Susanna Chapter 13: Delivered

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In the transition room, I signed the official slave contract as a Class S slave, defining me as property and stripping me of all rights except those in the contract. The contract is standard. I got confirmation of money transfer, and like all class S slave, was required to take a 2 years Prevar injection. I had already received a small dose in the past, but this one disoriented me a little.

A young man stepped forward, taking me as his property. I was still naked, but he didn’t offer me any clothes. Instead, he asked the official to install a property bracelet, while my sale collar was removed.

This bracelet would mark me as his property for two years. I would not be allowed to do anything without his approval. Generally, only high-cost slaves such as class M and class S were required to wear one.

I saw Olivia leaving, also naked, with one of the man who had checked me out. She was wearing a property bracelet too. Therefore, I knew we would probably meet again: In two years, the bracelet would be removed here, at exactly noon. I would be able then to exchange coordinates with her.

Unlike her, a leather collar was put around my neck, and a leash was attached to it. A pair of handcuffs caught my hands in my back in a very humiliating way.

I liked it.

We walked in the driveway which was so hot it was almost burning my feet. It didn’t have a right to complain, not that I would have anyway.

The guy opened the door of limo and let me in. Inside, he tied the handcuff to the seat behind me, forcing me to remain seated. He then left the limo to re-enter as the driver. This man was probably a class D slave used as a butler.

The drive lasted a long time. I would have hoped to be allowed to talk to my parents one last time, but I guess it wasn’t possible.

We arrived at a huge mansion, bigger than in most movies. The area was very secluded, we where very far from the city. The limo driver asked me calmly before going out:

“Listen, I don’t know what they are going to do to you, would you like to go to the toilet before I bring you to them”

“Thank you Master”

“Hum, right, I don’t know what they will want you to call me, but when we are alone, call me Jeff”

“Thank you Master Jeff”

“Hum, no, just Jeff. What is your name?”

“My name will be whatever your master will desire it to be Jeff”

“Right… Well, you don’t need to be formal around me, I am a slave like you… anyway, let’s go”

He brought me to the toilet, but he never let go of the leash

“They didn’t allow me”

So he entered the toilet, but turned his back. He seemed like a nice guy.

We went up stairs, to the third floor. I was brought to a library and asked by Jeff to
stand up and wait. He removed my neck collar, leaving me alone and naked.

I waited with excitement, hoping to begin a new life of degrading sexual depravity.

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