the one with the horrible job…”

He came back after a few minutes, he gave me a big jar to pee in, and then he gave me a glass of water. He relocked the cover and disappeared without a trace.

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