Susanna Chapter 34: The Belt

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Eventually, after two days of such intensive sex with my new wonderful master, Dorothy went to see Simon who was now on a pile of feces and urine because he had been tied to the bed for so long. She untied him, had him clean himself and throw away the sheet with its mess and report to her afterward.

He was standing naked in his room. Dorothy was sitting on the bed and I was on a couch, creating a perfect triangle.

“Simon, do you know what is in this box?”

“No Mistress”

“Simon, this box contains your absolution. Your forgiveness. If you truly wish to remain with me, you will become my total slave until I decide otherwise. And even then, I will be allowed to change my mind at any time. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Now Simon, close you eyes”

Dorothy removed a device from the box. It was something made of metal, and padded by a kind of rubber, but I couldn’t see what it was. She opened the device and locked it around Simon’s hip and locked it. There was a metal band around the hips, and a second one going down between his legs, with a metal tube to insert his penis. The tube has a dildo feeling to it and mimics a prick.

“Ok, open them. I just locked you in a chastity belt. It is a modern one, not like one in the legends. There is nothing that can get you out of that device except this key (showing a small key) and another copy of the same key which I sent away until Susanna turns 21. The only other way is to use a blow torch, but it wouldn’t be nice on your skin. And also, be careful when you pee, because I had the hole at the end of the tube sealed, so it will drip over your legs, to remind you of your position.
Susanna’s condition inspired me. Now, the only person here with a fully sexuality is me, a condition which pleases me a lot, I must admit.”

She gave me the key.

“Susanna, swallow the key”.

Which I did without questions.

Simon starts to protests but she slapped him shut.

“Now, in the next few days, I would suggest you go thru Susanna’s shit and find the key, which resists to the acid in the stomach, but could take between 2 and 20 days to get out, slowly making it’s way out. It won’t harm Susannah, or the key, but I don’t think you will like the wait. Notice that the belt prevents you from even having an erection, but let’s me easily fuck you, without you feeling a thing. Isn’t that torture enough?”

“and once I get the key ?”

“Then, slave, you will be allowed to jerk off for 5 minutes. Once. Period. No sex, no aid. And only 5 minutes. After which you are back in the belt, and the key revisits all of Susanna’s digestive system. Meanwhile, I suggest you be nice, because every day you don’t obey, I will let Susanna use the bathroom, risking your freedom until Susanna’s contract is finished. Is that clear?”

“Yes mistress”

“Now, let’s try your new toy, I want you to fuck me.”

It was kinda strange. Simon was fucking her has if he was using his own cock, but it was just an imitation. Therefore the only stimulation he was getting was in his hands, because even his balls were covered and impossible for him to touch. On the other hand, Dorothy was truly having fun: she had all the time she wanted, and of course all the attention of her man, who wanted to have the right to jerk off.

It is when they were having sex, leaving me on the sofa that I realized the biggest irony: Dorothy and I will have sex, and Simon will probably have sex with Dorothy every few days, but the only time he will be allowed to jerk off would be within 5 minutes of my last #2, possibly with his hands still covered in my feces, a very un-sexy moment. Therefore, frustrating him even more.

Now, I just hoped for Simon that the key will travel fast…

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