Susanna Chapter 19: Sandwich

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All the work made me hungry, and according to my master’s clock, it was noon: I felt tired, probably because I lacked energy.

Then, suddenly, I heard keys in the door lock: my master probably needed to come home.

He rushed inside, unlocked in a hurry the door to the computer room, took some files from the table and put some new ones from his briefcase. I stood between the computer door and the lobby door, giving me a chance to be seen on his way back.

“You are still here?”

“Yes master, you didn’t allow me to leave your apartment”

“That’s right, I had forgotten you didn’t have the key, hey, you must be really hungry”

“Yes master”

“Okay, go to the kitchen, but come back to see me when I come home”

“Thank you master”

“And, did you clean my apartment?”

“Yes master”

“Thank you very much, I appreciate it Susanna”

“Thank you master”

“Now go eat, slave!”

I left his apartment. I saw him locking the door behind him. He ran down and I assumed he was going to the kitchen. Not knowing where to go, I followed him.

I was happy to see Katryn again. But I am not sure she was happy to see me; at least, not while the master was present. Just like she described in her diary, he took a bite of the sandwich, congratulated her and left running.

Katryn asked me “how was your night?”

“Okay, I guess, and you?”

“Okay, do you want to eat something?”

“Yes, please”

“I’ll fix you a sandwich”

She did, in silence. Then, she left without saying a word.

Katryn resumed her shares of work, and I was left alone again, but this time, free to wander in the mansion.

My exploration was unsuccessful. Most of the doors were locked. Those that weren’t were either leading to empty rooms, bathrooms, or other useless rooms. I did found the front lobby and a back door leading outside, but both were locked from the inside.

Eventually, I found an opened door in which there was an impressive key chain, behind which I saw Katryn scrubbing the floor.

“Hello Katryn”

“Don’t bother me, I am working”

“You have the key of all the doors?”

“No, Mistress gives me every morning the key set I need”

“Geez, it is huge in here”

“Don’t you have anything better to do?”

“Well, no, Master is working, so I am all alone”

“They, go do anything you want, screw a broom if you’d like”

“Why are you so mean to me?”

“Hey, unlike you, I am working right now, so leave me alone”

“Ok, Ok, sorry…”

I left her. She might be angry at me because yesterday Jeff revealed how much I made, or maybe it’s because of the incident of the night. I don’t know.

Speaking of the devil, I found him a little later. He was carrying a few bags of food.

“I just did the grocery shopping”

“Can I Help?”

“I don’t know… I guess so”

I carried a few bags from the front door to the kitchen, but once, when Jeff was inside, I grabbed the bags directly from the limo, walking naked on the hot pavement. Fortunately, the car wasn’t too far away, but far away enough to make me feel like I was free. Sure, I couldn’t leave… the mansion was truly in the middle of nowhere, and a girl my age walking naked with a property bracelet was obviously spotted as a runaway slave.

Not that I wanted to run away… I just hoped I would be dominated a little more.

Once inside, I was caught by my Mistress

“What do you think you were doing little bitch?”

I lowered my eyes.

“I was helping with the groceries Mistress”

“Were you allowed to go outside?”

“No mistress”

“Why did you get out stupid useless tramp?”

“Mistress I decided to help with the groceries, to give more time available to your other slave when the Master was out”

“It more looks like an escape attempt to me, and you know what the penalty is for runaway slaves”

“Mistress, if I wanted to escape, I would not have come back in the house. But I understand your concern. Punish me as you so desire”

“Smart ass, you think your manners will ease your punishment, Go put the groceries, and meet me here. I will decide meanwhile on your punishment.”

“Thank you mistress”

I left in a hurry, and came back as soon as I could. I couldn’t understand why, but I eagerly wanted to be punished. Maybe I was nostalgic of my training, maybe I was just longing for some attention.

Back in the lobby, Mistress had taken a large leather belt. I was happy: It would not leave marks, but I would feel it totally.

“You know what this is bitch?”

“Yes mistress”

“I am going to whip you 5 times for your insubordination.”

I was disappointed, I had hoped for at least 10 or 15. 5 were just appetizers.

She made me crawl down on my knees, presenting my ass as up as possible. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Jeff, who discreetly watching the scene, out of view of the mistress.


The blow was harder than I expected. She seemed to be having some kind of rage inside.


The second also came both faster than I expected, and slower than I would have hoped. I prefer when my skin doesn’t have time to recuperate between the hits, but most people are too slow…


…for that to happen, including her. But I couldn’t fully recover from the hits between…


…each …



“Did you have enough or do you want more?”

“I thank you very much Mistress. If you wish, you can keep punishing me”

“I take it you had enough. Now, follow me, I will show you to your room, so when my husband will no longer need you, you will know what to do: Stay there”

“Thank you Mistress”

We walked trough the mansion. I recognized Katryn’s bedroom door. Mine was right across it.

I entered in the room, which was closed and locked behind me. Definitively, this family had a habit of locking me in a bedroom.

It was similarly decorated. I had a private bathroom, with, finally, a shower. There were no clothes however, and of course, no diary hidden under the mattress.

I took a shower, but aside from that, there was nothing to do. At least, in my master’s apartment, I could do some cleaning. But here, I couldn’t do anything: What would I give to be able to read one of the books in my master’s bedroom, or sun tan on his balcony.

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