Susanna Chapter 29: Here comes Dorothy

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This morning, I slowly opened the door to my master’s room: Often, he would sleep longer than I did, and I was forbidden to wake him up. But this time, he was already all dressed up formal, wearing a nice shirt and a nice tie.

“Listen, Susanna, I don’t have time this morning. I want you to put your bathrobe on, and stay in your room all day. Bring some food and water with you. I am sorry; I will talk to you later.”

I was panicked: my master had not called me by my name for a while, nor did he ask me to dress up. I didn’t understand anything: And what was that thing about staying in my room. I obeyed him, bringing a few things to eat and drink, and going to the bathroom.

A few hours later, I heard my master talking in the lobby with a girl. At first, they were talking, but eventually, they started arguing, but I couldn’t understand about what. Then, suddenly, my door flew open. The woman who was in the pictures with my master was standing in front of me. She was a little shorter than me, so I instantly understood everything: She was living with my master, but both had to leave for their slave internship, and now, she was back… and mad about me.

“Get up bitch”

“Yes mistress”

“Don’t call me that”

From behind, my master was yelling desperately

“Dot! Don’t be mad at her, it’s not her fault”

“I bet it wasn’t, you are the one who abused her. Did you sleep with Simon slut? Tell me the truth!”

I had too…

“Yes, but I am the one who seduced him”

“You are lying”

“I cannot lie, I must tell the truth”

“Don’t joke with me, I was a slave too, I know how it works”

Simon: “It is true, she really can’t lie, remember what I told you…”

Dot: “That was real ? bitch, get on your back and open your mouth”

Simon: “What are you going to do?”

Dot: “I want to test her, you, get out, leave us alone”

Simon: “But, Dorothy…”

Dot: “Now!”

That woman was fantastic! She was such a dominant; I was just hoping she would dominate me…forever

I lay on my back. I saw Dorothy remove her skirt.

“Close your eyes slave…”

I heard her remove her panties. She then positioned herself above my head.

“Don’t open your eyes under any conditions, and prepare to swallow little bitch”

I was so happy; she wanted me to eat her… I was about to…be peed in the mouth.

She was urinating so that I had to swallow her urine. I tried to obey her, but I had problems swallowing it all, so a lot feel on my cheeks. When she was finished, she ordered me to lick the floor to remove all trace of urine. I had been trained on urine play in the past, and despite the time since my last attempt, was more than able to deal with it.

In her rage, she had not even put her skirt back on when she opened the door to show me licking her urine on the floor.

“You see that little bitch Simon, she is drinking my urine… is that the kind of girl you want? The kind that is stupid enough to drink my urine from the floor? She would do anything to humiliate herself, and you in the process”

She turned to me,

“Bitch, stop licking. Remove MY bathrobe immediately. ”

I removed the bathrobe Simon had given me, and which I now realized, actually belonged to her.

She turned to my ex-master

“Simon, spare your little bitch, lick the floor”

“Dorothy please…”

She slapped Simon on the face as hard as she could

“Dorothy, your not se…”

She slapped Simon on the face even harder


Simon got on his knees and started licking the floor.

When we were about to be finished, she put her foot on his neck and pinned him on the floor

“Listen bastard, the rules are going to change from now on. You are now on a test period. For as long as I wish to, you are my personal slave. You do what I ask of you”

“Yes Dorothy”

She kicked him lightly in the ribs

“What did you say?”

“Yes mistress”

“Great, now fuck her”


“I said fuck her, I want you to take your dick, and fuck her. But I warn you, do it quick, she must not come.”

“But she can’t. My mom has sewed her shut”

She kicked him a little harder

“Don’t play with me. Do what you used to do while I was away. I don’t care what. Just fuck her.”

“Yes Mistress”

Simon stripped and I clearly saw he was having an erection: he probably liked being dominated a little too…

He started sodomizing me, but he was clearly trying to ejaculate as fast as possible. I tried to feel nothing, and partially succeeded: In the end, I was starting to get exited a lot, but I don’t think it showed.

Simon came inside of me, and as soon as he did, Dorothy ordered him to lick my ass.

“Lick all your cum from her… I want you to clean her with your tongue”

“But Dorothy…”

He got a serious slap behind the head which jerked him a few inches forward.

“Silence scum. Eat your cum from her.”

Simon started doing so. He clearly was finding the taste disgusting, either of his own sperm or my anus. After a few minutes, Dorothy ordered him to go take a long bath: He was to set the timer to the maximum, and close tight the door behind him therefore locking him in.

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