Susanna Chapter 6: Awaiting Slavery

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[Note from the Author. Between Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 is the serie”Slave Academy” yet to be published. All you need to know for now about those missing chapters is that Susanna spent a month at Atkinson Academy for Slaves.]

After such a month, I was truly in a hurry for my 19th birthday! I couldn’t even believe I would have to go back to school until the dreadful day, but hey, that’s the rule.

But I had a more stressful part to play: Tell my parents. All this time, they thought that I was learning how to cook, how to take care of babies, etc…

I couldn’t care any less about these: I was a sex goddess now! I had in me the most powerful force in the universe, and I only had a few years to harness all my powers to attain all my goals. My parents could only control me for a few days.

And hey, they should be proud: After all, I graduated with honors.

I was standing with my things in front of the gate. Alicia, my dear friend was beside me. Would I ever see her again? She told me I could visit her after my two years, but it seemed so far away. In a way, she also seemed so far away. I had only seen her once fully dressed before and that was right before it all started. Seeing her like that after all we went through was saddening. What was even worse is that Patricia, the girl I met a little earlier would replace me in only a few hours. I felt as if I was going to be cheated on.

When I saw my parent’s car, I noticed that Scott was in the car. I had wanted at first to tell my parents while still in front of the gate of the Academy: That way, I had a place to stay if they rejected me. However, I couldn’t resign myself to tell my little brother at the same time.

In the car, they all wanted to know how it went. I simply said I was tired, that I learned a lot in a month, that it was really worth it, but that I was so tired that I thought I would sleep in my bed… for a week.

My parents fortunately respected my wish. My brother wanted to know if I saw what happened to the guys. After all, he was going to be a slave too in a little less than two years.

I told him I never saw the guys, that each class what isolated from one another. He was disappointed, but remained silent anyway for the rest of the trip.

My bedroom was exactly like I had left it, but yet, I felt so different inside than I had been when I last left it. I didn’t know what to do, so I simply removed all my clothes and tried to sleep. I had never tried sleeping in my old bed naked in the past and it felt strange.

But what felt stranger still, was that my libido was through the roof! I have done nothing but have sex for the last month. In a few weeks, I would probably only have sex for two years but in the meantime I would feel so lonely. I could call Eric… No, I think I should not: he will forever remain my first time memory.

I put on a bath robe and went down. I asked my mom to come talk to me in my room.

We both sat on the bed.

“So, sweetie, how was it? Did you learn a lot?”

“Yes, mom, but I must confess something to you.”

“You didn’t pass with honors? That’s ok; we are not ashamed of you”

“No mom, I did pass with honors. Only, not like you think.”

“What do you mean?, Did you or didn’t you get honors ?”

“I did, but not as a class D, I registered as a class S”

“WHAT? Are you crazy? Do you know what they do to sex slaves? Did they brainwash you or something?”

“No mom, I made a clear-minded decision. And might I remind you that the law says that I am the one who decides the class I am going to be. Now, are you going to let me keep my money or not?”

“But sweet cake, they might torture you, force you to have sex with a bunch of guys, even with girls!”

“Mom, might I remind you that I passed with honors? In the past month I learned everything about sex… And you know the girl who was next to me when you pick me up? I had sex with her and many others more often than I can remember. Alicia says I can ask a start bidding of 350 grand!”

“Did it occur to you that all they wanted is to take advantage of an innocent beautiful young girl to increase their return? That way, they get 5% of 350,000$, instead of 5% of 20,000$. Why didn’t you talk to us about it? We could have explained to you the consequences”

“Mom, I love to have sex.”

“But you won’t be able to choose, you are going to be a slave. Your master will make love to his wife, but he might keep you chained in his basement where you might even be forced to fuck his dog!”

“No mom, there are laws against that”

“Don’t you think that if they can pay 350,000$ for you, they can’t pay the same amount for a lousy lawyer who will save them?”

“But mom, a lot of actresses started that way”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. In these two years they are going to brainwash you so much that you will want to stay with them forever, so guess who, in the end, will get the money? You will gladly give it back to them. The idea of forced slavery was to force people to respect others. Do you think these people were slaves? NO! They were simply sold to the parents of a friend who sold their kids in exchange. They never ever lifted a finger.”

“Mom, please leave me alone”

“No I won’t, you will not have a single moment alone during two years. They are going to be worse on you, calling you all names and punishing you with all means necessary to break your morale to force you to obey them and stay with them”

“Mom, my only desire is to be punished, to obey, to be made a sex object. I always wanted that. I am only happy when I am bossed around. I was forced to do horrible things during the last month, degrading things nobody can endure to help us discover where our limits are, and do you know where they are?”

“I don’t care!”

“Mom, I don’t have limits! I exceeded all their tests! I did every single degrading thing and demanded more. Mom, this is what I love… I want to obey! If you order me anything, I will do it! That’s me, not the bright nice little girl. Because then, I was only obeying you!”

“I don’t believe this!”

My mom left my room in a hurry. She was crying. I knew I wounded her, but I didn’t have the choice. I figure that sooner I told her, the sooner she will calm down. I don’t know if she will calm down before my 19th birthday. In fact, I don’t even know if she will calm down before my 90th birthday!

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    “THAT’S bullshit and you know it.”

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